The Holy Sword (聖剣, Seiken) is the immensely powerful and mystical weapon transformation of the Great Old One, Excalibur. It is famed as undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in the world.[1]


In his fully transformed state, Excalibur assumes the form of a radiant golden broadsword (or arming sword), comprising of an unblemished double-edged blade and a precisely ornamented cruciform-shaped hilt, engraved with various regal inscriptions along both its guard and pommel.[2]

Special Abilities

The very presence of this blade makes the air in the immediate vicinity vibrate and when its considerable powers are initially invoked, the surrounding area is bathed in a brilliant dazzling light.[3] The sword is also capable of slicing through space with a swing[4] and can resonate with anyone and everyone.[3]

List of techniques

Hero's techniques


  • It is generally thought that only heroes and those worthy would be able to draw and use the Holy Sword. Such a fact, however, is actually untrue.[3]
  • It was the weapon transformation capabilities that brought forth the inspiration for the Demon Weapons. However, the Holy Sword is unable to eat the souls of others like the Demon Weapons can.[5]
  • "The Holy Sword" is also the title to Chapter 60 of Fire Brigade of Flames, Atsushi Ōkubo's series that he began after completion of Soul Eater Not!


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