Jinn Galland (ジン・ガラン, Jin Garan) is the Death's Weapon in charge of West Asia.[1]

Cultural References

Jinn Galland's name combines the name of an Arabian spirit (also known as a d'jinn or genie) and the last name of Antoine Galland, whose 1704 french translation of the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales known as One Thousand and One Nights was the first Western version of that collection.[2]


Jinn Galland full appearance

Jinn's full appearance.

Although appearing to be of rather average height and build upon initial inspection, Jinn's exact physical characteristics are difficult to define due to the loose-fitting clothing that obscures the majority of his form, worn most likely as a consequence of the climate that typifies the region in which he resides. This concealment includes his face, which is masked behind various pieces of fabric that descend downwards from under a loosely wound turban. The remainder of his attire is comprised from a light-colored long-sleeved shirt, worn under a dark waistcoat-like garment, and a pair of baggy pants that both terminate and billow outwards just below the knees. These articles are complemented by a sash wrapped around his waist and bangles encircling his forearms, as well as a pair of pointed shoes that are shaped like a traditional oil lamp.[1]


As a Death Scythe, Jinn Galland is one of the most powerful Demon Weapons in the world and is one of the few individuals who's qualified to be wielded by Death himself.[1]

Special Abilities

Weapon Transformation - Genie Lamp: In his fully transformed state, Djinn assumes the form of an ornately patterned oil lamp, which is small enough to be grasped between his meister's hands. His abilities in this form revolve around the production of large amounts of smoke from the lamp's nozzle, which can be subsequently reformed into a variety of colossal humanoid entities, with each of these possessing their own distinctive capabilities.[3]

Chapter 92 - Jinn transforms

Djinn form

  • Djinn: After having previously assumed his fully transformed state and conducted a Soul Resonance with Zubaidah, a considerable quantity of smoke billows forth from the lamp's nozzle, before forming into an enormous muscular and humanoid entity that remains connected to the lamp throughout the duration. Only the torso of this resultant being completely solidifies, with the space between his hands and elbows retaining a smoke-like quality, allowing his arms to extend a significant distance. Anything which comes into contact with Djinn's palms whilst in this form, is seemingly engulfed in scorching flame, incinerating the object in question until only ash remains.[4] (Soul Resonance with Zubaidah)
Chapter 94 - Jinns Tower form

Jinn's Tower form.

  • Tower (タワー): After a considerable quantity of smoke is emitted from the nozzle of his oil lamp weapon form, the dense vapor quickly condenses into solid bricks, which in turn arrange themselves to construct a towering humanoid entity. While in this form, Jinn possesses a colossal amount of physical strength, able to overpower a similarly sized creature composed from several merged Clowns.[5](Soul Resonance with Zubaidah)
Chapter 95 - Jinns Lover transformation

Lover form.

  • Lovers (ラパーズ):After a considerable quantity of smoke is emitted from the nozzle of his oil lamp weapon form, the dense vapor quickly condenses into an enormous cylindrical, robotic entity with conical-shaped legs, a pair of small bat-like wings, and two arms that are encircled by spikes near Djinn's shoulders. Emerging from the top of the central body is a spiral statue, depicting the embrace of a man and a woman as they are about to kiss. This body also features a large heart at its center which, after briefly charging energy, is capable of firing a tremendously powerful beam that is strong enough to completely destroy a gigantic clown with just a single shot.[6] (Soul Resonance with Zubaidah)

Hand-to-Hand Combat: While in his Towers form, Jinn is at least skilled enough in combat to engage with the Galoot Clown, using his techniques, size, and amazing strength granted to him by the Tower form to overpower his enemies.[5]

List of Techniques

Tower technique
  • Bind Ivy (バインドアイビー): In his Tower form, Jinn manipulates the gigantic mass of ivy that rests atop both of his shoulders and his back to restrict an opponent's limbs and thus their movements.[7]


Death Fest arc

As Shaula Gorgon wrecks havoc on Death City with the Traitors and get into an altercation with EAT-level members of the DWMA Intelligence Agency as well as a NOT Class trio (Meme, Tsugumi, Anya), all of the Death Scythes arrive in Death City and convene on the Witch, watching as she is killed by the NOT Trio's Spring Bird Attack.[8]

Trial Enrollment arc

When a series of catastrophic events concludes in the resurrection of the Kishin, Sid Barrett, acting in accordance with Shinigami's wishes, attempted to contact the remaining Death Scythes of DWMA in order to convince them to convene at Death City. However, as he was already detained due to his role in an active mission, Jinn was unable to attend the meeting.[9]

War on the Moon arc

After a disembodied Tezca Tlipoca identifies the moon as a potential place of residence for the Kishin, Asura, and with the confirmation of this suspicion due to Maka Albarn's Soul Perception ability, Shinigami orders that the remaining Death Scythes assemble in preparation for the forthcoming confrontation under Franken Stein's direction. Upon his arrival, Jinn heads directly to the DWMA alongside Dengu Dinga, where he meets with the others that are to undertake the mission.[1]

Chapter 92 - Jinn and Zubaidah adverts attacks on the airship

Jinn and Zubaidah protect the Demon Airship.

When their airship comes under attack from long-range artillery, on approach to the Moon, and with Dengu unable to redirect the entirety of the offending beams by himself due to their number, Stein gives the order for Jinn to mobilize as well. Complying with this, both he and Zubaidah move to the ship's exterior, where upon assuming his weapon form and conducting a Soul Resonance, he immediately incinerates two of the clown's weapons on contact with them.[10]

As the battle continues on the Moon, Jinn is present alongside both Dengu, Stein, Marie, Spirit, and Sid.[11] When Death the Kid is attacked by a number of Clowns, the Death Scythes including Jinn and their Meister's intervene, entering the Tower transformation to fight off the "Big Galoot", overpowering the clown easily.[12] With assistance from Alexandre & Dengu Dinga, Zubaidah and Jinn's resonance allows him to transform to his Lovers form, allowing him to destroy the Galoot with a powerful beam. However, he watches as the Galoot regenerates along with his own Meister and Alexandre.[13]


  • Jinn does not appear in the anime version of Soul Eater and is only indirectly mentioned in Episode 25. In the episode, when Death asks Sid about the four Death Scythes who were unable to make it, Sid states that both Jinn and Tsar Pushka are unable to come due to being too busy with work.


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