Incom (隠会無, Inkamu) are Demon Tool headsets developed by Death Weapon Meister Academy for communication between field agents.[1]


Incoms take the form of a small white earphone with a microphone attached to it. The earphone is usually attached to the left ear and has a decor on it to look like Death's mask.[1]

Like ordinary headsets, they're capable of broadcasting and receiving audio clearly, with Kilik Rung and Liz Thompson both praising the Demon Tool for it's ability.[1] However, a powerful Madness Wavelength can disrupt or block signals, preventing other parties from communicating with one another.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The three Japanese kanji used in the word 'Incom' are a part of the verb 'to hide' (隠し Kakushi), the word for 'meeting' (会 Kai), and 'nothingness' (無 Mu). This explains how the Incoms allow 'hidden conversations/meetings' through its communication abilities. The kanji for nothingness is connected to the Japanese word for 'wireless' (無線 Musen).


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