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Kilik Rung (キリク・ルング, Kiriku Rungu) is a popular EAT Class Meister partnered with twin weapons, Fire and Thunder.[6] He is considered one of the top three student fighters in Death Weapon Meister Academy.[4]


Atsushi Ohkubo created Kilik due to recognizing that few manga have African characters within it; He based Kilik off the character from the central character in Kirikou and the Sorceress, a movie drawing elements from Western African folktale and a film he had enjoyed.[3] His last name, "Rung", is a translation of "Rungu" which is derived from "Mulungu", a common name for the African creator deity.[2]


Kilik is described as being rather hot blooded and direct, having a fiery soul, and compassionate enough to put his own life on the line for his friends.[2]


Kilik is a dark-skinned Meister with dark eyes and black hair, and is thirteen years old in the first part of the series, seems to be around Black☆Star's age. His hairstyle is a combination of short dreadlocks along the top of his scalp, with cornrows lining the sides and back. He wears square-rimmed glasses and is seen with them both on and off. Being known for his physical fitness, he is quite well-built, though he tends to stand with poor posture, slouching over.

Kilik's outfit consists of a short-sleeve shirt that appears to have either a shadowy Shinigami pattern across the sleeve ending or a joint lightning-fire pattern across the sleeve ending, with flame patterns on the right sleeve, lightning bolt patterns on the left. In later appearances, he simply has a plain white shirt with 'DC' (probably standing for Death City) written on the left breast. He also has a unique gold-coloured tribal-looking necklace, but, like his first shirt, this was removed in his later appearances. He wears grey pants with various decorative chains, a sweatband on each of his arms that covers almost the entire forearm and sneakers. On formal occasions, he wears a suit, but also wears a green baseball cap turned to the side as well.

When becoming a member of Spartoi, Kilik adopts the team's uniform. Out of all the members of Spartoi, Kilikn wears the most ordinary uniform: a plain, white dress shirt with the top opened slightly to reveal his sternum. He has the sleeves rolled up just below his biceps. He wears a long sweatband on each of his wrists that covers the majority of his forearms; one is light-patterned while the other is dark and light patterned. He was once seen with a small necklace in his shirt and a longer one outside his shirt alongside striped braces/suspenders that ran through his shirt collar. Lastly, he wears blue pants and white sneakers.

In the first Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Lust, Kilik is changed into a female. In this form, his uniform changes to match the Spartoi uniform worn by female members. His uniform is similar to Kim and Jacqueline's, consisting of a white long-sleeved blouse with stitches running down the middle where the buttons should be, with the trademark sailor collar and tie. The uniform is complete with a short pleated skirt and stockings and shoes. The lenses of his glasses are round instead of square. He has long hair and his hairstyle consists of half his head tied up in cornrows, the other half let down, with long sweeping bangs going diagonally across his forehead.



As a one-star meister, the DWMA faculty recognized him among others as the top students among the one-star ranking[7] and is furthermore considered among the top three student combatants in the academy, making him stronger than the likes of peers such as Maka Albarn, Ox Ford, and Kim Diehl.[4] Like his fellow peer Black☆Star, the DWMA faculty also believed Kilik to be capable of having sheer brute strength and picked him as a key player upon Medusa's insistence for a student with such quality.[8] Kilik was later promoted to a two-star status after the fall of Arachnophobia.[9]

Although extremely skilled, Franken Stein & Black☆Star's joint status as the most powerful Meisters in the academy at different points of time places him just under them.[10][11] While wielding Excalibur, Hero easily bested Kilik along with his peers, Kid and Black☆Star.[4]

Special Abilities[]

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): Kilik possess a very flexible wavelength; according to Azusa Yumi, one of Kilik's special talents is his capability to hook into the wavelength rhythms of different weapons and synchronize himself enough to wield them, making him a Utility Meister.[12] His compatibility makes him also able to use witch magic formerly granted to him by Medusa Gorgon, his skill being proficient enough for Ox Ford to mentioned his apparent skill in using Vector Boost.[13]

