So let's spread the word together!! We'll go and see Crona again!! And we'll put the Kishin in his place as many times as it takes!! I want everyone to in the world to witness this courage!!! This soul resonance!!!

—Maka to Soul, Chapter 113

Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān) is a two-star meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy and a former member of Spartoi.[17] The daughter of Death's weapon partner, Spirit Albarn, she was inspired to be scythe-meister much like mother after witnessing her father's cheating ways and partnered with the demon scythe, Soul Eater, to create a death's weapon more powerful than her father.[18]

Cultural references

Maka's surname, Albarn, may be an allusion to Damon Albarn, a musician of the British group Blur and co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz, including the singing voice for Gorillaz's lead singer 2D. This is one of many musical allusions that Atsushi Ohkubo includes in the manga.[19]


Maka is bright, cheerful, direct, confident, smart, and hardworking, in stark contrast to her partner Soul Eater, who is very laid-back, more likely to act on impulse, and impatient in comparison.[18] She frequently studies and prefers to stay in her house and read or study, emphasized by her lack of ability to play games such as basketball despite her athleticism, and she is ignorant of its various rules.[20] Maka is also caring and compassionate, willing to easily help a friend when in need with no personal gain in the end and help a newcomer such as Tsugumi Harudori on her first day.[21] She is somewhat of a self-depreciation hero. She achieves many great accomplishments throughout the series, and she always wants to help others and do the right things, thus she is well respected. She is also known to follow the rules of the DWMA and rarely breaks them, even going so far as to not kill Gopher despite his attempt on her life.[22] and scolded Crona on their first meeting, telling them to save their "excuses" for Death himself.[23] Maka also is capable to having great compassion and understanding, enough to not only befriend Crona despite their crimes[24] but even put forth effort in helping them when they were seemingly forgone into Madness.[25]

She is known to be strong-willed and mature, unlike those such as her partner and Black☆Star and tends to look down on such behaviors, often calling them idiots.[26] Out of all the main protagonists, she is seen mostly as the most "normal" of the cast. It's been stated by multiple people like her own father that many of her good qualities come from her mother and even possess a mindset in which once she starts, barely anything stops her.[27] In the anime, it is expressed her best quality is her bravery by Crona.[28]

Despite this, Maka herself possesses flaws and insecurities. She has been noted by her partner to be stubborn and gloomy and is sometimes prone to make decisions without regarding others' feelings if she feels justified enough.[29] She also views the typical male sex negatively, finding them to be nothing more than "pigs" looking only at the sex appeal of females,[30] a notion in which may have manifested thanks to her father's lecherous actions and cheating on her mother. She also can be said to have temper issues, occasionally striking out those who annoy her with her Maka Chop and is not above striking her teachers such as Sid Barrett.[18] She is also not above breaking the rules, such as taking advantage of her father's status to check out a book beyond her rank though did so to try to help Crona, but ended up checking out the Book of Eibon's Manuscript and knew it was not only a bad idea but felt guilty about it so ended up leaving "M" as her signature.[31] Having taken immediate interests in the revelation of possessing a Grigori Soul, Maka was described by Soul as "obsessed" with the "angel stuff" until she found her new-found mindset hindering her ability to fight a fellow possessor of the Grigori, Gopher.[32][33]

One of the her main insecurities seen early on was her fear of her partner, Soul, being the one who "carried" her throughout her battles. So much so she strove at one point to get stronger to the point of ignoring her partner's personal views on the situation and blamed herself for Soul falling to Crona and Ragnarok during their first fight.[34] She also struggled with accepting her partner's celebrity status as a Death Scythe, feeling that he became one because of his own efforts with her contribution being useless. She became jealous of not only Liz sharing the same interest in music and understanding it better with Soul, but also Patty's ability to be an even better fighter than her.[35] This caused her to break down so much, she was almost willing to let Giriko sexually assault her and was initially unwilling to help Soul fight the adversary until she came to her senses. Despite being close to her father as a child,[36] much of their relationship became strained when he cheated on her mother[18] and made her secretly fear rejection from people she cared about, most notably her Demon Weapon partner, Soul.[18]

According to Soul, her hobbies includes reading books and doing puzzles.[29] and in the anime, is secretly fond of the "Pon Pon Dance", a fact in which she is embarrassed about.[citation needed] Her favorite book is The Dark Side of the Moon by the fictional author of Lorda Donsany.[31] She also stated she always wished to go inside a book, having been able to do so when she traveled into the Book of Eibon.[31] In addition, Maka doesn't like raw fish.[37]


