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Kim's dog is a formerly stray dog that took a liking to Kim Diehl. While at first Kim wanted nothing to do with it, circumstances brought her to take the little one in.[1]


The dog met Kim when they were a stray and Kim was having a bad time with her self-imposed loner status. Kim dislikes the comparison between the two of them the dog symbolizes and would've left them had the dog not become badly injured soon after. Kim saved their life with her Regeneration Magic, which made her warm up to the creature.[1] As a result, she took the dog home with her and cared for them from then on.[2]


Traitors ArcEdit

The dog approaches Kim in an alleyway, instinctively taking a shine to her. Kim, however, rejects the creature and lightly kicks them away. As she walks off, a scooter rides by and accidentally knocks over some materials stashed away against a wall. It all comes down on the dog, prompting Kim to rush back and unleash her Regeneration Magic to save the dog's life. This coincidentally exposes her identity as a witch to Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, but seeing Kim's concern for the dog, Jacqueline promises she'll do no less.[1]

JOT ArcEdit

By this time, Kim has become the dog's owner and takes them out for walks.[2]


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