Kilik knocks out one of the Demon Tool Soldiers.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Among the very best students combatants in the academy, Kilik Rung is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant and uses his skills in it as a pot meister; he bested the flawed Demon Tool Soldier 2 and even the Insight Demon Tool Soldier, who remarked that while he was capable of seeing his next twenty moves, he was unable to find a way to counter them.[1] Combining such skills with the demon pots he fended off the Black Clown despite the creation able to withstand his attacks.[14]

  • Instantaneous Maximum Firepower (瞬間最大火力, Shunkan Saidai Karyoku): According to Medusa, it is well known that Kilik himself is capable of outputting powerful attacks in an "instant", allowing him to achieve greater damage then average fighters while using the Demon Pots. This style of fighting has earned even recognition and the respects of Medusa when she stated the Black Clown being unaffected by his attacks was "adequate results".[14]

Marksmanship (銃撃技, Jūgeki Waza): Kilik is a skilled marksman, able to use the Demon Twin Guns and Azusa's bowgun-type rifle, managing to hit barely grace Asura from Earth to the Moon with the latter.[15]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): A trained meister, Kilik has excellent reflexes, capable of dodging gunfire from a Gatling gun, a thrown moltov, a RPG, and the Vector Arrow spell from the Black Clown.[16] He also possess a level of brute strength.[17]

Acrobatic Skill: Combined with his reflexes and agility, Kilik is acrobatic enough to vault over a wall much longer then himself.[14]


Partnered with Fire & Thunder

The Demon Pot's true power in use.

Demon Pots (魔壺, Matsubo): Partnered with twin Fire and Thunder, Kilik can use their weapon forms as gauntlets (called "Pots") in order to increase his attacking capability as well as manipulate the element of fire and thunder from the respective partner.[18]

List of techniques[]

Wavelength Control techniques
  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): Kilik is capable of matching his wavelength with his weapons, letting them amplify it into a more powerful wavelength, sending it back, and repeating the process to perform special techniques.[4]
  • Teamwise Soul Resonance (チームでの魂の共鳴, Chīmu de no Tamashī no Kyōmei): A special duel arts technique taught to him by Franken Stein that allows Kilik to form an indirect connection with a respective different team of meisters and weapons, allowing for increased power, ability of coordination, and access even more powerful resonance techniques and abilities.[19]
Soul Resonance techniques with Pot of Fire

Triple F

  • Triple F (F•F•F(トリプル エフ), Toripuruefu): Short for "Flame Flint Fist", this techniques engulfs the Pot of Fire in Kilik's right hand in flames. Kilik them sends forth a devastating straight punch.[4] When utilized alongside Vector Boost to double it's power, it proved sufficient enough to have killed the Squid(?) monster.[17]
Soul Resonance techniques with Pot of Thunder
  • Lightning Flash (電光石火(でんこうせつか), Denkōsekka): Kilik launches himself in the air, then unleashes a powerful vertical strike conducted with the Pot of Thunder on Kilik's left hand, simultaneously chopping and shocking the opponent. When used alongside a Teamwise Soul Resonance with Ox Ford and his Lightning King Drill attack, the combination is known as "Thunder Combination". The attack was powerful enough to damage a Golem.[18]
Soul Resonance techniques with Pot of Fire & Pot of Thunder


  • AFX-T (AFX-T(エフェックスティー), Efekkusutī): One of Kilik's strongest attacks; Upon using Soul Resonance, Kilik uses both demon pots to generate fire in his right hand and thunder in their left hand. The user then combines the two elements together, creating a large blue form of energy (resembling a large flame that gives off small bolts of lightning), which is subsequently condensed into a small ball. The user then drives the ball of energy into his opponent, creating a large explosion upon impact.[20]

Double T

  • Double T (TT(ダブルティー), Daburutī): A special techniques used by Kilik, The initial attack makes the Pot of Fire radiate with fire and is thrown at opponent(s) in a linear fashion before being followed up by a leap from the user, a charged fist creating a lightning bolt-shaped trajectory in the air. Upon landing, Kilik smashes the charged lightning onto the ground, making a radial attack that sends shockwaves of electricity crashing through the ground, electrocuting any enemy it touches. The entire attack is perform in a motion resembling a "T".[1]
Medusa's Direct Attack Spells (former)

Vector Boost.

