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The Madness Cannon is the weapon the organization, Arachnophobia, secretly developed with intention of using the secret weapon to dominate the field agents of the DWMA. It was consequentially destroyed when Death used Azusa's weapon form to destroy it.[1]


Episode 46 - Madness Cannon firing

Madness Cannon's power.

Siphoning the madness of the Kishin, the machine in which powers the cannon converts the madness into pure energy, in which is then used to fire out into the battlefield.[1] The cannon has immense destructive capacity, annihilating anything alive caught in it.[1] It's also been shown to leave a line of fire and smoke each time it's fired.[1]

The cannon is control and mounted onto Baba Yaga's castle, only able to accessed from a control room. In the control room lies the chair in which control the cannon. The cannon is maintained by a team of Arachnophobia technicians.[1] A screen in which displays its view in front of the person manning the cannon is also available.[1]


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