The Madness of Fear (恐怖の狂気, Kyōfu no kyōki) is the term that refers to the Soul Wavelength of Asura, in which is a Madness Wavelength due to being at a godly level.[1]



According to Franken Stein, The Madness of Fear prods and incites the Madness deep within the soul.[1] This could, in turn, awaken the evil within a person or boost its hold over any certain individual.[1] Because of its sheer power, it can not only incite natural disasters, but also awaken dormant witches and potential enemies who have been inactive (such as Arachne Gorgon).[1]

Powering & AttuningEdit


Although those with the Anti-Demon Wavelength and a Healing Wavelength can counteract and deter this Madness, it is known to be a temporary effect.[2] In addition, the hallucinations encountered can be seen through with intense levels of focus.[3] Only the Madness of Order can truly counteract this Madness, however.[4]


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