  • Vector Boost (ベクトルブースト, Bekutoru Būsuto): Granted to him by Medusa, he was capable of using the Magic along with the Demon Pots to boost his attacks by throwing his attacks at the same direction of the arrow. Being able to kill the Squid(?), he remarked that this Magic is some "deadly shit" and considerably powerful. He was also capable of using this to decimate a room full of Demon Tool Soldiers. He was only capable of using two at a time on both his right and left arm.[21]
Teamwise Soul Resonance techniques with Liz, Patty, Fire, Thunder, Jacqueline, and Kim

E3 in effect.

  • E3 (E3(イー スリー), Ī Surī): The technique is executed by performing the aforementioned chain resonance and Kim awakening Fire and Thunder's abilities as Earth Shamans, resulting in them becoming older versions of themselves. With the Demon Twin Guns at hand, Kim and Jacqueline position themselves behind Kilik to brace for the recoil.[22] The actual attack itself is fired off by Fire and Thunder using the Demon Twin Guns, combining their respective elements into a large beam of energy laced with the mentioned elements with immense destructive capabilities.[22]




Kilik is briefly seen advertising the Death Weapon Meister Academy at the school to the new students, with Fire and Thunder in Weapon form.

Foundation Day Eve[]

Kilik, along with Fire and Thunder, attend the DWMA commemoration anniversary party along with the other students. When Free uses his Spatial Magic to seal everyone, including Death, inside the school, Kilik tries to allow Death to escape by offering him a mirror to pass through. However, Death tells him that it is impossible as everyone is now stuck in another dimension. Kilik voices his frustration, but Death reassures him. Kilik then listens as Death tells everyone about Asura.

Eve's Fight to the Death[]

After Asura is released, Kilik meets up with Ox Ford and the others in Death City, seeing the fight against Asura and Death. However, they are soon approached by Sid Barrett, who tells them to help the people injured in the fight. Kilik does not hesitate in obeying his orders.

Legend of the Holy Sword[]

In this special chapter, Kilik, seeing Hero take down several DWMA students easily with Excalibur, decides to fight him to try out the Holy Sword's power. He is joined by Black☆Star and Death the Kid. After Black☆Star misses Hero with his Uncanny Sword, Hero flies up on the golden wings he had obtained from Excalibur. As Hero taunts Black☆Star, he is suddenly met with Kilik, leaping up to attack him. Kilik uses Triple F on Hero, but the Meister disappears, and dodges Kid's attacks also. He then proceeds to defeat all three Meisters with his attack, Hero the Atomic. Kilik lies immediately defeated, wondering what sort of an attack it was.

Duel Arts[]

After Maka Albarn's falling out with Black☆Star, she runs off, passing by Kilik, Ox, and Kimial Diehl. Kilik only wonders on what had happened and why Maka had split off from her group.


Kilik and his partners, along with the other main DWMA students, are chosen to be sent on a mission to retrieve Brew before Arachnophobia can on Lost Island. When Maka, Kid, and Black☆Star, along with their Weapon partners, go into the vortex to look for Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir, who had gone on to find Brew, Kilik, along with Ox and Kim, decide to stay behind to stop Arachne Gorgon's forces from advancing. Kilik proves his battle prowess by easily taking down the golems and other enemies attacking them. He uses Chain Resonance with Ox and covers Kim whilst she goes up into the sky on Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre and spells out a retreat signal with the smoke coming from the Demon Lamp.

