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Loew Village (レーフ村 Reefu Birejji in Japanese) is a village in the Czech Republic, inhabited by Enchanters, people talented in making Golems. The village also has a dark history associated with the witch Arachne Gorgon.


Loew is a small village located in the middle of the Czech Republic.[1]


Because eighty percent of its villagers are Enchanters,[1] Loew's appearance reflects the Enchanters' work on creating Golems. Each house in the village has a stove in order to make Golems out of clay. Therefore, the village is full of chimneys spewing out smoke.

Golems of all sizes are also a common sight along with their Enchanters.

Although there is an area of forest near the village, there are even stoves and Golems located in the forest, and the trees also look like they have been made out of clay or stone.

The village sustains itself and its inhabitants by selling Golems as charms against evil to all parts of the world.

The village is also home to the Oldest Golem, known to be the first golem ever created.[1]


The truth is we wanna live in peace and quiet. We don't like it when strangers come to our village. Which is why we try to adopt the calm of the Golem and avoid conflict. In the end, everyone is the same. We all have evil inside us. Even someone who wears a mask of goodness, can still have pitch darkness in his heart, you see?

Giriko, Episode 26

Soul Eater Chapter 26 - Old Death hunts for Arachen in Loew

800 years ago, Death followed Arachne to Loew

The village has a dark history with an incident that happened eight hundred years ago in the Grim Times. The Witch Arachne, after creating the Demon Weapons, was pursued to this village by Death. In order to conceal herself, she had one of her servants, Giriko create the Oldest Golem, and sealed her soul inside it, whilst separating her body into small spiders that spread out into the world and monitored its goings on whilst she was inanimate.[2]

Giriko remained in Loew Village as an Enchanter to watch over her, biding his time for Arachne's reawakening. Living as an Enchanter for eight hundred years, Giriko gained the trust of the other Enchanters, convincing them to work against the DWMA. This may also be why the village seems to be rather xenophobic to outsiders, and avoid anything to do with DWMA. This is, of course, part of Giriko's plan as he does not want anyone to find out that Arachne is alive until she reawakens.[3]

The incident in the Grim Times in which Arachne scattered her bodies into spiders has been recorded as an incident of mass hallucination centred around the middle of the Czech Republic, in which approximately fifty thousand people saw the same image of a strange black dot creeping along out of the corner of their vision. These hallucinations were most common in locations surrounding Loew Village. These strange black dots were described as looking like spiders, indicating that they were actually fragments of Arachne's body.[4]

The Trial Enrollment ArcEdit

After Asura awakens, the madness released in the world causes Arachne's soul in the Oldest Golem to awaken and thus, led to the Golem going on a rampage.[5] This news reached Azusa Yumi, and the DWMA promptly sent Maka, Soul, Crona, and Ragnarok to Loew Village to investigate and protect the village.[6]

The students are met with hostility by the villagers, until they are approached by a local Enchanter named Saw (or Sou), who offers to guide the students to the Oldest Golem. Upon reaching the outskirts of the village, Arachne's soul begins to stir within the Oldest Golem, approaching Maka and her team, ready to attack them. Saw then reveals his identity as the weapon Giriko, assuming his chainsaw form to be wielded by the Oldest Golem.[6][7]

Death, anticipating Maka's team would encounter difficulties in Loew, had already sent Justin Law to assist the students before Franken Stein informed Death that he suspected Arachne had hidden herself in the village, making this mission too dangerous for Maka's team. Meanwhile, Arachne, from inside the Golem, manages to paralyze Maka with her magic spider silk, preventing her and Soul from fighting. As Arachne fully reawakens, she orders Giriko to kill Crona, but he is stopped by Justin. As the two weapons fight, Arachne, sensing that the Oldest Golem's power is diminishing, orders a retreat. Giriko uses his Saw Leg powers to flee, leaving the Golem to be dispatched by Justin's Law Abiding Silver Gun.[7][8]

Justin returned with Soul and Crona to Loew Village, where they deposited the still paralyzed Maka in the coffin hitched to his vehicle, much to Maka's annoyance.[8]

It is not known what became of Loew Village after many Enchanters were revealed as working for Arachnophobia, and after the DWMA defeated Arachnophobia and Giriko.


  • The name refers to the legend of Judah Loew ben Bezalel, sixteenth-century rabbi from Prague who fashioned a golem from mude from the Vltava river to protect a Jewish ghetto from anti-Semitic forces of the Holy Roman Empire.[9]

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