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The Witch Assistant is a Witch in the Witch Order who acts as assistant to Maba and the Witch Judge.[1]


Business-minded and loyal, the Witch Assistant does as she's ordered with little emotional investment.[1]


The assistant is a young-looking, dark-skinned woman with long, light-colored hair and she appears to have a curly-tailed lizard as her animal theme. There's a tattoo of what looks to be a curly-tailed lizard on her left shoulder. She wears a large, puffy hat that evokes the head of one. And lastly, either she has the up-curled tail of a curly-tailed lizard or the tail is part of her outfit. The assistant further wears a black top, which on the front extends down to a black midpiece (which also covers the tail), which further extends into a long, light-colored skirt. There's bracelets around both her wrists.



  • Soul Protect (魂の保護, Tamashī no hogo): A spell that conceals a witch's unique wavelength and makes it seems as though they were human.


War on the Moon II arcEdit

The Witch Assistant is involved in the alliance negotiations with the DWMA, being the one to report on the agreement to Maba.[2] Of course, the alliance negotiations were a trap and when Death the Kid, Free, and the traitorous witches got captured upon entering the Witches' Realm, the assistant got to read the charges and sentences for all of them.[1] Due to Kid's convincing speech, the witches eventually truly agreed to an alliance. Like the others, the assistant accompanies Kid to the moon to help create Soul Bullets to stop the Clowns from resurrecting.[3]


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