Mai Thi Hoang (ホアン·ティ·舞, Hoan Ti Mai), known by the stage name Eternal Feather (永遠のフェザー) in the DWMA, is an seemingly unpopular student within the NOT Class who befriended and assists with Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane, and Anya Hepburn's transistion into Death Weapon Meister Academy.[2]


Mai is kind, friendly, and always willing to help others, often providing new students with guidance and advice. Her maturity makes her a mentor to younger students, as she assumes a role akin to that of an older sibling to Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya. Due to her selfless nature, she will buy food for younger students, even after they lose all their allowances.[3] She is also very knowledgeable on how the DWMA works. She provides valuable information about DWMA allowances, part-time work for students, and girls' dormitory amenities, as well as tours of Death City and the Death Weapon Meister Academy.[3][4] She is also known to be quite the social butterfly, on top of the latest gossip in school, advising newer students about potential bullies, and digging up information about more secretive students.[3][4][5] Eternal is therefore an invaluable source of information for Tsugumi and her friends.

Mai is also shown to be rather courteous and respectful, even to her juniors. However, as cordial as she is, Eternal sometimes is a little too passive, an example being how she gets pushed around by Kim Diehl, another NOT member whom she is afraid of. She is also deeply embarrassed by her name, an epithet forced upon by Kim. Through it all, she seems to have a slight degree of self-confidence being a DWMA student after all, as she seems to accept Misery's antics as part of everyday life and is referred to by Shaula Gorgon as a "strong-willed DWMA weapon."[6]


Main article: Mai Thi Hoang/Relationships Because of her kind and supportive nature, Eternal Feather is looked up to by many as well as respected by almost everyone at the DWMA and is generally accepted by virtually anyone she comes across. However, the timid side of her personality makes her a target to some people, resulting in mild to severe trauma depending on the circumstances.


SEN! - Eternal Feather -1

Eternal Feather's character design in the anime

Eternal Feather is a relatively tall, fair skinned young lady, appearing to be slightly older than some of the junior characters of the series. She has blue eyes, thin eyebrows and black hair with relatively short bangs covering her forehead along with two short plaits, or braids, that hang behind her.

Eternal Feather wears oval glasses with red frames. Eternal's standard wear include a wide white collar held by a lace ribbon and a ankle-length, blue robe-like gown, along with red slip-on shoes in the anime. Eternal Feather seems to have a limited set of attire, and those other clothes she has are largely unfashionable and gaudy, due to pressure by Kim Diehl to buy them out of Kim's desire to bully Eternal Feather. On at least one occasion, Eternal Feather tried, and failed, to sell these unwanted clothes at the Death Bazaar.[7] On sunnier days, Eternal Feather is known to wear sunglasses.[6] Her other attire seems to be a dress similar to a changshan, which exposes her neck and the scar left from her attempted suicide under Shaula's possession.[8]


Honag Thi ''Eternal Feather'' Mai - (2)

Mai's partial weapon form.

Weapon Transformation - Balisong: While her full weapon form has never been revealed, Mai is capable of transforming into a balisong knife. In her partial weapon form, she substitutes one of her arms to a balisong nearly as large as herself. The handles of the weapon are a dark shade of blue (space cadet) with a skeletonized sandwich style handle. The blade in the manga has an inscription on it, whearas the anime has a red comma.[9] The blade is strong enough to cut through human flesh and as well as leather with ease.[10]

Autonomous Weapon Combat: When under the control of Shaula Gorgon's Poison, Mai was shown capable of fighting alone. Much of her style of fighting revolving around quick and rotational swinging of her arm. Although outmatched, she seemingly was capable of holding her own with EAT Class. Her capability in doing so, however, was in fact partially owed due to the Poison in which she was injected.[11]

Strong Will: Shaula herself once remarked that Mai does, indeed, possess a strong will.[12]


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Introduction Not! Arc

Eternal Feather appears as a guide for Tsugumi, Anya and Meme, showing them around Death City as well as showing them to and around their girl's dorm of the DWMA. Before going in however, Eternal tells the three to beware of the 'Witch of the Girl's Dormitory'. While in the dorms, Eternal introduces Kana Altair, a fortune teller who might be just a tad anti-social. Misery, dorm superintendent makes a rather creepy appearance with Eternal Feather quickly pushing her away when she intrudes upon Tsugumi's personal space, with that deed done Eternal Feather leads the three girls to toward their new room.

