Maka's mother's postcards are small gifts from Maka's mother to her daughter while the two are separated due to the former travelling the world and the latter having to attend school.[1]


Maka's mother set herself the goal to send Maka a postcard displaying a photograph of an iconic landscape from every destination she incorporated in her journey as a means to keep in touch with her daughter and let her share in the experience. At least fifteen have been sent by her. Receiving a postcard is guaranteed to lift Maka's spirits.[2]

The final postcard Maka's mother sent before her daughter became involved in the battle against Asura was sent from a middle east country and contained the persian word for "courage" ("شجاعت", "šajāʿat") in the lower right corner.[2] Intrigued but unaware of the word's meaning, Maka nonetheless took it with her into battle as a charm. Franken Stein provided the translation later[3] and the postcard's message became a crucial source of inspiration when Maka ended up being the last one able to stop Asura.[4]


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