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The Magnetic Field (磁場(じば), Jiba) refers to the strange phenomenon at the center of Lost Island.[1]



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The Magnetic Field resides at the center of Lost Island, in which is north of Alaska.[1]


A strange magnetic field composed of Demonic Energy, this field renders a given area unable to be inhabitant for an average time of twenty minutes, as anyone within the field risks permanent damage to the body from disintegration.[2] as well as nearly nullifying Soul Perception due to the noise generated from the phenomenon.[1]

Though twenty minutes is the average a human (and a weaker form of a Bloodsucker) a human can sustain themselves in a field, a being with the ability of Transformation can add at least an additional ten minutes with each form used.[2]

Because of the intensity of the accident that created the Magnetic Field, the field itself left an imprint of a memory of the events that transpired prior the destruction, with all individuals who were and events played through as (ocassionally blurred) images.[2]



The outside of the Magnetic appears rather tornado like with air seemingly twisting in a never-ending manner. In the anime, it appears as a dark purple and red twister.[3]


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