The Immortal Clan (不死の一族, Fushi no Ichizoku) is a Werewolf clan renown for their immortality.[1]


The immortal clan once co-existed along with humans. However, those within the immortal clan often threaten the lives of ordinary humans and broke the rules established by Death Weapon Meister Academy and were killed as a result. When their numbers dwindled, they were instead taken into custody.[2]



Their most acclaimed power is their immortlaity, allowing them to potential live indefinitely and heal from most injuries no matter how extreme. However, their limit of their abilities includes attacks from the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister.[3] They can also lose their variant of Immortality from the consumption of Human souls.[4]

Fighting StylesEdit

Werewolves in the Immortal Clan possess a number of codified martial arts practiced in the clan, with them having the common title of "Wolf Fist".[5]

List of ImmortalsEdit

Within the Immortal Clan, each of the members when addressed by those outside the clan itself are often referred to as a "Immortal (不死, Fushi)" for short.[3]

Name Status
Free Active
Alone Deceased


  • In the anime, Maka expresses the fact that the Immortal Clan/Immortals are thought to be myth.[6]


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