So what would you have me do? Hole up in the mountains and cut myself off from everything? Spend years questioning who I am and what I'm here for? Will enlightenment just come to me? Is that what you're saying? Don't be ridiculous! There's no truth to be found in this world. We choose the god who suits us and give us what we need, and then we live happily with our choice. What's so wrong with that?!

—Justin to Tezca, Chapter 86

Justin Law (ジャスティン=ロウ, Jasutin Rō), known as the Executioner (死刑, Shikei), was a demon weapon and the former Death Weapon in charge of the DWMA Western Europe Branch.[3] After succumbing to madness, he later became an agent of the Kishin and a part of Noah's Gang before later allying himself with the Clown Army.[5]


Prior to his descent into Madness, Justin portrayed himself in a polite and zealous manner. His worship and faith in Death was reflected in his mannerisms and semi-religious way of dressing, speaking expressively to his allies.[3] Loyal to the DWMA, he often followed Death's orders to the letter, valued the lives of students within the academy, and was willing to kill those that threaten either those two things. When facing enemies like Giriko, he had a notion of subtle mockery and chastised them.[6]

However, his struggle to understand his dilemma involving his tendency to remain solitary and inability to place enough trust in people to make friends with others, all while counting only on a god, caused internal issues. Because of this and his poor understanding of Order and what "lies beyond it", it "crushed" him and caused him to descend into Madness, according to Franken Stein.[7][8] After his descent into Madness courtesy of the Clown, his personality became much darker and more despicable. His willingness to kill now extended to his former allies. Under the allegiance of Asura, he now showed little to no remorse and adopted a misogynistic view on women.[9]

Justin possesses a few quirks, having a tendency to not remove his headphones at appropriate situations[3], as well as speaking loudly while having his headphones on.[6]


Justin appears as a slim, young man with short, loosely styled blonde hair and light-blue eyes. In his initial appearance, his attire consists of a white shawl that encompasses all of his upper body, extending from his neck to elbows. He bares a deacon's cross with Death's mask on it over the shawl and has visible headphones with the same symbol that emerge from the shawl and into his ears. Under the shawl is a black, ecclesiastical robe. The sleeves of the robe have white crosses on them which expand when Justin partially transforms, his guillotine blade emerging from the cross. The front of the robe also has a portion made of grey fabric that almost makes the robe look like a double-breasted overcoat. This section of the robe has six visible black buttons on it with cross designs that are symmetrically separated on opposite sides of the grey center of the robe. Finally, he wears a pair of black pants, loafers, and a white Zucchetto for a hat. While on Lost Island, he also sported gloves with crosses on them.

After Justin falls to Madness, he undergoes an alignment change which slightly affects his wardrobe. He still appears in his priestly attire and Zucchetto; however, the Death worship vanishes and is altered to a Kishin worshiping theme. The Deacon's cross with Death's mask design on it changes to a Kishin's three-eyed pendant instead, in addition to the same Kishin eyes being featured on Justin's sleeves (instead of the white crosses) and earphones (again, instead of Death's mask). After being damaged by Tezca Tlipoca's Solar Ray, he gained a massive scarring which appears like a constant, perpetual flame. In addition to this, his left lip, having been burned off, allows more of his teeth to be exposed. This appearance makes him appear increasingly more insane and malicious.



Justin can be described as a very competent prodigy, having been the youngest Death Weapon in the history of Death Weapon Meister Academy. He was able to gather 99 evil human souls and slay a witch without the need of a meister. His skill in battle has allowed him to rival that of Giriko, a fellow demon weapon who is skilled without a meister and spent 800 years gathering power.[10]

Franken Stein considered Justin dangerous enough to warrant the need for himself and Marie Mjolnir to fight as a pair, the latter of which lightly reminded the then-angered Death Scythe that he was capable of becoming a Death Scythe on his own unlike herself.[9]

Special Abilities

Magical-Like Powers (魔法的な力, Mahō Tekina Chikara): Per being a death weapon, Justin Law is assumed to possess an advanced version of wavelength control that enables him to perform a variety of special attacks and techniques.[11]

  • Prayer (祈り, Inori): As a priest, Justin is capable of performing a prayer. While praying to Death (and later Asura), he can amplify his own soul wavelength to execute techniques. Although he usually does perform a prayer before executing some of his techniques,[6] it is not a requirement.[10]

Justin using his stationary-type weapon abilities

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): Being a Demon Weapon, Justin is capable of transforming himself into a weapon.[6]