Maka is a flat-chested, teenage young woman with light taupe hair which she keeps in pigtails, although there are certain times she may stylize them into buns or wear them straight down. Maka's primary outfit is a typical schoolgirl outfit consisting of a white blouse with a yellow sweater vest, a green striped tie, a red plaid skirt, and black boots with white buckles. When using Soul, she usually wears white gloves. Maka also wears a trench coat with a cloak-like end (which alters its shape in various parts of both the manga and anime). In her initial appearance in the first chapter, her trench coat was so long that, when buttoned up, it seemed that she was not wearing a skirt.[18][38]

When Maka joins Spartoi, her outfit changes, though it still shows similarities to her previous attire. Maka's Spartoi uniform is very similar to that of a Japanese schoolgirl's sailor uniform with the colouring of the classic Spartoi uniform: a white blouse attached with a blue sailor-style collar with a red necktie that has a pink coiled tip and a short, blue, pleated skirt. Alongside this uniform, Maka wears black tights and the classic white Spartoi shoes, but stops wearing tights a few chapters later. Like her previous outfit, Maka wears a long trench coat, though it is white instead of black and has the Spartoi logo on the left shoulder as well as the fact that the cloak end splits in two. Her pigtails are fashioned using skull hairbands similar to Shinigami's mask. She also still wears white gloves.

Maka's soul, when viewed by Stein, has an orange-like colour and has her signature pigtails.[39] Some comments from Ragnarok and Maka herself suggest that Maka's soul is quite small, especially when compared to those of others, such as Black☆Star's (although, like others, her soul grows in size considerably after she grows more powerful). When resonating with Soul, these "ponytails" turn into wings, revealing her soul to be a Grigori Soul, and her Soul Wavelength takes on the form of feathers.

In the last chapter in the Book of Eibon, Maka is transformed into a boy, having switched genders like the other members of Spartoi. Out of all the characters, apart from Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, she changes the least in appearance. She has shorter hair and wears a suit, complete with the usual gloves.



According to Franken Stein, Maka was among some of the best meisters within Death Weapon Meister Academy among the one-star meisters and was handpicked for special operations from DWMA faculty.[40] She was eventually able to ascend to two-star status and was among the only one of her peers to have created a death weapon.[41] Her prowess garnered surprised to three-star meisters and weapons like Alexandre and Zubaidah, promoting Stein to point out that despite being DWMA students, they're "exception to the rule" and considered them "freaks".[42]

Due to her Anti-Demon Wavelength, she was regarded by Medusa as a dangerous element after the elimination of Joe Buttataki due to their similarly skilled power in soul perception.[43] his fact is also supported by her elder sister, Arachne, who also noted her as a threat due to her special weavelengthand soul perception abilities too.[44] Both of these attributes have not only targeted her for lone assassination, but also have value to individuals such as Noah (Greed), who conspired to kill her and use her soul perception abilities to find Asura.[45]

Despite her skill, she expressed that Death the Kid's shinigami power puts him "a whole other class from us".[46] She is also noticeably less powerful than Black☆Star[47] and Kilik Rung (expressed to be one of the top 3 fighters among students in the academy.)[48]

Special Abilities

Chapter 106 - Maka using Spirits weapon form against Cronas Thorn Defense

Maka attacking Crona with a demon scythe.

Meister Techniques (職人の技, Shokunin no Waza): A weapons expert in the usage of a scythe, Maka acts as a extraordinary scythe-meister whose skill allowed her to be recognized as one of the top one-star meisters of Death Weapon Meister Academy[49] and later be promoted to a two-star status.[50] While her initial scythe-handling skill came in most from her own and Soul's partnership rather than simply her own skill, it seems Maka no longer needs to rely on Soul to do much of the spinning and work. During her fight with Crona, she used her father's demon scythe form against the latter, showing great skill as she spin and twirl the scythe even from her legs.[51] Her skill with a scythe also makes her capable of using Tsubaki's Chain Scythe weapon form.[52]

Anti-Demon Wavelength (退魔の波長, Taima no hacho): Maka possess a special wavelength that acts as a bane against dark forces such as magic, demons, and even likely immortals.[53] This wavelength also allows her to utilize enhanced forms of the Witch-Hunt[54], allows her immunity to certain magics like Arachne's magic, direct influence from the black blood, and madness to an extent.[55] She can voluntarily transfer this wavelength to her partner,[56] to others on her own with physical contact,[57] or through Soul's piano.[58]

