Humans (人間, Ningen) are a race of people in the Normal World.[1]


Asura claims that the world that included humanity (the "normal" and metaphorical "insane" world caused by the presence of Madness) was created by Death at his whims and that since their creation, they were regulated to be nothing more then Death's puppets.[2]

The accuracy of his claims, however, can be debated due to to his twisted, antagonistic views against both Death and Humans in general.


The true nature of that of a Human is mostly unknown. However, they're beings in which are governed by that of the True Death God, in which part of their purpose is to serve as judges of their quality of their good and evil. Both the DWMA and the Eight Shinigami Legions that came before them collected the souls of evil humans under the behest of Death because of his renown ability to judge the quality of souls and add those evil to his Shinigami's List.[3] This is done to ensure a balance between good and evil.[4]


Episode 51pic

Human souls in the air.

A human soul in their basic, hitoma-like form is indistinguishable from that of other human souls whether they're good or evil. In the anime, the souls of human beings are blue in color.[5] Indiviudal humans, however, can have varying characteristics of their soul depending on their theme and personality.[6][7] In the anime, all evil humans who consume souls become a Kishin Egg.[8]

Mifune's Soul

A Strong Soul.

The power of the human soul holds vast capabilities. Unlike the majority of souls, a good human soul is capable of endowing great power. Maka Albarn stated that it is the human souls that allow greater power when collected.[3] A number of human souls can be used to create either a Demon Sword, Kishin, or Death Scythe (99 specifically in the case of Death Scythe).[9][10] The strongest of a human soul is capable of manifesting into what is known as a Strong Soul. Those with Strong Souls hold so much power from the soul that they're capable of counting as 99 evil human souls entire should they be killed and consumed by a Demon Weapon. Only Mifune is a known possessor of a Strong Soul.[11]


Humans are capable of reproducing with other species and races such as Legendary Blades[citation needed] and Witches[12]. For the former, a Legendary Blade and Human-born individual may take the traits of the Legendary Blade parent while the latter, with Witches, can produce offspring that is Human despite their Witch heritage.[13]


There are several types of humans within the world:

  • Meister (職人, Shokunin): Meisters are warriors who fight and battle using the weapon forms of demon weapons, people who are able to transform into traditional weapons.[14]
  • Phantom Monk (怪僧, Kaisō; FUNimation "Evil Monk"): Phantom monks are evil monks in which possess special techniques. Phantom monks have a tendency to be larger than ordinary humans with circular eyes in which possesses no pupil.[1]
  • Earth Shaman (大地の祈祷師, Daichi no kitōshi): Earth Shamans are individual who are capable of communicating with the Earth itself.[15] In addition, they have a inclination towards magic.[16]
  • Enchanter (人形技師(エンチャンター), Enchantā): Enchanters are people whom are capable of kneading soil and magic together with specialized gloves to create clay puppets.[17]
  • Zombie (ゾンビ, Zonbi): Re-animated humans brought back from the dead through unknown but scientific means. Though undead, they're still functionally humans.[1]
  • Mummy (ミイラ, Miira): Deceased humans whose body have been preserved. With the use of the Book of the Dead, they're capable of being resurrected as a undead being similar to a Zombie. The most prominent location of mummies reside in Egypt.[18]
  • Traitors (道場破り(トレーター), Torētā): Human beings whom have been subjected to Shaula's poison and/or brainwashing and possess greater physical abilities. However, they are under the witch's her mind control and are fearless because of it.[19]
  • Demon Weapons (魔武器, Mabuki): The Demon Weapons, also called simply Weapons, are a race of human beings that can transform into traditional weapons due to the weapon gene.[14]
  • Werewolf (狼, Ōkami): Werewolves are creatures whom are capable of transforming themselves into both a human form and wolf-like form at will with their power of transformation and are known for their power of immortality. To some significant degree, they're also considered human.[4]
  • Phantom (ファントム, Fantomu): Phantoms are malevolent, human-like beings with a kishin egg as a soul, being almost non-distinguishable from an evil human.[20]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Many Humans vary from one another in power, strength, speed, etc. However, many Humans do possess some common capabilities (though does not apply to every Human) such as:

  • Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): All Humans are potentially capable of Wavelength Control, enabling them to perform certain attacks or become Meisters.[21]
  • Enchanter Techniques (人形技師(エンチャンター)•技術, Enchantā Gijutsu): Special skills used by Enchanters, people skilled in mixing soil and Magic to Golems, clay puppets, and are capable in some variant of programming. Use of these techniques require special gloves.[22]

Meister AbilitiesEdit

See also: Meister#Special Abilities

  • Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī Kanchi): From their racial strife with that of the Witch, Humans have developed the technique known as Soul Perception to be able to detect a Witch's soul.[23] Only Humans alongside Death Gods can naturally possess this technique

Specialized WavelengthEdit

  • Anti-Demon Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no Hachō): A special wavelength powerful in warding off evil and granting resistance to some forms of Madness.[24]
  • Healing Wavelength (ヒーリング波長, Hīringu Hachō): A unique wavelength capable of having a calming effect on others, especially those whom possess Madness within them.[25]
  • Murderous Wavelength (殺人の波長, Satsujin no Hachō): A wavelength capable of storing negative anger and using it to build up power.[26]

Soul TypesEdit

  • Strong Soul (強靭な魂, Kyōjinna Tamashī): Humans that ascertain a rare level of physical prowess and skill can possess what is known as a Strong Soul. Because of it's power, a single Strong Soul is worth the equivalent of 99 Evil Human souls. This soul type is incredibly rare.[27]
  • Grigori Soul (天使型(エグリゴリ)魂, Egurigori Tamashī): The Grigori is a special kind of soul said to appear in only one of fifty million people. This soul-type is rare and allows a Human capability of flight with the combined powers of an Demon Weapon (in the case of the Meister).[28]

List of humans in Soul EaterEdit

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