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The Introduction Arc is the first story arc of the Soul Eater NOT! series.

Tsugumi Harudori, a fourteen year old middle school girl, discovers she is a Demon Weapon. With this revelation, she soon transfers to Death Weapon Meister Academy's N.O.T Class and finds herself paired up with two Meister candidates unlike how she imagined it to be.



Notable Instances

  • Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane, and Anya Hepburn join other meisters and weapons as new NOT students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.
  • Tsugumi encounters Maka Albarn, upon whom she attempts to model herself.
  • Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore pass themselves off as NOT students, despite evidence in this arc suggesting they are far too advanced in combat, too familiar with the DWMA to be new students, and are hiding something: they are a bit older than their classmates, they already know EAT students such as Ox by name, Clay behaves awkwardly as if Akane is lying when claiming he lost his allowance from playing at the arcade, and they are tasked by Sid Barrett to confront Traitors. All of this information foreshadows what will be revealed in the manga's final arc, that Akane and Clay are EAT intelligence officers assigned as undercover bodyguards for Anastasia Yngling.
  • This arc reveals how Kim Diehl behaved before her partnership with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré. While Kim initially attracted admiration from classmates upon her arrival at the Academy, she soon cut her long hair and behaved hostile, earning her the nickname "the Witch of the Girls' Dormitory." Kim behaved so rudely in order to keep people at a distance lest they discover she was a witch.
  • The Traitors are introduced. The next arc will reveal their purpose as part of Shaula Gorgon's attack on the DWMA.
  • Anya refers to her time in "the castle" and her training in Royal Karate, foreshadowing the revelation that she is an actual princess.
  • This arc reveals more information about life in Death City and additional rules governing the DWMA. This information includes how global taxes pay for the DWMA, rules governing students' stage names, non-combatant NOT and combatant EAT curricula, the rooms available in the girls' dormitory, how students receive allowances, how popular students sign up for corporate sponsorship, and how students earn additional money working at Death-themed local businesses such as Deathbucks Café.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The anime's episodes tend to begin with content not included in the manga.
    • Episode 1 begins by showing Tsugumi's initial discovery of her weapon abilities while at her home in Japan. This moment also introduces Tsugumi's mother and Pochi, her pet dog. The next scenes show Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme's arrivals at the Death City Airport and Tsugumi's arrival by bus to the DWMA. At the airport, Akane and Clay can be seen watching Anya. The manga does not include these scenes, beginning instead with Tsugumi's ascent up the DWMA stairs.
    • Episode 2 begins with Anya dreaming of her time tended by Alfred at Castle Yngling. This scene does not occur in the manga.
    • Episode 3 begins with Kim having a nightmare. This nightmare does not appear in the manga.
  • In the manga, Maka leaves Tsugumi a can of Daeth Pepper, this universe's equivalent to Dr Pepper. However, in the anime, Maka leaves Tsugumi a can of Pepper Energy Drink instead.
  • In the manga, after encountering Maka on the DWMA stairway entrance, Tsugumi decides to puts her hair in pigtails just like the meister's. She also adjusts her hair again before confronting Raid and Hao. But in the anime, Tsugumi does not put her hair in pigtails until she decides to help Meme against Raid and Hao.
  • In the manga, Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre are watching Raid and Hao injured by Anya and Tsugumi. In the anime, Kim would not appear until Episode 2, and Jacqueline in Episode 3.
  • In the anime, Anya first notices the tanuki statue as Eternal Feather walks the trio to the girls' dormitory. In the manga, the tanuki does not appear until Tsugumi enters their bedroom.
  • In the anime, during Eternal Feather's tour of the girls' dormitory, she shows the trio the bathhouse. In the manga, the bathhouse would not be introduced for a few more chapters.
  • In the anime, the episodes shows that, after awakening to discover Meme asleep next to a bound Tsugumi, Anya dresses and departs to trade her brooch for some of the items she purchased at the Death Bazaar. In the manga, not only does Anya not trade a brooch to supplement her $200 allowance to buy some of her junk from the Bazaar, but the actual scene of her buying the tanuki statue and other items never takes place.
  • In the manga, Tsugumi eventually is pleased to dine on the taiyaki, whereas in the anime, Tsugumi not only joins in the meal but looks considerably more depressed at her and her meisters' failure to hold onto their money.
  • In the anime, Tsugumi and Meme use portions of their paycheck to buy Anya a skull broach to replace the one of her family that she traded at the Bazaar. In the manga, Anya had worn her skull broach already and had never traded her Yngling family broach, hence Tsugumi and Meme did not buy a broach to replace her lost one.
  • The order of events regarding Ox giving Tsugumi his money and the Traitor attacking Anya differ between the manga and the anime. In the manga, Tsugumi and her classmates conclude their work at Deathbucks before they confront the Traitor. In the anime, this confrontation with the Traitor occurs before they conclude their work, hence the injured Anya misses her last day of work to pick up her paycheck from Deathbucks. As well, in the manga, Ox meets with Tsugumi outside of Deathbucks, whereas in the anime, Ox meets Tsugumi outside the girls' dormitory.
  • In the manga, Soul's introduction to Soul Eater NOT! as well as his demonstration with Maka occurs during one of Sid's lessons to the NOT students in the Dance Room, days after Tsugumi's orientation. In the anime, Maka and Soul are introduced in the same story and give their demonstration not in the Dance Room class but on the first day of orientation in another classroom.
  • In the manga, Sid chops Maka in the Dance Room to stop bonding with Maka over their similar fashion choices and body shapes. This event occurs days before the physical education exam in the next story arc. In the anime, Soul chops Maka in the Academy hallway to stop this bonding, which occurs just one day before the physical education exam not in this but the next story arc.
  • During the fight against Traitor (Prototype 2), in the manga, Tsugumi arrives after Meme but has no time to intervene in the battle as Akane almost immediately arrives to scare away the Traitor. But in the anime, before Akane arrives, Meme and Tsugumi face the Traitor, who then attempts to attack Tsugumi. When Tsugumi is unable to transform immediately, except for one of her legs, Akane then arrives to prevent the Traitor from attacking Tsugumi.


  • Eternal Feather's list of potential employers for part-time work include Death Records, Deathbucks Café (misspelled "Death Backs Café"), Restaurant Munehisa, and a drug store. Eternal Feather's list also shows that Deathbucks provides a uniform and that Munehisa pays at least ten dollars, likely per hour.
  • Sid's first remark to his NOT students before Maka and Soul's demonstration in the manga, "A sound soul resides in a sound mind and a sound body," is the quotation that Maka Albarn recites at the beginning of each episode of the first Soul Eater anime. This phrase also serves as the title to the final chapter of the the first manga.
  • The manga reveals that Sid has his own form of the Shinigami Chop, the Sid Chop, which he performs with his own book. His performance of this move upon Maka may have influenced her own Maka Chop.

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