Grigori (グリゴリ, Gurigori): Maka possess a rare soul type in which allows for flight. To enable this ability, she requires the usage of a Death's Weapon to utilize advanced magical-like powers.[59] By being on the same page with partner during soul resonance, she can manifest wings onto her weapon form.[60]

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): As a Meister, Maka has some skill in controlling her wavelength and can perform specialized techniques.[61]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai Karada Nōryoku): A trained meister, has an excellent level of athletic ability in which surpasses Soul.[62] She was also able to run 100 meters in 8.92 seconds.[63] Her athletic ability was renowned enough to be compared to Patty Thompson when she showed amazing physical ability herself.[64] Maka is a also surprisingly durable individual able to withstand Crona's Screech Alpha,[65] punishment from Free even after the later even slammed her with his Ice Shackle Bullet spell and overpowered her with his own martial arts and physical abilities as was still able to fight.[66] She was also able to take Arachne's hits within her disembodied from[67]

Chapter 4 - Maka engages Crona with a backfist

Maka strikes Crona barehanded.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Maka possess proficient ability in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, often punishing her weapon's antics with jump kicks to him when angered[68] and mix in both kicks and punches during her battles with her chosen weapon on hand.[69] Her skill and usage in with her unarmed skills alone seemingly overwhelms Crona If not for the latter's own black blood.[70]

Danger Sense: Maka has the ability to ominously sense danger in which may be far too much for her to handle. She displayed this ability only once prior to her meeting Crona for the first time, in which eventually led to her first defeat and was nearly killed.[71]

Cooking: Maka possess some proficiency in cooking enough to make at least a decent breakfast for both her and Soul.[72]


Although a immensely skilled Scythe-Meister of her own, Maka herself suffers from a variety of weaknesses. While proficient in her hand-to-hand combat, her skill in such area is not on Black☆Star's level and even incurred an embarrassing moment from the assassin much to her dismay at the time.[73] In addition, it seems that even Patty Thompson surpasses her ability according to Ox Ford and Harvar D. Éclair.[64] In the Envy chapter, it's even revealed that the chapter's projections of her insecurities point out Maka feels she's even weaker then Patty despite the latter being a Demon Weapon and harbors some level of jealousy towards it.[74]

Chapter 74 - Maka's imperfection in Scythe-Handling

Maka's improper skill in Scythe-Handling was poor to the point she couldn't twirl a broom on her own.

Without the assistance of Soul, her capabilities diminish greatly and she's even aware of such a fact and have exaggeratedly stated that without Soul she can't do anything and both of them use each other to get stronger.[75] While in the Sloth Chapter of the Book of Eibon, even she admitted that she's not as strong as either Black☆Star or Death the Kid and as shown in the Sloth chapter, she's aware of this to the point she was affected by the chapter itself and felt she was only a burden to her weapon partner.[76] Needless to say, another addition insecurity was her Scythe-Handling skill, in which were unrefined and couldn't even twirl a mop and was another insecurity and felt that If she didn't practice that Soul would leave her for another Meister partner.[77]

This weakness no longer applies, however, as she seem to have put in practice and showncase the ability to twirl a Scythe weapon while using her father's weapon form against Crona.[78]

Chapter 77 - Maka is overwhelmed by Giriko

Maka is overwhelmed by an opponent who has a lot of "direct power", unlike those like Arachne.

Maka herself also has her own limits and has met her match a variety of times. In her first duel with Crona, she not only lost but witnessed her weapon partner badly injured.[79] She also found that Franken Stein was far out of her league and even saw his soul and became afraid of him to the point she nearly broke down in fear.[80] During the previous year in the Death Festival tournament, it's revealed that she has lost to Black☆Star the year before[81] She also was no match for both Mosquito in his 100 Years Ago and required Soul's Piano to and a Chain Resonance (Along with the entire group)[82] nor Giriko, in which not only nearly had her killed[83] but even revealed that she has a variety of issues facing an opponent who's abilities allows them to have a lot of "direct power".[84] She was also outclassed by Free in his werewolf form, with her citing his physical abilities were incredible even.[85] Even at her max, she was not only no match for the Kishin and was pinned by the god,[86] but even claimed herself that without the aid of Death the Kid and Black☆Star, she wouldn't even land a single blow on the Kishin by herself.[87]

