Maba (魔婆, Mabā) is the current Queen of the Witch Order and the witch responsible for separating the homeland of the witches from Earth.[3]


Although not much is known about Maba's disposition or temperament, remarks made by Eruka Frog insinuate that her view of reality has declined in recent years, ever since the vicious removal of her left eye perpetrated by Prisoner 13 occurred. Consequently, Maba's decisions have become increasingly questionable, especially the one regarding Medusa Gorgon's continued involvement with the DWMA despite the considerable danger it poses to the remainder of their kind.[4]

Despite this however, she has been shown to be a respectful and reasonable leader. She allowed Kid to speak regarding the truce and ending up agreeing to it. She also is known to care for her subordinates. She has been described as 'old-fashioned' by Kim.


Maba is extremely small in stature with the entirety of her diminutive frame being obscured by her domineering clothes, making it all but impossible to discern the remainder of her characteristics. Torn and overtly simplistic, this concealing attire gives no impression of the prestige and authority she holds amongst her brethren, resulting in her depiction being suggestive of an unassuming individual.

Comprising of a black robe and a similarly dark cloak, the majority of her dress is adorned with various elongated safety pins with the only exception being her distinctive white hat, which is fashioned in such a manner as to depict a sharp-tooth grinned face. The small observable gap that exists between the brim of this hat and her cloak, displays tufts of grey hair and a bandage with "1/2" written on it covering her left eye, signifying its absence after its earlier removal by Free.[5]


Maba is known to at least be an extremely powerful practitioner of Magic, not only capable of twisting space to isolate a entire realm but was remarked by Eruka Frog that the large scale Soul Protect would be impossible to perform on the Clown Army without her contribution.[6] She is also superior to Free in Spatial Magic, with him admitting so and regarding her prowess "legit".[7] In the past, she was at least proficient enough to have attempted to kill Free, only to have settled for jailing him on account of his immortality.[8]

Despite her power, Death the Kid implied that he was capable of erasing all the Witches (including Maba) within the Witches' Realm court room If he had wanted to.[9]

Special Abilities


—Maba's Magic chant[10]

Chapter 101 - Maba creating a Spatial Portal

Maba creates a portal with her Spatial Magic.

Spatial Magic (空間魔法, Kūkan Mahō): Maba is extremely proficient in this sort of Magic, far surpassing Free's own precision control of control as she was able to easily teleport and create space barriers far faster than Free is able to himself, in which the werewolf even admitted her control surpasses his.[11]

  • Independent Cube (無干渉領域 (インディペンデント・キューブ), Indipendento Kyūbu): A variation of Spatial Magic, this allows Maba to conjure and enclose a barrier capable of temporarily cutting off a space from the world up to one hour. According to Medusa Gorgon, Maba is described as specializing with this specific Magic.[12]
  • Teleport (転送, Tensō): The caster and/or a group of individuals are transported across space and distance instantly. Maba is capable of teleporting herself and a mass of others, including even the DWMA members on the Moon all the way back to Death Weapon Meister Academy.[13]

Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto): Maba is most likely able to perform this Magic. In addition, she can use her magic capabilities to rip Soul Protect from others, placing the spell onto beings such as Clowns and containing the Madness Wavelength.[14]

  • Forwarding Protection (フォワーディングプロテクション, Fowādingu Purotekushon): The Soul Protects of other witches are 'torn away' and redirected to another being. It is seen during the War on the Moon.[15]

Ice Attribute Magic (氷属性の魔法, Kōri Zokusei no Mahō): From Free being granted of this Magic from the Demon Eye, it is known Maba herself can perform in this Magic also. However, her exact level of proficiency with this magic is unknown.[16]


Maba, like any other witch, is most likely susceptible to the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister due to being a witch and a manipulator of magic. In addition, Maba's own magic is more difficult to cast in an area filled with a particular Madness such as the Madness of Fear emitted by the Great Old One, Asura.


