Kana prefers to keep to herself most of the time, but will occasionally join the other characters on a trip. They will also sometimes come to her in need of a fortune-telling. Kana doesn't have many interactions on account of her quiet personality.

Eternal FeatherEdit

Kana Atair - (9)

"Kana Altair and Eternal Feather relaxing."

As a fellow resident of the Shibusen girl's dormitory, the two seemingly an amiable friendship with one another due largely to Eternal Feather's acknowledgement and firm acceptance of Kana's predictive capabilities with tarot cards; Kana appears to be closest with Eternal Feather than anyone else.

Anya HepburnEdit

Even though Tsugumi and Meme have a general acquaintance with her, Kana develops quite a heated, mutual enmity with Anya just moments after their initial introduction to each other. When Anya makes the mistake of denouncing Kana's prophecies as "phoney", insults from both parties fly. Anya has to be physically removed from the area to prevent the altercation from continuing. Attesting to just how severe their rivalry is, this happens on multiple occasions every time Kana performs a fortune telling on an unknowing Anya. However, Kana always remains calm, suggesting that she doesn't out right hate Anya.