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The How To! Arc is the second story arc of Soul Eater Not!.

Adjusting to the life of a DWMA student and resident of Death City, Tsugumi finds herself questioning her purpose in the academy and seeks out the assistance of a seemingly fellow N.O.T student and crush, Akane☆Hoshi. Meanwhile, a sinister Witch begins setting her plans in motion.



Notable InstancesEdit

  • This marks the first major instance in the manga in which Tsugumi feels doubt that she is suitable to be a student at the DWMA. The anime focused on this detail earlier, starting in Episode 1 with Tsugumi's desire to return home after a difficult orientation.
  • Tsugumi begins to notice Akane's attention to Anya, foreshadowing the revelation that he is her undercover bodyguard. In the anime, Clay becomes concerned when Tsugumi confronts him about Akane's focus on Anya.
  • In the manga, this arc gives the first appearance of Shaula Gorgon, revealing her as leader of the Traitors. This revelation will not occur in the anime until the next arc.
  • Akane continues to deceive his first-year classmates, pretending that he has only considered entering EAT when really he is already a part of that program.
  • This arc reveals that Akane is a member of the Hoshi Family, and that the Star Clan is an offshoot of his family's school. Akane also reveals he wears eyeglasses to soften his tendency to glare at others, especially because of his star-shaped left pupil.
  • This arc provides more information about the DWMA. Akane explains to Tsugumi that students come to the Academy for career opportunities, with many graduates entering into powerful positions. In fact, Japan mandates that its Prime Minister be a DWMA graduate. The nations of the world provide funding to the DWMA for protection. As well, the DWMA keeps track of students' high allowances to make sure that they spend wisely and hence are worthy of continuing their studies at the Academy.
  • In the anime, Meme avoids eye contact from Tsugumi, as if she not only forgets why she came to the DWMA but is deliberately avoiding the discussion. This moment potentially foreshadows Meme's possession by Shaula.

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • Episode 4 adapted not only Chapters 4 and 5 of this arc but content from other arcs, including the Introduction Arc.
  • In the manga, the Traitor returns to Shaula's headquarters, marking her first appearance. This moment will not be adapted in the anime until the next arc.
  • Because the anime adapts content from multiple chapters of the manga, including ones from earlier and later story arcs, the presentations of Akane's meeting with Tsugumi re-arrange the order of events. The manga ends Akane's invitation of partnership on a cliffhanger, with the next chapter beginning with Tsugumi dreaming about Akane before revealing, through a flashback, how Akane rejected her. Tsugumi then leaves that same morning for the physical fitness exam. In the anime, immediately after Akane's proposal, Tsugumi immediately has her reverie as a daydream, before Akane admits he was joking. The rest of Tsugumi's day then includes content adapted from other arcs, such as a lecture about weapons genetics (JOT Arc), Clay's awkward diagram (JOT Arc), Eternal Feather's advice about boys (JOT Arc), Maka bonding with Tsugumi's over their similar body types (Introduction Arc), and Kana's Flat Card (JOT Arc). The next day, Tsugumi has her physical fitness test.
  • In the manga, Jacqueline and Eternal Feather work as organizers for the athletic test. Kim Diehl makes no appearance in this chapter. But in the anime, only Jacqueline works as an organizer, and the test begins with Jacqueline ordering an annoyed Kim to change into her gym uniform.
  • In the manga, when Anya complains to Sid about the gym uniforms, he is alone. In the anime, he is with Mira.
  • In the manga, Akane and Clay approach Tsugumi after the athletic test so that Akane may tell Tsugumi she did well in her test and to believe in herself. In the anime, Akane uses this opportunity to also show Clay's confusing diagram and crumble it up to reassure Tsugumi that she need only focus on her own self-esteem.

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