House Yngling[1] is a wealthy family and ally of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[2]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

The Ynglings were a Scandinavian dynasty descended from the Norse God Freyr. Although early Yngling Kings were likely mythological, later kings of the line may have actually ruled parts of Sweden and, later, Norway. One early text that references the Ynglings is the Old English Poem , Beowulf, written as early as 800BCE.[3]



Death Fest arcEdit


Allies of Death Weapon Meister Academy, they hold enough political power to have the DWMA's intelligence agency hold an agreement concering the face of their country, Princess Anastasia.[4] The family is wealthy enough that their attire is often made up of expensive materials and appear very lavish compared to normal clothes.

Interetingly enough, the family also owns their own torture chamber.[citation needed]

Special AbilitiesEdit

House Yngling practices various special skills within the family and even extends to their servants:

  • Royal Martial Arts (イヤル武術, Iyaru bujutsu): A medieval-like fighting style in which is practiced throughout the family and those that serve them.[5]

Martial artsEdit

  • Royal Karate (ロイヤル空手, Roiyaru Karate): A variation of karate characterized by a stance with their fists up almost like a boxing position, the left foot is pointed forward while the right foot turns 45 degrees toward the right, and a firm stance that allows for attack and defense.[5]
  • Royal Joust (イヤル槍術, Iyaru sōjutsu; FUNimation "Royal Spear Technique"): A spear-related martial art in which it's usage includes a regal, horizontal stance and thrusting techniques with the user needing to possess great strength to use effectively.[6]

List of House Yngling membersEdit

Name Occupation Status
Anastasia Yngling Princess Active
Anastasia's father King Active
Anastasia's mother Queen Active
Alfred Butler Active


  • Although unnamed in both the manga and sub version of Soul Eater Not!, the "House Yngling" name was given by Funimation dub's version of episode 10 in Soul Eater Not!.


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