An Icon (偶像, Gūzō) is an artificial Sorcerer created from the Book of Eibon.[1] The Icons are personifications of the chapters within the book, with each chapter representing one of the seven deadly sins, and are controlled by the Table of Contents.[1]


The Icons

Six out of the Seven Noahs in which includes left to right: Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Pride, and Wrath

While each individual bears their own defining characteristics based on the sin they reflect, they also demonstrate numerous similarities. All seven have a noticeably dark complexion and medium-length silky black hair, and all seem to wear two necklaces of different lengths with the longer one having a red crystal-like adornment and the shorter appearing to be similar to that of a dog tag. In addition, all seven share a similar soul wavelength.[2]

By utilizing the sin an icon personifies, The Table of Contents can assign each Noah to complete a certain task. The most prevalent example of this is how the Table of Contents used the icon of greed's avarice to obtain the Demon tool, Brew,[1] then used of the icon of wrath and his anger in an attempt to defeat and collect the Kishin.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Chapter 104 - Noah summons an unknown Demon

Noah summoning an unknown Demon.

  • Book of Eibon (エイボンの書, Eibon no Sho): Two of the Noahs seen in the series are both renown sorcerers that used the capabilities of the Book of Eibon, around which most of their abilities are seemingly centered. Their abilities were also centered on summoning Demons, Magic Lifeforms and/or other creatures they've collected to fight and seem to exhibit control over the monsters. In addition, due to being created from the Book of Eibon and sharing a wavelength, they are able to utilize the Madness of Knowledge.[2]
  • Magic (魔法, Mahō): In addition, both Noahs exhibit abilities outside the book, such as the Icon of Greed's ability to ensnare his opponents with a snap of his fingers and the Icon of Wrath able to outright fly. Icons also possess some ability to sense others, whether it's Soul Perception or something else is unknown.[2]

List of IconsEdit

Incarnation Status
Icon of Greed Deceased
Icon of Wrath Incapacitated
Icon of Lust Inactive
Icon of Gluttony Inactive
Icon of Envy Inactive
Icon of Pride Inactive
Icon of Sloth Inactive


  • Noah is named after a character within the Book of Genesis, who was given orders by God to build an ark of gopher-wood to survive the flood along with his family.[3] The Icons only take after this Noah by the fact they are sent by a higher power, in this case the Table of Contents, to do their bidding.


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