Lightning Rope (雷綱, Izuna) is a hyper-nerve induction speciality technique orignating from the Demon Weapon, Mjolnir.[1]


Chapter 61 - Stein using Lightning Rope on Justin

Stein's speed increased dramatically by Lighting Rope.

The technique works by Mjolnir wrapping itself around the Meister in a electrical bind and uses hyper-nerve induction to give the user a massive boost of their physical abilities (such as speed) by sending electrical pulses to the Meister's motor systems.[1]

However, the prolonged use of this technique comes at considerable cost to the Meister's own body, which is unable to handle the tremendous strain involved in their nervous system being pushed to its full capacity. This drastically restricts the period of the technique's activation, lest the inevitable repercussions that the meister experiences prove to be severe or even fatal.[2]


  • Izuna, when written as "飯綱", is the name of a specific kind of kuda-gitsune.
  • During Brew Contest! Clash, Shibusen vs. Arachnophobia?; Stein suggests that by using this technique they could obtain Brew in around five minutes. However, due to Stein having a fit of madness after resonating with Marie, the ability couldn't be used and so, it remained unnamed until Chapter 61.


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