The Madness of Boobs (おっぱいの狂気, Oppai no kyōki) is a Madness type born from Crona when they became a Kishin via being powered up by "BREW".


This madness type influences an individual into having a much larger preference of female breasts and makes those under its influence fascinated with it enough to have the urge to repeatedly fondle, grab, or think of them often. According to Death the Kid, this madness came into being due to the fact that Crona seeks breasts, the symbol of motherhood. This is because of the fact Crona never recieved any motherly love from Medusa Gorgon.[1]



Chapter 113 - Boobs Survey

Does this look like a boob to you?

  • After this came into being, Death the Kid conducted a survey using Spirit Albarn's old survey, which includes results of those who prefer a woman's breasts or buttocks. Due to this particular madness, the preference over breasts rose by 50%. The survey itself also included the picture which can be seen to the right, and the act of asking if it looked like a boob.[1]


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