This is a List of unnamed abilities and techniques. Although specific abilities have showcased throughout the series, this page catalogues any that has no specific name to them.


Character specificEdit


Unnamed Zeroth Form TechniqueEdit

  • Unnamed Zeroth Form Technique charging
  • Unnamed Zeroth Form Technique in effect.

Using Uncanny Sword mode and Shadow☆Star Zeroth Form: "Masamune", the user charges his own shadows with incredible power. When done, they then leaps towards his opponent and strikes the opponent. As a result, a monstrous entity emerges from the shadow-like smoke as well as shadow-like swords and causes immense and devastating damage.[1]


Unnamed Death Scythe TechniqueEdit

Episode 48 - Death uses Wind Swing Attack

Unnamed Death Scythe Technique

With Death Scythe on hand, the swings his scythe to send an offensive and powerful winds towards the opponent. The nature of the wind seems to originate from the user's soul.[2]

Unnamed Absorb TechniqueEdit

Episode 48 - Animated Absorb

Unnamed Absorb Technique

Opening a hole in their hand, the user absorbs an attack into their body and nullifies the attack, regurgitating it in a harmless form (such as a belch).[2]

Unnamed Catoptromancy AbilityEdit

Soul Eater Episode 1 - Death and Spirit witness Maka and Souls fight with Blair through his mirror

Unnamed Catoptromancy Ability

A special ability used by Death that allows him to spectate events that take place on Earth using his mirror as a medium. Unlike a witches' crystal, he doesn't require any sort of additional devices needed to broadcast.[3]

Maka AlbarnEdit

Unnamed White Grigori ArmorEdit


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