The next day, Eternal Feather notices Tsugumi and intends on greeting her but to her shock and worry, Kim Diehl, the witch of the dorms is next to the unsuspecting Tsugumi. She sees Kim taking Tsugumi's allowance only leaving her enough to afford dinner for the night. Feather remains in quiet horror. After the traumatic event albeit mostly just for her, Eternal Feather admits to witnessing Kim take Tsugumi's money but not doing anything about it. Feeling guilty, Feather subsequently buys Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme food after seeing them half starved sharing only a bowl of noodles between the three.

As Tsugumi thanks her, Eternal Feather apologizes for not being able to stop Kim when the incident occurred. She explains how Kim got the moniker "Witch of the Girl's Dormitory" as it was due to her aggressive behavior only being in contrast to her fairly cute appearance. She goes on to say that "Eternal Feather" is not her birth name rather one Kim gave her because of Eternal's pale skin. Kim even goes to the lengths to legally changing her name to it, at least as far as DWMA is concerned. Embarrassing as it is, Kim demanded compensation for the name.

After this explanation, the four see Kim nearby talking to Ox Ford. Eternal Feather tells them about who Ox is and how despite the fact that most boys avoid the Kim she is now, Ox always seems to approach her knowing full well of the consequences. She then offers Tsugumi and the others a chance to earn back some of their money by working part-time as she suggests working as a waitress at Deathbucks Cafee, to which Tsugumi and the others agree to, although it should be noted that Eternal Feather was omitted from this scene in the anime as Tsugumi brings out the job catalog herself.

Later, she visits the café to see how they are doing and is happy that they are working hard and begins to compliment them on how their uniforms suit them, she then orders some apple tea and sits down in the café.

DWMA Traitor Arc

Eternal Feather - -2

"Eternal Selling shirts, wearing glasses to hide the tears"

Eternal Feather has become one of the many vendors in Death City's Death Bazaar, selling shirts because she was tricked into it by Kim Diehl and is subsequently disappointed that no one had come to buy anything to the point of shedding tears; Tsugumi pretends not to notice her. It is here that she meets Shaula Gorgon, posing as a vendor, Eternal Feather asks for a break and goes to Shaula's area seeing what items she has for sell, Eternal Feather puts on a scorpion ring which gives Shaula complete mental control over her as an experiment. She gives Eternal an inaudible command as she walks off seemingly pleased.
Eternal Feather assaults an innocent man

"Eternal Feather assaults an innocent man"

Now under the control of Shaula, Eternal Feather is seemingly no longer able to speak or feel emotions as Shaula orders her to assault a passing man and in the process, it is discovered that Eternal Feather is a Demon Weapon by turning her left arm into a giant Butterfly Knife.

After the assault, Anya Hepburn hears a pleading scream and comes across Eternal Feather, Anya who rightfully so is surprised to see her transformed arm. Anya looks at her cold, emotionless eyes finding them comparable to the Traitor Anya encounter previously. Before Anya has a chance to ask anything, the silent Eternal Feather quickly attacks her, only to be slowed down with Anya's hand bag though Eternal Feather cuts through it easily. Anya is saved by Meme Tatane who pushes her out of the way before the blade can go completely through the bag. These actions soon catch the attention of Maka Albarn who appears out of nowhere and questions if she is a DWMA student then why is Eternal Feather going on a rampage.

Once again saying nothing, Eternal Feather close her blade arm before using both hands to clap it open at high speed trying to cut Maka vertically in two only to be block by Soul who turns his leg into a scythe blade effectively cancelling the attack.

Soul turns into a full Demon Scythe with his meister, Maka and begins to battle Eternal Feather. As they can tell that something is wrong with her, Tsugumi shows up and wishes she could have done something besides spectate; however Shaula looks on in glee at the show before realizing that Eternal Feather can not win but was happy with the rings control over the girl. Shaula then whispers a command.

