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Lost Island

The Lost Island as it appears just as the accident occurs

Lost Island (ロスト島 Rosutojima in Japanese), known as Lost Isle in the English dub of the anime, refers to an island that, over eight hundred years ago, was the location of a large Demon Tool construction facility run by Witches.


It is a small island in the middle of the ocean, located just north of Alaska.


Eight hundred years prior to the series, the island housed a large Demon Tool construction facility run by Witches, the Witch Arachne within them. It was a place where the Witches studied Eibon's possibly greatest Demon Tool, Brew. However, Arachne, seeking to acquire Brew for herself, revealed the facility's location to Shinigami, luring him to the facility. The Witches made their escape, with Arachne stealing all of Eibon's blueprints from the facility. After luring Shinigami to the facility, Arachne purposely caused the facility to self-destruct with Brew still in it, in order to hide it, and possibly to try and kill Shinigami at the same time. Before the explosion, Eibon himself also appeared in the area, for reasons unknown.

The explosion at Lost Island is then thought as an accident by everyone, until Maka and her friends discover the truth.


This is the remains of the Demon Tool construction facility. It must have been one hell of an accident. The entirety of this area is all in ruins.

Sid, Chapter 34

Before the explosion, the island was a lush forest area with lots of greenery. At the centre of the island was the main facility building, a large elaborately decorated step pyramid seen out of Aztec times. However, after the accident, the effects of the explosion had transformed the area into a frozen tundra where it is always snowing. The area is littered with ruins of the facility that had used to stand there.

The biggest landmark is the centre of the island, the origin-point of the explosion. From there, a giant magnetic field of magic rises up into the air like a tornado that never stops. The powerful magnetic field can be entered by a human being, but the average human body can only last for about twenty minutes before it starts to deteriorate.

Inside the magnetic field is a holographic reply of what happened in that area shortly before the explosion, which is how Maka and the others figure out the truth behind Lost Island. If a person stays in the field for too long, they become a part of the hologram for all eternity.

Part in the StoryEdit

Shinigami sends a small army of Shibusen students including Marie, Stein, Sid, Naigus, Azusa, Justin, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, Kilik Rung, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, Kim, Jacqueline, Ox, and Harvar in order to acquire Brew before Arachnophobia.

Whilst the main military force consisting of Sid, his men, and Justin, fight Arachnophobia, Stein and Marie, accompanied by the students, will head for the magnetic field. Stein and Marie would go inside the field to acquire Brew, whilst the rest prevent Arachnophobia forces from going in after them.

Whilst Justin fights Giriko, and Sid, Naigus and Azusa fight Mifune, Maka and the others wait for Stein and Marie's return. However, as time passes, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty go in the field to see if they are all right, whilst the rest fight against Arachnophobia's forces. Inside, they find out the truth of the island's history, and meet up with Stein and Marie, promising them that they will get Brew in their stead. They end up having to fight Mosquito, but due to his age-manipulation ability, have to retreat before they can retrieve Brew, the mission resulting in a failure.

However, during the fight, Medusa sends Eruka and the Mizune to get the real Brew and replace it with a fake one for Arachnophobia to take.

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