  • Demon Guillotine (魔ギロチン, Magirochin): Justin's weapon form is that of a guillotine, though it has yet to be revealed beyond partial transformations.[6]
  • Stationary Type (設置型, Setchi Gata): Justin is known as a Stationary type of weapon and as such, is capable of setting traps due to his weapon-related powers. As such, he can create guillotine-like traps in which he ensnares enemies and bisects them with a blade like that of a real guillotine.[12]

Art of Self Defense (護身術, Goshin Jutsu): A prodigy recognized for being capable of becoming a death weapon at age thirteen on his own, Justin is a hand-to-hand combatant who specializes in a fighting style that allows him to utilize partial weapon transformations to battle without a meister.[13] His skills are on par with that of Giriko, having stalemated the more experienced combatant.[6]

Madness Fusion (狂気融合, Kyōki Yūgō): This ability allows Justin to fuse with the Clown.[14]

Enhanced Durability: Justin is able to take blunt hits from both Marie Mjolnir's powerful punches and direct hits from Franken Stein using Mjolnir; this is despite the fact that his speed far surpasses Justin's own after the latter utilized Lightning Rope.[9]

Executioner Form.

"Executioner" Form: After his prior descent into madness and subsequent adoption of the doctrines belonging to the Kishin Asura, Justin Law procures the ability to merge with a mechanical Clown through a mere snap of his fingers and the uttering of a single command. The process itself is a relatively simple one, requiring only that the Clown deconstruct its body and proceed to surround Justin in order to complete the unison, but the alterations the transformation results in are nonetheless drastic because of this.[14]

  • Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): Because of a Clown's nature in sharing the same wavelength as the Kishin, the Executioner form is capable of having a Madness Wavelength which can be used in battle.[15]

Chain Blades: This form can make use of chain blades which replace Justin's hands, capable of fighting opponents as well as deflecting attacks like Vector Arrow when accurately swung.[15]

Lip Reading: Justin has admitted to being able to read the lips of others, allowing him to communicate without having to remove his earbuds.[16]

List of techniques

Standalone techniques
  • Holy Cross Chop (聖十字手刀, Hijiri Jūji Shuto; FUNimation "Saint Cross Knife"): An attack in which Justin attacks with his arms being partial blades from his guillotine weapon form, creating an offensive cross formation. Such an attack was lethal, capable of critically damaging Giriko had he not used his defensive Chain ability.[6]
  • Carcan Bras (首枷の籠手(カルカン・ブラ), Karukan Bura; FUNimation "Neck Shackle Guard"): A technique in which Justin immobilizes his opponent's limbs by transforming his arm into the headlock component of a guillotine.[6]
  • Headbutt of Love (愛の頭突き, Ai no Zudzuki): After immobilizing an opponent with Carcan Bras, Justin pulls them towards himself to deliver a headbutt.[6]
Magical-Like Powers techniques
  • Law-Abiding Silver Gun (法を守る銀の銃(ロウ・アバイディング・シルバーガン), Rō Abaidingu Shirubāgan) : A powerful technique in which, after performing a prayer, Justin's guillotine blade is pointed at a target and sends out a powerful ray of light made up of his Soul Wavelength capable of cleaving the Oldest Golem's head.[6]
  • Law-Abiding Silver Gun Radiant (法を守る銀の銃「放射」, Rō Abaidingu Shirubāgan Reidianto): A variation of Law-Abiding Silver Gun that instead produces a widely dispersed beam capable of pushing Giriko himself back.[10]


Enrolled in Death Weapon Meister Academy, his devotion to the worship of Death was known and made it difficult for him to make friends within the Academy. Understanding his problem, Death assisted Justin in making him a Death Scythe.[8]

Justin and Tezca spend time together.

When he was thirteen years old, he had successfully become a Death Scythe, having done so without a Meister, and was hailed as the youngest Death Scythe in history as well as being called "The Executioner who appears with Deafening Sound". This exploit made him somewhat of a legend in the DWMA.[6] After becoming a Death Scythe, he often spent time with Tezca Tlipoca, though he was unable to comprehend what he was saying due to his bear mask blocking his lips.[17]


Traitors arc

When a trio of NOT Class students (Anya Hepburn, Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane) are lost within the many halls and passages of Death Weapon Meister Academy, Justin stands ready to assist them, though he intimidates them with his sudden appearance and misinterpreting his words as having darker intentions.[18] He's later present as Clay Sizemore reveals the possible suspects of recent thefts in the DWMA and the rise of Traitors, including the Witch, Shaula Gorgon.[19]

Death Fest arc

Justin later arrives in Death City with his fellow Death Scythes, Death, and Death the Kid himself as the older Death God gives Shaula Gorgon an ultimatum. He witnesses Shaula being struck down and Kid himself taking custody of her soul.[20]

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration arc

Justin Law arrives in Death City.