After being exhausted after dispatching a large amount of enemies, Kilik and Ox, along with their Weapon partners, see Marie and Stein emerging from the vortex. Worrying about Maka and the others, Kilik and Ox decide to enter the vortex after them. Marie threatens to fail their grades to prevent them from doing so, not wanting to get them hurt. However, Kilik goes on anyway with Ox, and finds Maka and the others, retreating after the battle with Mosquito, empty-handed. Realizing Black☆Star's battered state, Kilik helps him up on his shoulder. He is startled when he witnesses an explosion, thinking that he is going to die, but then realizes that the vortex contains a constant time replay of the explosion, and sees that the explosion is not harmful.

He exits along with everyone else and is met with Marie, who makes a move to strike the team, but embraces them instead, glad that they are all safe. However, she warns them that they will all have a talking-to when they get back to DWMA.

The Clown[]

Kilik is seen at the Mission Bulletin in DWMA, choosing a mission. He meets with Ox, who is taking an Arachnophobia-based mission. Kilik comments that there is a lot of Arachnophobia missions lately. Kilik asks Ox who he is planning to go with, and Ox fervently replies that he his going with Kim, although he has not asked her yet. Kilik wishes him good luck as Ox leaves. Whilst choosing his own mission, he meets Maka, who tells him that he cannot take the mission he had just chosen since he needs to be able to use Soul Perception. Kilik decides then to choose another mission that requires him to bring down a giant, and the requirement for the mission is 'an uplifting and fired up heart.' He decides that it is perfect for someone like him. Kilik then spots Black☆Star's signature on the back and wonders if he reserved this mission. Maka makes a comment that the DWMA is so quiet now that Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa had gone and took a leave of absence off school. Kilik pauses, in thought.

After Maka and Soul leave on their mission, Kilik meets with a depressed Ox, who had been rejected by Kim again because of his strange hairstyle. Kilik suggests he shaves it off, but Ox replies that he cannot shave them since his hairstyle grants him the thunder that gives him the power to protect the ones he loves. Kilik sees Ox's passion and asks Ox whether he wants to go on the mission with him, since the requirement for it is 'an uplifting and fired up heart.' The two take their mission to the receptionist, who had been watching them for a while. She admires their strong heart and super-approves their mission, giving them a thumbs-up.

The Choice[]

Kilik is seen with his shirt off with Ox and Harvar D. Éclair, back at the DWMA after their mission. They are met by Maka and Soul, who asks them why they are shirtless. Kilik explains how they attempted to quell the giant with their fired up hearts, but in the end, they all wound up dancing naked around a campfire with the giant instead.

When Ox learns of the Demon-Hunt, he and Maka discuss the new attack with each other, which bores Kilik and Soul, who starts their own conversation about a musical instrument Kilik had found on his mission.

After Kim and Jacqueline return, Kilik sees numerous officials along with Mira Naigus. The officials surround Kim and Jacqueline, knowing that she is a witch. Scared, Kim and Jacqueline take off, as Kilik watches on, confused.

The Deal[]

As Naigus explains to them that Kim is a witch, Kilik is angered of Kim's treatment as if she is a criminal, and tells Naigus that it would have been better if he and Ox told her of the situation. Ox remains cool and logical, which causes Kilik to lose his temper with him, and he decides to go off on his own to look for Kim. However, he quickly apologizes before departing, as Soul offers to go with him. While in the male showers at the DWMA, Kilik sees Ox, who had been beaten up by the other students because he had stood up for Kim. He asks the Meister if he is alright. Ox asks him if he had been watching, to which Kilik asks if he had wanted backup. Ox replies that compared to Black☆Star's punch, the punches he received where only the punches of a delinquent and a fool. Kilik happily agrees with him.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc (Anime only)[]

After the battle over Brew, Kilik does not make much of a debut until the mission for infiltrating Baba Yaga Castle. After fighting through Arachne's soldiers in the rainforest with his partners and Kim, Jacqueline, Ox and Harvar, they reach the Amazon River Basin and the castle itself. Kim wonders if they can actually infiltrate the castle and Kilik replies that he does not know, but the only way to find out is by trying. Ox then suggests them to infiltrate the castle by disguising themselves as Arachne's soldiers with the cloak and mask.