Maka also has been criticized by many of her opponents to lack raw power herself, with both Crona and Ragnarok consider both her and even her weapon partner to be "weak", with Ragnarok going far enough to say she's a "small fry" and looks less tasteless compared to the likes of Black☆Star.[88] Even the assassin himself, when he was angry at Maka, cockily stated that he wouldn't ever "suck that bad" like Maka after flipping her over.[89] Asura himself also held a very low opinion of her, calling her "human scum" and felt the need to make her "learn her manners".[90]


  • Book: Usually, Maka carries a book with her to read even during missions.[91]
Partnered with Soul "Eater" Evans
Soul Eater Chapter 63 - Souls weapon form as a death weapon

Maka partnered with her weapon partner

  • Demon Scythe (魔鎌, Magama): With Soul Eater as her weapon partner, she is able to take advantage of the plethora of capabilities in which result from their Soul Resonance as well as other abilities.[11] After becoming a Death Scythe and combining it with his sound abilities, it is known that the result is that it greatly enhances her already proficient skill, Soul Perception.[92]
  • Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu) (Former): While in resonance to Soul, Maka has access to black blood with Soul Eater.[93] Under it's influence, she has greater strength that makes her capable of tossing Crona into a arch structure, destroying it in the process.[93] She also managed to manhandle Crona, whose strength due to Ragnarok once overpowered herself.[94] Maka was also able to take fatal attacks from the Black Sword transformation with only minor wounds as well as being resistant to stabbing related attacks.[94] This can also increase her healing ability, even surviving being impaled by Asura himself.[95]
  • Black Blood's Madness (黒血の発狂, Kurodji no Hakkyō) (Former): In this state, the Black Blood's Madness gives her a wavelength similar to Crona. With this Madness, the Little Ogre stated that it doesn't let Maka feel fear at all. With this Madness, her fighting style becomes more erratic.[94]
  • Black Blood Armor (黒血の鎧, Kurodji no yoroi) (Former): This ability is one of Maka's major advantages with the Black Blood and Soul Resonance. Formerly, this dress was prematurely created during her fight against Arachne, giving her a boost in defense enough to withstand Arachne's powerful web attacks as well as enable her to easily utilize the Demon-Hunt technique in addition and allowed her to kill Arachne.[96] After Soul pulled the Black Blood in full blast, this created a new and more formidable dress armor, allowing her flight even.[97]
Partnered with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Soul Eater Chapter 11 - Maka holds Tsubakis chain scythe mode

Maka holds Tsubaki's Chain Scythe mode transformation.

  • Tsubaki Mode Change: Chain Scythe (椿のモード変化 [鎖鎌], Tsubaki no Mōdo Henkō "Kusarigrama"): Maka is capable of using one of Tsubaki's transformations, her chain scythe mode in particular. She was proficient enough to have attempted to battle the werewolf Free by tossing it and managed to connect her attack to Free (though it did little damage on account of his immortality.[98]
Partnered with Spirit Albarn via bond
Soul Eater Chapter 106 - Maka uses Spirits Death Scythe form against Crona

Maka using her father's form, the Death Scythe.

  • Demon Scythe (魔鎌, Magama): Due to being Spirit's daughter, she is capable of resonating with the Death Scythe's transformation via a bond, disallowing the poison from Crona's thorn ability to tamper with resonating. With this weapon, she displayed enough proficiency to battle Crona and utilize the great traditional techniques of the scythe-meister capable of breaking Crona's defenses. While in use, she states that her father's form is heavier but possess extra power from the weight.[99]

List of techniques

Standalone techniques
  • Maka Chop (マカチョップ, Maka Choppu): A punishment technique in which those who earn her irritation by hitting the target on the noggin with the spine of the book. Often used on her partner Soul Eater to punish him for his antics.[11] Although she usually performs the technique with her book, she can also perform the technique with her hand in a similar manner to Shinigami Chop.
Soul-Sensing Abilities techniques
Soul Eater Chapter 89 - Maka uses Soul Perception

Maka's Soul Perception at it's max with Soul.

  • Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī kanchi): Maka herself possesses a keen sense of soul perception in which is due to the fact that she possess greater courage then others when fighting fear.[100] Not only can she sense souls herself, but also attributes and estimated capabilities[101] and later even the emotional state of others.[102] Black☆Star onced commented on her Soul Perception abilities being like that of a "walkin' radar".[103] According to Franken Stein, it's also possible for her to gain a boost for her Soul Perception through Soul himself,[104] in which is proven to be true when Maka was capable of searching all around the world and accidentally found the Kishin Asura's hiding place.[105]
Wavelength Control techniques
  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): Maka is capable of sending her Wavelength into her weapon back and forth (while the weapon amplifies it), unleashing more powerful techniques. Namely, she does this with Soul Eater's Demon Scythe form.[106]
  • Teamwise Soul Resonance (チームでの魂の共鳴, Chīmu de no Tamashī no Kyōmei): A special technique taught to her by Franken Stein in which allows Maka to achieve a Soul Resonance with multiple Meister/Demon Weapon individuals. She's capable of resonating with her own team.[107] Much of this resonance is used in conjuction with Soul's Piano, giving her power along with her team enough to overpower the likes of Mosquito for a time[108] and contend better with the Kishin Asura.[109]
Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister with Demon Scythe
  • Witch-Hunt (魔女狩り, Majogari): This form allows her access to various powerful, unique techniques and is capable of killing a plethora of evil beings like that of a Witch or a Demon, counter Magic, damage and potentially finish off Immortal beings like that of Free. In the anime, this technique can be delivered in the manner of a shock wave.[110][111]
Witch-Hunt's modified forms.
  • Number 6 Hunt (6文字狩り, 6-Monjigari): A rotating, slash attack in which is shaped to be that of a number six. When used against the likes of Free, it was powerful enough to pierce his Wolf Tail Wall and cause damage.[112]
  • Letter "U" Hunt (U (ユー) 字狩り, Yūjigari): A crescent slash brought from below where the blade is dragged upward in the shape of a U. It was powerful enough to send Crona away.[113]
Chapter 41 - Maka performs Kamaitachi

Maka performing Scythe Weasel

  • Scythe Weasel (鎌威断ち, Kamaitachi): A powerful technique in which "whips" the Soul Wavelengths drawn into the Scythe Blade from the Witch-Hunt and flings them back to the originator. The downside of this technique is that it's indiscriminate and hard to control, not only being not suited for team use but also cause disorientation upon completion. It was capable of catching the Flying Dutchman off guard as well as slash through the pipes of Nidhogg Factory.[114]
Powered up Witch-Hunt techniques
  • Demon-Hunt (魔人狩り, Majingari): Remarked by Soul Eater to be the "Witch-Hunt beyond the usual Witch-Hunt", this attack is a powered up version of the Witch-Hunt. As the name implies, the attack is assumed to be remarkable enough to kill demons and has been seen able to greatly damage clowns.[115]
Demon-Hunt form techniques
I-Shaped Hunt

Letter "I" Hunt (also Letter "I" Hunt-Slash)

  • Letter "I"-Hunt (文字狩, Ichimonjigari): An attack in which is delivered a powerful blow in a straight line. According to Maka, not only is the blow amazingly powerful but she speculated such an attack may allow her to land a strike against Medusa Gorgon. However, a weakness of this attack includes that it is easy to see coming due to it's linear formation.[116] It was powerful enough to deal a critial blow to the Clown.[117]
Demon Scythe techniques
  • Kishin-Hunt (鬼神狩り, Kishingari): A special attack in which Maka performs a slash and by using the power of the black blood, it allows her to enter the inside of the Kishin and later escape him, thereby "completeing" the attack. She used this attack in an attempt to rescue Crona, whom was abosorbed by Asura.[118]


  • "People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger!"[119]


  • Maka's theme song is 'Psychedelic Souljam.' She also has a character song with Soul: 'Mauve Iro no Sympathy.'
  • In the Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Maka ranked 3rd, but in the Second Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Maka ranked 2nd.[120]
  • The title of Maka's favourite book, The Dark Side of the Moon (月の裏, Tsuki no Ura) by the fictional author Lorda Donsany (ローダ・ドンセイニ, Roda Donseini) is a possible allusion to the 1973 musical album of the same name by the band Pink Floyd. This allusion is not only another one of Atsushi Ohkubo's numerous musical allusions in Soul Eater but also another allusion to Pink Floyd.
  • In Volume 18 of the Soul Eater manga (which contained the Spartoi's adventures through the Book of Eibon), Atsushi Ōkubo created a horse-racing style table of the Soul Eater characters who have had their genders switched, and made a race as to who is the most lustful out of them all in a 'Lust Race.' Maka was given a racehorse name like the other characters, which was Maka Impact, named possibly after the famous Japanese racehorse Deep Impact. Her popularity level was 56, but the odds of her being the most lustful was quite low.
  • Maka's name happens to be an anagram for "kama", in which means "scythe".


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