Ethernal Feather about to commit suicide

"Eternal Feather attempts suicide under Shaula's orders"

Eternal Feather horrifies everyone by slowly placing her blade to her neck as Tsugumi Harudori notices tears falling down her face possibly hinting that she may have known what she was doing but couldn't stop herself. She slices her neck instead of lopping off her head, blood gushing out of the gash. Screams erupt as they watch the girl fall limp and collapse to the ground. Shaula continues to smile as the ring on Eternal Feather disintegrates off of Eternal's index finger.

After slicing her neck while under Shaula's possession, Eternal Feather fell to the street. Maka attempted to stop the bleeding until DWMA members took Eternal Feather to one of DWMA's unlicensed doctors on retainer, Franken Stein at Patchwork Lab. While Stein performed surgery to save Eternal Feather's life, Sid almost immediately began an investigation, as Akane and Clay questioned Death Bazaar attendees such as Maka and Soul to confirm whether they saw Shaula nearby.

At Patchwork Lab, Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme waited until Stein brought them into the hospital ward of his lab. Although pranking the trio initially with lies that he had inserted a screw through Eternal Feather's head and made her head detachable and mobile, he eventually confirmed that Eternal Feather would likely recover.[13] However, he warned the trio that DWMA would be investigating what motivated Eternal Feather's attack, and whether she was a threat like the Traitors.

Eternal Feather spent spring and part of summer recovering at Patchwork Lab, where Stein tended to her injuries. Stein permitted Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme to visit Eternal Feather to deliver flowers as they wished her a safe recovery. Stein, however, was using his medical care as a cover to also examine her entire body and report to Sid anything odd about her injuries that could indicate Shaula's possession. Stein could find no toxins but confirmed that Eternal Feather had a pinprick on her left index finger; whether Stein realized this mark was from Shaula's jewelry is not yet clear, as such jewelry had dissolved upon her attempted suicide. Finding no other evidence, and finding that she was not "disoriented or confused," Stein sent Eternal Feather back to the girls' dormitory.[14]

Eternal Feather returned to the girls' dormitory, where she was welcomed by her classmates—although she horrified Tsugumi and Anya when she revealed Stein had installed a wind-up key. Upon showing that the key was only an attachment as part of her and Stein's prank on the students, Eternal Feather decided to "add this to my repertoire," while Tsugumi and Anya were disturbed. Eternal Feather was also reunited with Meme and Jacqueline, although the latter was too depressed to give a happier welcome upon her partnership breakup with Kim. Due to the summer heat, and because Jacqueline's head had ignited from her own depression, Eternal Feather joined Anya and Jacqueline inside for cold drinks so they could all cool down, eventually followed by Tsugumi and Meme who had attempted to bear the heat outside with wind chimes.[14]


Eternal Feather returned to classes at the Academy, where she acclimated herself to daily life. Eternal Feather continued to mentor Tsugumi. She informed Tsugumi about Death City's "dead" cuisine.[15] She also advised Tsugumi on romantic relationships between boys and girls, until she herself was embarrassed to hear boys claim she was "so easy to get along with," as if she was "not a girl at all." Eternal Feather's attempt at love advice to Tsugumi was interrupted by a classmate (in the manga, Jacqueline is bothered by Kim's behavior; in the anime, Kim tells Eternal Feather that money is more important than boys).[16] Eternal Feather was also surprised when Maka, the person she fought while under Shaula's possession, congratulated her on her new scar, proving she was not an authentic Death Child.[17]

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

Later that summer, Eternal Feather was surprised to find leaning against the girls' dormitory in the backyard a baseball bat, catcher's mitt, and baseball. Seeing Eternal Feather trying to reach for the bat, Tsugumi dashed to stop her, but she was too late: as soon as Eternal Feather put her hand on the bat, from the building's window above Kim, who claimed ownership of the materials and said touching the bat constituted a rental charge of $7. Eternal Feather was shocked.[19]


  • SOUL EATER NOT - 03 - Large 04

    The document showing Eternal's birth name

    Eternal Feather's real name was shown in the anime at episode 3, The Witch of the Girls' Dorm! documented as 'Hoang Thi Mai'. This was the first time her name was ever revealed.
  • Eternal Feather is a Scorpio.[20]


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