The team successfully infiltrate the castle, passing by Eruka, Free and the Mizune Family, also disguised and ready to escape. As the castle takes on the form of a giant robot to fight against the newly transformed animated Death City, Kilik and the others struggle on inside.

After Azusa Yumi uses her Thousand-Mile Eyes on Kim to grasp the whereabouts of Asura, Kilik and the others escape from the castle on Jacqueline. He is last seen in the credits, talking with Kim, Ox and all of their partners back in Shibusen.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc[]

Kilik, and selected DWMA students were chosen to follow Medusa Gorgon in her mission to capture Arachne's castle. Kilik is angered that a Witch is in their team, let alone the person who caused Kim and Jacqueline to leave DWMA. He is at first reluctant to join the team, but he soon relents after Ox says that his help would be needed for the mission to succeed. Upon meeting Medusa, Kilik is not hesitant to express his strong dislike for Witches.

During their travel, while trekking through the Amazon River Basin which is where Arachne's base is located, the team is attacked by a squid-like creature in a river that has been affected by the magic of Arachne. The team prepares to attack the beast but, despite all their efforts, all their attacks seem in vain, as the creature is covered by a protective magic coating. Medusa proposes to disassemble the coating with her magic and follow it up with a powerful attack. With that, she enhances Kirikou's Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder with her Vector Boost, increasing the power of his punches in order to defeat the creature in a single blow. Kilik thanks her for his assistance, albeit half-heartedly. She then forces the magic coat apart with her Analysis Disassemble, giving Kilik a chance to attack. He finishes off the creature with a single punch.

As they enter an underground path into the castle, they are soon greeted with the presence of one of Medusa's underlings, Eruka, who brings several Arachnophobia uniforms for the crew to disguise themselves with. Kilik shares a cloak with Fire and Thunder, who sit atop his head. However, after properly infiltrating the castle, their group realizes that everyone around them is wearing the same cloak and mask uniform of Arachnophobia, and soon get separated from one another as they cannot tell each other apart. Kilik and his partners, Harvar and Ox end up with Mosquito. Kilik is almost found out by Mosquito as Fire and Thunder fight with each other in the cloak, but luckily, Mosquito only mistakes him for a special Demon Tool Soldier. Soon after, Kilik, to his relief, is reunited with everyone.

After Medusa returns from making certain preparations, she assigns everyone with a task. Her plan is to destroy the eight towers, or 'legs' of the spider-shaped castle, that hold Demon Tools called 'Locks' that keep Arachne's throne room sealed. She takes Maka and Soul with her to advance towards Arache's room. She uses Vector Conduct on everyone so that they know where to go. The others are assigned their towers which they are to destroy. Kilik and Ox are assigned Tower Two, but upon sensing Kim's Soul Wavelength on the way, Kilik insists Ox that he searches for her, leaving him to continue alone. When Kilik finds Tower Two, he finds himself surrounded by Arachne's Demon Tool Soldiers. Fire and Thunder continuously fighting on his head almost gives him away, but once again, he is mistaken for a special Demon Tool Soldier, and ends up in a room with dozens of them. With his disguise, he fits in normally with the rest. However, as many of the other Locks are destroyed, he tires of waiting and decides to shed his disguise among the Demon Tool Soldiers. He uses both of the Vector Boosts that Medusa had given him, destroying the majority of his enemies. He is met by various specially modified Demon Tool Soldiers, such as one programmed with various martial arts techniques and one that can read his next twenty moves. He manages to defeat them all, but the last Demon Tool Soldier, Morubi, ends up distracting his Weapon partners, leaving him Weapon-less against the other soldiers.

He is later saved by his allies Ox and Harvar and Kim and Jacqueline, who had rejoined their side. With their combined effort, they all destroy the Lock in Tower Two.

Later, when Arachne spreads her Madness-inducing Soul Wavelength around the castle, Kilik is affected by the Wavelength and suffers from severe mental pain alongside everyone else. He realizes that Harvar is the only one in their team who is not affected, and states that it is because Harvar is 'dry to a fault.' However, as Soul spreads Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength around the castle, Kilik is freed from the madness.