After the resurrection of the Kishin, Justin receives a message to convene with other Death Weapons. Arriving in Death City, he reminisced about how long it has been since he had last been in Death City before saying a prayer.[21]

Later, he attempts to praise Death, though questions why he couldn't hear his words, unaware that his earbuds disallow him to hear anything said by the Death God. Spirit arrives and kicks him, telling him to take off his earbuds. As the meeting takes place and Stein explains the effect of the Madness Wavelength, Justin is the one to ask about the potential problems that the wavelength could cause, with Azusa answering the question. When the meeting ends, Death shifts around the responsibilities of the entire DWMA staff with the exception of Justin, who has since placed his earbuds back on and is instead on reserve.[22]

Trial Enrollment arc

Having a bad feeling about the investigation of the incident in Loew Village concerning the rampaging of the Oldest Golem, Death sent Justin to assist a team consisting of Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, Crona, and Ragnarok.[23]

Arriving in Loew Village, Justin wonders if bringing one coffin was enough.[24] He arrives to save Crona as they're about to be beheaded by Giriko. He uses his Holy Cross Chop technique and engages in battle with the fellow independent weapon while an awed Maka and jealous Soul watch. Although the crude weapon opponent taunts him with his affiliation with Death, he pretends to not understand a word said by Giriko. As the battle rages on, Giriko requests that Justin remove his earbuds. However, Justin smugly informs him that he was able to read his lips the entire time simply to vex him. Arachne then commands Giriko to escape and battle another day. Although Justin wishes to pursue the enemy, he remembers his original mission to ensure the safety of the DWMA and trial students.[25]

Justin swiftly defeats the renegade Oldest Golem by performing Law-Abiding Silver Gun, destroying it for good before encouraging Maka, Soul, and Crona to join him in prayer. Retrieving the three, he has Maka sit within the coffin on his dune buggy. When Maka points out her condition doesn't require her to be in a coffin, Justin and the others pretend they are unable to hear her.[26]

Reunion Express arc

Justin is later present within the Death Room awaiting a new mission. With Death humorously relaying a message to the lip-reading Justin through Spirit due to his mask, Justin is tasked with physically hunting down the Kishin.[27]

"BREW" - The Tempest arc

Having joined Death Weapon Meister Academy's battle for "BREW" with Arachnophobia on Lost Island, Justin causes an avalanche due to the bass attached to his snowmobile and ends up wiping out an enemy squad, save for the leader of the group, Giriko.[28]

Fighting Justin once more, the pair are seemingly evenly matched again. Giriko claims that he fights in accordance to the rhythmic beats of his music and tells him to take off his earbuds, though Justin retorts that his thinking is so simple that he doesn't need to read his lips and instead reveals the real intent behind his false claim: he is only hoping to trick him to take off his protective earbuds. Attacked by Giriko's Wave of Slaughter, he counters with his own Law-Abiding Silver Gun Radiant. Deciding not to kill him, Giriko retreats and sends for a snow clone with his Enchanter skills to distract him, a disappointed Justin musing about wanting to kill him.[29]

Justin later rendezvous with Sid, Naigus, Marie, and the rest of Maka's Team, informing the team that a key player from Arachnophobia managed to get away.[30]

Pre-Internal Investigation Arc

After the battle for "BREW", Justin made contact with a Clown and the Flying Dutchman, having then turned to Madness due to the Clown's Madness Infection abilities. Since then, he had been performing suspicious activities.[31][32]

Internal Investigation Arc

With Joe's Super Soul Perception presenting the danger of locating the Kishin Asura for the DWMA, Justin targets Joe and ambushes him in a dark alleyway in Death City. He begins to pierce the veil of Madness within Death City by doing so while setting aside a particular brand of cigarettes used by Stein to frame him for the murder. He then kills Joe by splitting his chest and ripping out his heart, killing him instantly and destroyed his soul.[33] This act, unbeknownst to him, was witnessed by Medusa Gorgon within the body of Rachel Boyd.[34]


  • Justin's attack, "Law Abiding Silver Gun", is a reference to B. Ichi, another manga by Soul Eater creator Atsushi Ōkubo. In B. Ichi, the character Yohei Nanami uses a gun called the 'Law Abiding Silver Gun,' which is shaped like a dog's head.
  • In the anime, Justin always listens to the same song, "Step Up."


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