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The Jester Clown is a Clown that served under the Clown Army to protect Asura.[1]


The Jester Clown appears like that of a young individual dressed in in a manner similar to that of a jester, complete with horn-like or octopus-like clothing with round ends resembling bells and a hat. In addition, the Jester Clown seems to house an actual, humanoid body underneath their clothing horn-like jacket, with black pants and a striped, long sleeve shirt.[2][3]


Chapter 95 - Jester Clown attacking Kid with Needles

Jester Clown attacking Kid with needles.

Not much has been shown by the Jester Clown. The Jester Clown, however, possesses the automatic ability of Flight (フライト, Furaito) and conjuring some needle-like objects which have strong impact. As a Clown, they also possess Immortality by feeding off of Asura's Madness Wavelength, enabling them to heal from fatal injuries in seconds.[4]


Like ordinary Clowns, their connection can be cut off to the Madness Wavelength via Forwarding Vision, enabling them to be killed off permanently.[5]


War on the Moon ArcEdit


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