Kilik is first seen observing and commenting about Black☆Star and Patty Thompson, who are about to spar. He wonders if Patty's moves, good as they are, will be enough to take on Black☆Star He is then seen again as a member of the newly formed Spartoi team, the same time Soul becomes a Death Scythe.

I'm Gonna be an Angel[]

Kilik is shown with Ox observing a sparing session between both Black☆Star and Stein. Ox comments about their extreme way of fighting and Kilik answers that for fighters at a level such as theirs, it is an appropriate means of training.

Witch's Research Arc[]

Kirikou in his Spartoi uniform, with the Thompson Sisters as well as Fire (right) and Thunder (left).

On his first mission as part of the DWMA's elite unit, Spartoi, Kilik is tasked with gathering information from one of Medusa's abandoned laboratories. He is supported by Patty, Liz, Fire and Thunder. The operation leads the group into a seemingly desolate village within Central Africa. Through the use of certain devices, earpieces called 'Incoms,' constant contact is maintained between them and Azusa, the Death Scythe in charge of the mission.

Azusa Yumi quickly briefs them on the mission. Kilik is meant to infiltrate Medusa's laboratory to search for Medusa's written research texts. Once found, Azusa Yumi will copy the texts down by using her Thousand-Mile Eyes to see through Kilik's eyes. Since the text will be written in unintelligible Witch language, Azusa Yumi would then transmit the images of the copied texts to Kim Diehl, who is flying up above, who will be able to translate the text since she is a Witch. She recommends Kilik to be on guard as she does not know whether Medusa is in the nearby area or not. She tells him to use Fire and Thunder for close-range combat, and Liz and Patty for long-range. Since Kilik has advanced Soul Wavelength compatibility abilities, he should have no problem in switching between the two.

As Kilik discusses the usefulness of the Incoms with the Thompson sisters, Fire and Thunder proceed to alert him to their discovery of an underground passageway. The group cautiously descend down the darkened stairs, with the majority assuming their Weapon forms in preparation, entering a laboratory containing a collection of various mysterious items. Continuing the infiltration, Kilik, despite the distraction of many bad puns from Liz and Patty, locates the intended papers and allows Azusa Yumi to view them through the use of her Thousand-Mile Eyes.

After the successful completion of the mission, Kilik exits the hidden structure only to be momentarily blinded under the blazing sun. As his vision returns, he notices the presence of numerous villagers and proceeds to explain that he is from the DWMA. However, the statement does not have the intended effect, as Kilik suddenly comes under fire. His fast reactions combined with a well-timed leap, allow him to evade the barrage of bullets, but confronted by crazed innocents he has little choice than to take cover. Kilik does not have much time to rest though, as almost immediately his position is compromised. After a brief discussion with Azusa Yumi about the current situation and seeing no other option, Kilik returns fire using the Thompson sisters, making sure their bullets are regulated to non-lethal levels. He quickly incapacitates the frontal attackers but a sudden Molotov cocktail from the rear forces him to leap between the small alley's walls and continue along the rooftops. Instantaneously, shots from an AK-47 hammer the area but a well executed dive roll prevents any damage. As this occurs, an RPG is directed towards him, exploding and knocking him back some distance. This action provokes Kirikou into communicating with Kim for immediate evacuation but the attackers prevent this, so he once again flees, this time jumping through a lower window of the adjacent building. It is at this point that Azusa Yumi assumes control and dictates Kilik's next movements, resulting in him punching through a solid wall, just in time to catch Jacqueline's Weapon form. Everyone manages to fly to safety.

Later, at a more secure location, the reunited group contemplate on the meaning of the research they have gathered and how it is related to their encounter with the crazed villagers. They deduct that Medusa is researching a way to control madness. However, the critical texts were missing in the laboratory, so in the end, Kilik thinks that they have found out nothing. While they are conversing, the Black Clown appears and the team lose contact with Azusa Yumi.

