The Insight Demon Tool Soldier is a Demon Tool Soldier employed by Arachnophobia and likely created by the Icon of Greed, under the guise of Eibon.


The Insight Demon Tool Soldier seems to be conceited, proud of his Demon Tool abilities giving him information about anyone he can scan and the ability to predict opponents' methods of combat. He seems to think these skills are impressive to women.[1] While confident in himself, the Soldier is humble enough to admit defeat, as when his ability to predict Kilik's next twenty moves allowed to recognize there was no way he could defeat the meister. Even in defeat, however, the Soldier can brag that he saw Kilik's defeating left jab coming.[2]


The Insight Demon Tool Soldier is average to above-average height, taller than many Arachnophobia agents and seemingly taller than Kilik Rung.

Atop his head is a helmet, which he uses to scan data from any opponent. As he refers to his Demon Tool abilities as allowing his own eyes to gather this information, it is possible the helmet is not merely worn but that it is fused to his head, and that the visor portion of this helmet constitute his actual eyes.[3]

The helmet is made up of eyepieces forming a visor and an antenna extending from the right side above where his ear would be. This helmet also has wires emerging from the back of the helmet down his neck and into his robe, suggesting that there are other electronic components along his body. However, because he is dressed in his Arachnophobia robe and mask for most of his appearances, there is little additional information known at this time about whether he has other electronics attached to his body.

When the Insight Demon Tool Soldier surrenders to Kilik, the meister punches the Soldier in the head, shattering portions of his helmet.


The Insight Demon Tool Soldier was created with the abilities to scan opponents to collect data as to their physical composition[4] and organizational affiliation.[5]

As well, the Soldier can predict the outcome of physical combat between whichever persons the Soldier scanned or against himself, predicting an opponent up to twenty moves in advance.[2]


Upon infiltrating Baba Yaga Castle as part of a joint team composed of DWMA students and Medusa's Army to assassinate Arachne and destroy her organization Arachnophobia, Kilik Rung and his weapons, Fire and Thunder, dressed in one set of Arachnophobia robes. This odd appearance led Arachnophobia agents to assume the undercover meister was a Demon Tool Soldier. Hence Kilik was led into Tower Two of Baba Yaga Castle and its Demon Tool Soldier Waiting Room. Upon hearing explosions of his teammates destroying the other Towers' Demon Tool Locks, Kilik removed his disguise to prepared to fight.[6]

Kilik proceeded to use Medusa's Vector Boost attacks to disable multiple weapons. With almost all Demon Tool Soldiers disabled, the Insight Demon Tool Soldier unmasked and revealed his abilities to scan for all information about the opponent Kilik. The Insight Demon Tool Soldier's information, however, only revealed quotidian information about his body and his identity as a DWMA student. After Demon Tool Soldier 2 was defeated by Kilik, the Insight Demon Tool Soldier castigated his teammate for entering battle before retrieving all data. At this point, the Insight Demon Tool Soldier revealed that he could predict Kilik's next twenty moves. While Kilik was momentarily concerned about how to proceed, the Insight Demon Tool Soldier surrendered almost immediately, claiming he saw no way to win this fight. Kilik responded with a left jab to the Insight Demon Tool Soldier's head, destroying the Soldier's helmet—but not before the Soldier bragged that he predicted Kilik would attack in this manner.[2]

While it is possible that Kilik's punch to the Soldier was fatal, whether the Soldier survived and what happened to him after the dissolution of Arachnophobia is not yet known.


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