Hook Cemetery (釣爪墓地 Fukku Semetarii in Japanese), so named because of the many hooks hanging from its trees, is a graveyard located in Death City.


It is located in Death City, seemingly quite far away from nearby buildings, contributing to its rather eerie atmosphere. The graveyard is likely within walking distance of Patchwork Laboratory, Franken Stein's residence: Maka Albarn's team was able to bring Sid Barrett quickly to the lab to face Stein, and Spirit Albarn and Sid were able to walk Stein to the cemetery following Joe Buttataki's murder.


The entrance to Hook Cemetery is a large wire archway spelling out its name in quirky lettering, supported by two curved pillars tipped with hooks. Packed with gravestones, it is also full of dead trees (their branches all point in one direction) with lots of hooks hanging from them, which gives the place its name. A ghostly fog encompasses the graveyard, making it especially frightening at night.

When Sid becomes a zombie, his gravestone is also present here, although its owner later uproots it.

Part in the StoryEdit

This is Sid's grave, isn't it? Sure this is where we wanna start looking? Don't zombies get up and move around a lot?

Black☆Star, Episode 4

When Sid Barrett dies and becomes a zombie, his gravestone is placed in the cemetery. As Sid attacks other students, Maka, Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki go and investigate the graveyard to put a stop to him, ordered by Shinigami. All four of them battle Sid in the cemetery during their remedial lesson and eventually succeed, learning that it was Stein who turned Sid into a zombie.

Later, after Joe Buttataki's murder and with the suspicion now lying upon Stein, he is accompanied there by Sid, Spirit, Nygus and Marie who discuss that they believe Stein did not murder Joe and that he is the only one who can get to the bottom of this mystery. It is here, where Stein and Marie Mjolnir depart in order to locate the real culprit.

Trivia Edit

Soul Eater NOT Episode 12 - Zombie Sid

Sid pops up from his tomb in the finale of the Soul Eater NOT! anime.

  • In the anime for Soul Eater NOT! the final scene shows a version of Hook Cemetery where Sid Barrett is buried—until he lifts his own tombstone to reveal himself as a zombie. Perhaps due to differences in the visual style of the first anime and the NOT! anime, Hook Cemetery looks more like a traditional graveyard, including a tree beginning to blossom. This scene was not featured in the original online release of the subtitled Episode 12 from Funimation.

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