Kilik immediately orders Liz, Patty, Fire, and Thunder to transform and for Kim and Jacqueline to back him up. Before he can begin the battle, he notices that his skin is seemingly liquidating and dropping to the floor. Kim compares the phenomenon to the kind of madness used by Arachne. Kilik focuses his mind and manages to break free from the illusion, pulls out the Thompson sisters and begins to shoot down the Black Clown. He switches to Fire and Thunder as the Clown comes closer, and he connects a punch. The released blood from the creature forms into numerous needles, and the Clown uses Bloody Needle, but Kilik safely evades. While his mind is on the Bloody Needle attack, the very same attack forms again but the blood is incinerated by Jacqueline's fire. Kim promises to take care of any counter-attacks from the Black Clown, and tells Kilik to attack it as much as he can.

Numerous kicks and punches later, the Clown stops releasing Black Blood and relies on close combat. Kilik blocks the attacks and counters while Kim burns the Black Clown using Volantern. Kilik soon realizes that his attacks will not affect the creature. He retreats, while evading all the Vector Arrows thrown at him from the Clown. He performs a Soul Resonance with Kim, who sends her magic to Fire and Thunder to awaken their Earth Shaman abilities. Once the twins transform into their mature adult forms, they each subsequently take hold of one of the Thompson sisters in their Weapon forms, producing visible manifestations of their elemental powers from the barrels of the guns. Kilik then proceeds to state the name of the attack, E3, signaling the twins to take aim and fire. A large beam emanates from both guns, travelling rapidly towards the Clown, which, upon impact, intermingle and create a massive explosion. This attack destroys most of the Black Clown, leaving only its head on the floor. As the team manage to contact Azusa Yumi again, Kilik proclaims the battle is over as the Black Clown disappears.

Salvage Arc[]

Kirikou, Fire, Thunder, Liz, Patty, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, and Blair are all chosen to enter the manuscript of the Book of Eibon to rescue Death the Kid, who had been captured by Noah in the mission to capture Baba Yaga Castle. Upon entering the book, the team find themselves in the Introduction of the book. Here, they meet the Table of Contents, the entity in charge of keeping the Book of Eibon in order. The Table of Contents explains that Death the Kid is in the seventh Chapter of the book, and to reach him, they would have to traverse through all seven Chapters in the book, with each one having its own dangers. Kilik expresses his determination to save Kid, and informs The Table of Contents that they will not be turning back.

The Table of Contents acknowledges their determination and sends them on to the first Chapter, Lust, where everyone has their genders switched, taking on the form of their idea of a perfect sexual partner. Kilik is transformed into a girl in a female Spartoi uniform, and adopts a more serious, female-like personality. As the Succubus appears, the 'male' members of the team (who are originally female) begin to be allured by the creature's sexual appeal. Since he is now female, Kilik is not affected, and expresses dismay as the others are distracted. He then notices Blair, seeing that she does not look different at all in her cat form. However, in human form, Blair reveals to have changed into a strikingly handsome young man. The Succubus immediately falls for Blair, and the magic cat uses the opportunity to blast the creature away using her Halloween Cannon. As Blair states that they should be getting on to the next Chapter, Kilik displays a sort of infatuation towards her in her new attractive male form.

As the team continue on to the next Chapter, Gluttony, everyone realizes that even though they had left the Lust Chapter, they are still in their opposite genders, although their personalities have returned to normal. The Table of Contents explains that they will change back to their original form after leaving the Lust Chapter, and that the speed of the transformation depends on the individual's sexual desire: the stronger the desire, the slower the transformation. Kilik takes this in rather light-heartedly, stating, 'I guess we'll find out who's the horniest among us, eh? Should be interesting.' Tsubaki fervently argues that it is not.