Demon Eye (悪魔の眼, Akuma no Me): Maba's magical left eye granted her magical capabilities in which allowed some unknown control and level in Spatial Magic. She later lost the Demon Eye, it being plucked away by Free. (Former)


Over 200 hundred years ago, Maba had encountered the Legendary Wolfman and had her left eye unwillingly taken by the Werewolf. This incident became renown throughout the world with him known as "the Man with the Demon Eye". Due to being unable to kill the Immortal Clan member, she had him imprisoned within the Realm. She also stripped him of his real name and kept the key to his jail cell within her own room.[17]\


Uncanny Sword Arc

Convening with other, fellow Witches at a Witch Mass in which concerns Medusa Gorgon's interest in researching the DWMA. Allowing the Snake Witch to continue her research, the Witch Mass comes to an conclusion, with Maba bidding the crowd below a rhetoric farewell with the expression Joma Joma Dublasha (Jōma Jōma Dabarāsa, ジョーマ・ジョーマ・ダバラーサ).[18]

The Clown Arc

Convening with another Witch Mass concerning the forbidding of Witches going or affiliating with Death Weapon Meister Academy post the former Witch Order member Medusa Gorgon infiltrating the school and resurrecting the Kishin without their say, she concludes the meeting once again. She is then directed into another direction by another Witch.[19]

Witches' Trial Arc

Chapter 98 - Maba stops the Witch Judge

Maba stops the Witch Judge.

Appearing at the Witch Court, she is struck with nervousness from each outburst of the Witch Judge, witnessing the court as they charge Free, Eruka, Arisa, Risa, Kim, and Death the Kid. As the court proceeds, the Death God urges them to lend their assistance, despite the court's resistance to the idea. After getting on his knees to humbly beg, she interrupts with a "Nyamu".[20] Kim calls out to Maba, pleading her to accept DWMA's aid. Ultimately, she accepts to aid the large organization.[21]

War on the Moon II Arc

Fowarding Protection

Maba and Free casting Forwarding Protection.

Arriving behind Death the Kid via teleportation, she opens a gate in which allows other Witches from the Witches' Realm to arrive, with Kim explaining that their delayed appearance was due to the Madness in which jammed Maba's Spatial Magic. She then narrowly saves everyone in the Demon Airship by enclosing them in a barrier. After, Maba and the rest of the Witches present carry out an operation: With "A" Team casting Soul Protect, "B" Team providing calculations with Calculation Spells for the Clown Army, and finally Free and Maba transfer the Soul Protect to the Clowns with the spell "Forwarding Protection". This results in cutting the Clown Army's connection to Asura's Madness Wavelength.[22]

With the operation a success, she is informed by Eruka that both her along with Free and Kim are unable to return to the realm, with her obliging. Maba then leaves the Moon.[23]

Dark Side of the Moon Arc

Chapter 113 - Maba and the Witch Judge after saving the DWMA members

Maba is revealed to have teleported those on the Moon.

Being at Death Weapon Meister Academy, Maba teleports all of the remaining Death Scythes and DWMA Intelligence Agency members from the Moon back to the Academy out of good will.[24]

At the new Shinigami Coronation, Maba is present as she hears Death the Kid's not only credit them for the victory achieved against Asura, but also promises to bring both mankind and witchkind closer to one another as well as prohibiting the creation of Death Scythes. As Soul plays his piano, she happily listens to it[25]


  • Maba is introduced into the series as "Maba-sama", much like what is used with Death. However, this is not the typical way for her kind, who are instead normally introduced as "Witch" followed by their respective name.
  • The Japanese word for "witch" (魔女, majo) is written with the kanji for "demon", "evil spirit" (魔, ma) and "woman" (女, jo). The name Maba switches the kanji for "woman" with the kanji for "old woman", "grandmother" (婆, ), making the name mean something akin to "old witch" or "witch grandmother".
  • In later chapters, when Maba stretches out her arms, her sleeves end in the shape of feathertip wings. Based on the large bird that resides inside the Witch Court Room, Maba may have an animal theme like that of many other witches, in this case that of a bird.[26]
  • Contrary to popular belief, neither the entirety of the anime or manga of Soul Eater has ever mentioned that Maba's level of power rivals that of Death, who's seen as one of the most powerful entities within Soul Eater. Such claim came from a wiki editor's mistake and has since been taken as truth.


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