Kishin Hunter (鬼神狩, Kishingari) is a technique used by both Death and Spirit Albarn and later Maka Albarn and Soul Eater.[2]


A even more powerful variant of the Genie Hunter technique, it can be assumed to work similarly to that witch hunter, being a more powerful variant unlocked after having a great amount of courage and being very reluctant against madness as well as enhancing one's wavelength.[2]

Like the other similar techniques, the scythe's blade takes a different shape dependent on the user's weapon and is implied to be powerful enough to kill a kishin (as Asura took care in evading the technique and later had his arm completely severed).[2] Despite it's potential power, the technique is can be rendered useless if used by a Anti-Demon Wavelength and applied to an opponent (even a Kishin) if they're not truly evil and they're powerful enough to nullify the technique.[1]


  • This attack's form was included in the game, Terraria, as a special reference, but was removed most likely because of Copyright issues.[3]


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