You, Witch who blasphemes the Kishin by creating an artificial Clown...bear witness to real madness...

Justin, Chapter 68

Madness Fusion (狂気融合 Kyōki Yūgō in Japanese) is a relatively simple yet extremely effective transformation technique, which uses the significant amount of Madness emitted by a Clown, a personification of pure madness itself, to provoke this unusual form of 'evolution' in a subject's power. This involves a Clown physically fusing with a subject, giving them incredible power.


Justin Law and the ClownEdit

Justin Insanity Fusion Movement

Justin moving in his new form

After his prior descent into madness and subsequent adoption of the doctrines belonging to the Kishin Asura, Justin Law procures the ability to merge with a Clown, through a mere snap of his fingers and the uttering of a single command. The process itself is a relatively simple one, requiring only that the Clown deconstruct its body and proceed to surround Justin in order to complete the unison but the alterations the transformation results in are nonetheless drastic because of this.

The concluding creature is a twisted amalgamation of both Justin's human and weapon forms, accented with a large yet ornately decorated helmet, covering nearly the entirety of his face except for his mouth and chin. His mouth is considerably wider, like Asura's, when in this form. His entire torso becomes a small guillotine, fitted with a blade (which he can fire out attached to chains) and a head restraint. His headdress is adorned with two semicircular blades at its peak, hanging down from small chains. His sleeves are long and he has no hands, only small guillotine blades attached to chains emerging out of his sleeves (he can summon as many of these as he wants. He can also summon up multiple head restraints). His mozzetta, usually a part of his religious clothing, has multiple lines going up on it. The only actual thing that is carried on from Justin's human form is his headphones. This form is known as Executor. Justin can fuse with many different Clowns, but this form always remains the same no matter what Clown he is fusing with.

Justin Law Madness Beam

Justin unleashes beams of pure madness

In this form, Justin can release a powerful wave of madness into the surrounding area, which is able to debilitate any opponent caught within by subjecting the victims to intense images of their apparent deaths. This form also has significant defensive properties that protect the entirety of Justin's body and despite the restrictions of not having either hands or legs to move with, he remains capable of covering distances relatively quickly by using his chain blades as anchor points, before swinging to another location.

These blades and the respective chains they are attached to are able to multiply at will and can transform into guillotine blades and headlocks with just as similar ease. Justin can also create heat-seeking head restraints for a more elusive enemy. The blades are not restricted to just Justin's hands and can instead be fabricated on either of his arms, allowing access to the capability of firing two powerful and destructive beams of energy, which each feature an eye-marking similar to that belonging to Asura and that can be directed by simple arm movements alone.[1] Justin can also fire a single guillotine blade at an opponent who is restrained by his chain head restraints, in the manner of decapitation.

Justin first uses this form in the fight against Medusa, where if not for the Purple-Dyed Clown, Medusa would have fallen into Justin's madness. Justin proves to be incredibly powerful, destroying all of Medusa's snakes infused with her Purple-Dyed Clown and not even needing to dodge her Vector Arrows since his armour is so strong.

He uses this form again in the fight against Tezca Tlipoca. His Solar Ray manages to slightly damage Justin, even in this form, but ultimately, he is defeated, mainly because Tezca actually gives Justin a chance to change and stop attacking and evading.

Medusa and the Purple-Dyed ClownEdit

Insanity Fusion Occuring

The Purple-Dyed Clown undergoing Madness Fusion

Despite being attributed to this fusion, Medusa does not in fact partake in this ability, allowing the Purple-Dyed Clown to be absorbed into one of the many snakes that she retains within her own body instead. This process not only transmutes this single snake-like entity into a far more jagged and feral beast but in turn effects the rest of them as well, imbuing them with substantial boosts in both their attack power and speed. These creatures seem to favor damaging their intended victims by firstly grabbing them in their savage teeth, before subsequently smashing their now trapped prey into any nearby object with devastating force. Medusa has demonstrated the capability of manipulating up to four of these snakes simultaneously.[2] However, the fight in which she uses this move against Justin, he manages to kill all of these snakes using Silver Gun.

Crona, Ragnarok and the Black ClownEdit

Crona soul

Ragnarok's fused soul

Crona's form of Madness Fusion is brought into being as a by-product of Medusa's research in to the manipulation of madness through magical means, resulting in the construction of a strange creature formed entirely from Black Blood, referred to as the Black Clown. Due to this unique body composition, the creature is capable of fusing with the significant amount of the substance already residing within Crona's body. The extent of this merger is far from just simple superficial changes, as even the fundamental structure of Ragnarok's soul is altered, providing a substantial increase in power.

This drastic augmentation physically manifests itself in the production of Ragnarok's arms emerging from both of Crona's shoulders and the manufacturing of three distinct swords, two of which Ragnarok wields and one other that Crona themselves wields. Although dissimilar to one another, each of these blades demonstrates Ragnarok's trademark mouth, permitting access to all of the pairs previous capabilities, including Ragnarok's characteristic Scream Resonance that is now further amplified by a factor of three. Arguably, each of the three swords possesses an individual name, which are as follows:

The Abyss of Despair (魔剣捺落, Maken Naraku): The sword most similar to Ragnarok's original form, this thin katana-like weapon is held by the right of the additional hands granted by Ragnarok's presence. Due to the narrowness of its blade, the distinctive mouth protrudes outwards from either side just above its hilt, creating a rudimentary guard. The sword itself is wielded in Crona's typically deranged manner.
The Uncleanliness (不浄, Fujō): This narrow blade, held by the left of the additional hands granted by Ragnarok's presence, possesses a jagged edge along one of its sides and another protrusion above its mouth-formed guard. Peculiarly, this weapon is capable of extending to great lengths, resulting in it being used more like a whip rather than an actual sword.
The Darkness (暗黒, Ankoku): Both broader and shorter than the others, this sword is the only one to be manipulated directly by Crona, as it appears that they favour their right hand and so often leaves the left entirely free. Also, unlike the previous two blades, it does not feature a guard with the mouth instead embedded into the very weapon itself. This jagged-toothed grin is surrounded from both above and below by cloth wrappings, which encircle the blade numerous times.

Crona also gains fragments taken from the armour of the Black Clown in this form, in particular the entity's frill around their neck, its chest-plates and several further strands of plating down the length of their body. Despite its exposed and segmented depiction, this protection confers a considerable defensive gain, assuming the form of an exterior layer of hardened Black Blood around the entirety of Crona's figure. As it is formed from Black Blood, the defense can react independently and instinctively to incoming threats, even creating multiple sharp spikes to deter opponents when necessary. Although never observed when the additional arms are being currently employed, Crona is also capable of manifesting wings constructed from the very same Black Blood that allows them to fly and can even act as a shield, if such a circumstance presents itself.[3]

This merger's first introduction is during a conflict against Black☆Star, who, despite Crona's added strength, overwhelms them rather easily. However, the next time they use this form against Tsar Pushka and Feodor, the technique has grown substantially in power. Crona can now create a seemingly infinite amount of Black Blood and emanate a powerful madness wavelength of such intensity that it proves resistant to even a "Demon-Repelling Wavelength" (退魔の波長, Taima no Hachō).


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