As Patty and Black☆Star begin to help themselves to the platters of food laid out in the Chapter, the team are confronted by a monstrous pig that is about to eat them. The team prepare to fight. However, after the pig states that its own flesh is of exceptional quality, Kilik, along with Black☆Star and Patty, decide to eat the pig instead. Black☆Star slices off one of the pig's arms, and Kilik fries it with Pot of Thunder, before taking a bite out of the roast meat. Black☆Star slices up the rest of the pig, and Kilik fries the pieces again. He gorges on the meat alongside Black☆Star and Patty. Before they can get drawn further into the sin of Gluttony, Soul has The Table of Contents move onto the next Chapter.

Maka and Soul now get separated from the group and end up one Chapter behind. The rest of the group move on, and are next seen in the fourth Chapter, Wrath. The chapter ends up aggravating everyone, making them all fly into a rage. Kilik, along with the others, fight with each other, but soon calms down, commenting that the environment in the Chapter is completely red, and the color somehow makes him furious. The Table of Contents replies that red is the color that aggravates people the most.

Everyone's anger is further put to the test when Excalibur appears in the Chapter. Although Kilik, along with the others, laugh at the Weapon for being captured, they are soon annoyed by Excalibur, and are further aggravated when Excalibur prevents The Table of Contents from continuing to the next Chapter. Kilik and the others manage to distract Excalibur long enough for the team to move to the fifth Chapter, Pride. However, to everyone's despair, Excalibur follows them.

Excalibur offers the team a chance to save Kid quicker by using him as a Weapon. Liz decides to wield him and manages to open a crack into space with Excalibur. Kilik watches on with the others. However, Liz's pride gets in the way, and she ends up throwing Excalibur out the Book of Eibon. Liz laments over her mistake, as Kilik and the others stare on, not really concerned about the mistake.

Kilik is later seen with the others in the seventh Chapter, Greed. He watches Liz transform back into her female form just a little quicker than Tsubaki, and teases Tsubaki along with Black☆Star and Patty because of this. Black☆Star casually states that it might be best to not sleep in the same room as Tsubaki anymore, and Kilik becomes envious as Black☆Star is sharing a room with a girl.

He, along with the rest of the group, then confront Death the Kid. He waits for Black☆Star as he goes on to find Death the Kid through a portal made by The Table of Contents.

The Black Mass then frees everyone from the Book of Eibon and they all tumble out onto the battlefield where Noah is in the middle of finishing Stein, Marie, Sid and Naigus. Despite the adults' warnings to tell them to flee, Death the Kid and Black☆Star decide to fight Noah and his monsters, with help from Maka and Soul. As Noah sends out Select Gremlins from the Book of Eibon, Kilik attacks them using Pot of Thunder alongside Blair. He tells the others to focus on Noah as he and Blair can take on the Gremlins. Soon, the team all face the Horror Dragon, and finally Kid manages to defeat the dragon and kill Noah using Parent's Seven Rays.


  • In the Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Kilik ranked 14th.
  • According to the Insight Demon Tool Soldier: Kilik is 13 years old, has a 26 inch waist, and a body fat percentage of 10%.[1]
  • An early version of Kilik is seen during the Foundation Commemoration in the manga. That version of Kilik had a different hairstyle than he does now, wore a cap, and lacked eye-glasses. Two tall, light-skinned women were around Kilik, too; possibly making them early versions of Thunder and Fire.
  • Kilik's catchphrase that he says before or during a fight, ビリビリ燃えてきたぜ!(Biribiri moete kitaze! loosely translated to 'I'm getting fired up!') is a pun on his two elemental powers over lightning and fire. The term ビリビリ (Biribiri) is an onomatopoeia describing the sound of electricity sparking, whilst 燃える (Moeru) means 'to burn.'
  • In Volume 18 of the Soul Eater manga (which contained the Spartoi's adventures through the Book of Eibon), Atsushi Ōkubo created a horse-racing style table of the Soul Eater characters who have had their genders switched, and made a race as to who is the most lustful out of them all in a 'Lust Race.' Kilik was given a racehorse name along with the other characters. His name was Kirikou Brian, probably named after the famous Japanese racehorse, Narita Brian. His popularity level was 51 but he was predicted to have almost no possibility of being the most lustful out of the group.


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