Immortality (不死, Fushi) is a special ability that renders an individual unable to be killed (by regular means). This ability is notably carried by the immortal clan[1] and death gods.[2]


Immortality allows for an individual to be long-lived (longevity) and retain a level of youth even when aging and also allows for potent regeneration abilities.[1]

Immortal Clan's ImmortalityEdit

A clan made up of werewolves, those in the immortal clan possess a form of immortality that allows them to survive even the most grievous of wounds and regrow limbs. However, their immortality has limits; permanent injury and even death can be occurred by Witch-Hunt and its various power-up attacks.[3] In the non-canonical video game Soul Eater: Monotone Princess, a immortal can loose their immortality by consuming a kishin egg.[4]

Death God's ImmortalityEdit


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