This page details of an individual who possess a powerful Madness Wavelength from the result of a large consumption of souls. You may be referring to an individual who possess a Kishin Egg erroneously referred as a "Kishin" or an Evil Human also erroneously referred to as a "Kishin".

A long, long time ago... Even before DWMA was built, Meisters and Weapons collected Souls under Shinigami-sama's instructions, just like now. They kept one rule: "You must not take the soul of anyone who is not on Shinigami-sama's list." Then, during a battle, one Meister was so terrified of death that he took the soul of a good person. He thought that if he just had "power," he couldn't lose. That meister secretly made his weapon eat the souls of people not on the list. And thus a "Kishin" was born.

Spirit Albarn in Chapter 6 (Yen Press translation)

An Kishin (鬼神, Kishin; FUNimation "Afreet") is a being in which the final results of the hunting of a far more greater amount of pure human souls than that required to create a Demon Sword and is capable of world annihilation with their Madness Wavelength.[1][2]


Birth of the first Kishin

It is known that around 800 years prior, the Eight Shinigami Legions were on a mission to sustain the state of peace within the world, and continued to put in practice the law that Meisters are only allowed to hunt the souls of beings on Shinigami's List. However, at one point, a Meister came to face an opponent in a battle and he thought he was going to die. Afraid of this fact, he wanted more power so that he could overcome his fear. He then succumbed to breaking this law, and took the soul of a good human and foreseeing the path of an Afreet by secretly feeding his Weapon partner good human souls. Asura then became known as the first generation Afreet.[3]

Prevention of another Kishin

After the events of Death becoming wary of Asura's actions, he stripped Asura of his skin and sealed his soul and body within it by making a sack. Death did this to contain all of the Madness that the Kishin Asura emitted, as well as his soul and body.[4] As a sacrificial consequence, Death had to implant his soul into the same spot that he made the seal, making his movement limited to what later became to known as Death City. Death then creates the Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school for young Meisters and Demon Weapons to train together and enforce the purpose of preventing the rebirth of a Afreet.


Not much is actually known about what a Kishin is exactly. All that is known is that having one is considered a major threat to the world, spawning the creation of the DWMA in order to prevent the uprising of another.[5] Those who become a Afreet may spawn a new type of Madness, as shown when Crona sealed away Asura.[6] The process includes consuming an exorbitant amount of souls and while the number is unknown, the number was so high that Crona wasn't showing any signs of becoming a Afreet according to Franken Stein and spawned Medusa's plan to revive the first Kishin[3] instead, and later to develop Crona's Black Blood enough to absorb Asura.


This process is usually exclusive to Demon Weapon initially and requires an individual whom is not a Demon Weapon to allow the merging between a non-Demon Weapon and a Demon Weapon.[7] However, "BREW" somehow was used to turn Crona into a Kishin, though the conditions on why are unknown.[6] Those who become a Kishin gain a third eye on the center of their head.[6]


With the Madness Wavelength achieved from the ascension into a Kishin, one with this status has the capability to using their Madness Wavelength to wreck havoc onto the world and put it towards potential annihilation, such a status requiring the intervention of a true god such as a Death God to intervene.[2]

List of Kishins


Chapter 16 - Unknown Warlord and Asura

Flashback of Asura prior to becoming a Kishin.

  • Flashbacks has shown that despite NOT being a Afreet at the time, Asura possessed the third eye theme that later becomes the known theme of a being whom is a Kishin.[6][7]


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