Hoàng Thi Mai is a genuinely kind person who emits a very welcoming aura and as a result, accumulates very heathy reationships with other characters. Although there are some she could live without, Hoàng still makes a variety of relationships whether through information or mild confrontation.


Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane, & Anya HepburnEdit

Hoàng Thi Mai acts as a sort of supportive older sister toward Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya being very helpful to the three newcomers including, buying food for them when they're financially struggling albeit this more out of guilt that anything else, and checking on them when they are working at their part-time job. Additionally, She gives the three advice and information regarding Shibusen or other subject matters often become the unofficial fourth member of their group.

Tsugumi HarudoriEdit


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Meme TataneEdit

Anya Hepburn=Edit

Anya respects Eternal Feather as a senior student, even calling her "senpai." But when the opportunity arises, she does not hesitate to be a bit dismissive of her, such as bluntly calling her stage name embarrassing.

Eternal Feather tries to support Anya, advising her on jobs available in Death City to supplement her allowance, and also visits her at Deathbucks to see how her first job is going, noticing how she enjoys the work.[1] Eternal Feather also compliments recognizes Anya's skills, referring to her high-jump as "spectacular," noting it is the highest jump of any new female student.[2]

Kana AltairEdit

Kana Atair - (10)

"Hoàng and Kana together."

Although Kana Altair is just a child, Hoàng Thi Mai respects her many talents as fortune-teller and is polite towards her at all times. Mai may even have a bit of a caretaker role towards Kana, as when the Scorpion Poison lost its power and all infected fell down sleeping, rather than letting her lay on the ground, Mai picked Kana up and held her, smiling warmly at the younger girl.


Despite the dormitory superintendent's psychotic tendencies, Hoàng Thi Mai states that Ms. Misery is a nice person, albeit a little strange. She tolerates Ms. Misery and accepts her "habits" as everyday life.

Kim DiehlEdit

Kim Diehl is in the same year as Hoàng Thi Mai, and is her worst enemy. Hoàng is deathly afraid of Kim to the point of blindly following her will just to avoid her wrath. This is mainly to due to the trauma Hoàng suffered when Kim forcefully changed her name to "Eternal Feather". Hoàng goes as far as to call Kim a demon or rather, "witch of the girls' dorm" because of how she acts. For someone who fears her, Hoàng Thi Mai knows a lot of gossip/ information regarding Kim.

Ox FordEdit

Ox Ford is also in the same year as Hoàng Thi Mai but as an elite EAT student. Eternal Feather seems to look up to and respect him, being an honor student of the DWMA of course. She also seems to know a little of Ox's affection for Kim.

Franken SteinEdit

Following her attempted suicide under Shaula Gorgon's mind-control, Mai was put in the care of Franken Stein, who, despite formally not being a doctor, was the only one known to be skilled enough to treat Mai's injury timely. Afterwards, she remained in his care until she was fully healed. It can be assumed Mai thinks well of him due to this, evidenced by her visible ease in his company[3] and the fact she has adopted some of his macabre sense of humor. Once she was stabilized, Stein created a screw headpiece for her and robot duplicate of her to scare her friends into thinking he'd turned her into an experiment.[4] When she got to leave, he gave her a windup key backpiece so she could scare her friends once more. Mai gladly went along with the joke and enjoyed the reaction she got out of it.[5] By Halloween, she retrieved the screw headpiece and the robot duplicate's mobile head from Stein to incorporate in her costume, showing appreciation for Stein's actions rather than the apprehension most people (initially) feel.[6]


Shaula GorgonEdit

Shaula causes Hoàng Thi Mai to go on a rampage via mind control thanks to one the gorgon's pieces of jewelry. Hoàng Thi Mai lies within a hospital after the spell is broken as a result of Shaula commanding her unknowning subordinate to commit suicide.


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