The Horror Dragon (ホラードラゴン, Horādoragon) is an enormous and monstrous three-headed Dragon that due to a series of circumstances that occurred prior to its first appearance came to reside permanently within the confines of the Book of Eibon, after Noah resolved to add it to his collection.


This evidently abnormal representation of an enormous quadrupedal dragon is particularly muscular in build, with the presence of a large conventional graveyard adorning the entirety of its back. The beast's back its self is large enough to be seen from the sky over a long distance. However; by far its most distinctive characteristic is its prominent three heads, with each demonstrating its own distinctively individual theme in their respective portrayal, but with every one of them displaying sharp fangs. The right most of these heads is scarred almost beyond recognition and its left eye is strangely absent, while various spikes protrude outwards from near its neck. The next head is concealed by an irregularly sewn mask, comprised from what appears to be leather. The final head is obscured by a simplified hockey mask, with the spikes surrounding its neck forming a sort of 'collar'.[1]


Outside of the enormity of its stature and terrifying depiction, the Horror Dragon displays further peculiar characteristics that can be likened to no other creature in existence.

The Horror Dragon Concealed Blades

The Horror Dragon's "concealed blades"

  • Grave Consumption: The untimely demise and unfortunate fate of any living creature that mistakenly strays too close to any of the three heads possessed by the Horror Dragon, is permanently and prominently evidenced by the appearance of an appropriately engraved gravestone on the back of this monstrous dragon, which emerges just moments after the respective victim has been devoured.[2]
  • Concealed Blades: The individual head that demonstrates severe scarring, exhibits five unique and viciously sharp extensions from the right-side of its face, which it employs by dramatically swinging its muscular neck from side to side. The Horror Dragon is capable of retracting and revealing these deadly protrusions at will, meaning that they can be manipulated as a surprise attack if so desired.[3]

Part in the Story

Soul Eater

During a heated confrontation against a determined and dangerous pairing of Black☆Star and Death the Kid, Noah is ultimately forced to resort to summoning the Horror Dragon after determining that if his intended target would not be capable of being obtained alive due to his fierce resistance, then he was presented with no other option than take him once he was dead.[4]

The Horror Dragon's Death

The Horror Dragon's demise at the hands of Death the Kid

Immediately upon its emergence from the depths of the Book of Eibon, the Horror Dragon conclusively demonstrates the extent of its feral and instinctive nature by abruptly and savagely consuming a solitary Select Gremlin, resulting in the eruption of a single yet appropriately marked gravestone from its already saturated back. The immense monstrosity then turns its attention towards the members of Spartoi, with its obscured form looming over the resolute protagonists, just moments before initializing the confrontation. Attacking with fang and claw, the creature meets with scathing melee strikes and a barrage of explosive pumpkins, yet its dense hide and enormous bulk easily weathers the onslaught without any visible indications of injury. However, after narrowly failing to devour the miniscule Blair due to the efforts of Maka Albarn, the Horror Dragon is perforated by seven intense beams of light originating from Kid, killing the beast almost instantly.[5]


  • Each of the three heads demonstrated by this particular dragon are designed to represent the central and iconic antagonist from a series of prolific horror films. These characters are (from left to right): Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and Jason Voorhees.
  • The Horror Dragon bears numerous characteristics that are similar to the creature "Cerberus" found within Greek mythology, most notably this relates to the respective number of heads but Cerberus is also noted as guarding the gates of Hades, alluded to by the Horror Dragon due to the large graveyard adorning its back.


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