Marie Mjolnir (マリー・ミョルニル, Marī Myoruniru) was the death's weapon formerly in charge of Oceania. However, since the resurrection of Asura, her duties have since then been reassigned to Azusa. She is currently partnered with Franken Stein and is a teacher at Death Weapon Meister Academy.[5]


Marie is a kind and genuine woman, being gentle and expressing her personality at all times as well as maintaining a kind and compassionate relationship with other people.[9] Despite her initial reluctance to teach, she found herself enjoying not only the students when meeting some of them for the first time[10] but later teaching as well. As a teacher, she has grown to care for students within a short amount of time, even feeling like she overstepped her boundaries as a new teacher when she attempted to prevent members of Kilik's Team from entering the Magnetic Field[11] However, even Marie has a fierce side, disliking any student who disobeys orders (although recognizes good intentions) enough to personally call them up.[12] She is also protective of her students and those she cared about, going so far as to attack Justin Law because of his betrayal of the DWMA, killing Joe Buttataki, and targeting her student, Maka Albarn.[13] Of her own admittance, Marie's goal in life was to become a Death Scythe, get married, and retire straight away after for a peaceful life.[14] Despite these claims, however, Marie herself not only actually enjoys to working but, according to both Azusa and Stein, is even obsessed with it.[15]

Marie does come with her own flaws. With most of her previous relationships, she's admitted to going to great lengths to keep her former boyfriends happy but finds them running out on her. Azusa claimed that this resulted because of her putting to much pressure, coming off as clingy.[14] Her desperation for marriage has even led her to want to marry someone (or something like that of a toilet) right away, in which required Azusa to talk her out of.[16] She can also be petty and has a hard time moving on after breakups, willing to make herself pretty upon learning of her ex-boyfriend Joe's arrival in an attempt to make him feel bad for dumping her.[17]

She holds a horrible sense of direction and has often gets lost in the Academy, even though she's been acquainted with its layout for years (even newcomers like that of Crona and Ragnarok possessed a better sense of direction compared to Marie).[18] When confronted with facts in which she doesn't agree with, she tends to react emotionally and strike others with a simple punch, unaware of how hard her strikes tend to be.[19] Strangely enough, her position within the Eight Mysteries of DWMA reveal that for an odd reason, she is known within the academy to destroy toilets during late nights for reasons unknown.[2]



Marie Mjolnir without an eye patch

Marie without her eyepatch.

In her physical appearance, Marie is a young woman who possesses large, yellow eyes, and long yellow hair.

Zig-zags are prominent in Marie's appearance. She wears her hair loosely with no bangs, and it forms a zig-zag part on her head. Marie wears a black dress with a large, golden, zig-zag pattern in the front from the waist down. Parts of the dress are made of a different fabric. These parts are located on the long sleeves of the dress from the elbows down, and a part below the chest that resembles a girdle-like shape. She wears a pair of white, high-heel shoes that also appear to have a zig-zag pattern on them.

Finally, Marie's most iconic piece of clothing is her large, left eyepatch, which is decorated with a thunderbolt insignia that also appears in her Weapon form.

While hunting Justin, her clothing changed to feature a black sleeveless jacket over a shirt, shorts with patterning similar to her original dress and sandals. These clothes bear a noticeable resemblance to those worn by Joe Buttataki.


Manga and Anime

As a Death Scythe and among of the DWMA Elite, she is one of the most powerful Demon Weapons in the entire world. In addition to this, she is greatly renown for her physical prowess in the anime, where her physical prowess has been capitalized enough for her to earn the epithet "The Pulverizer", in which is owed due to her partial hammer transformation.[1]

Special Abilities

Death Scythe (死神様の武器, Shinigami-sama no Buki; FUNimation "Death Scythe"): Having consumed 99 evil human souls (kishin eggs in the anime) and one witch soul, Marie has attained the status of a death scythe.[5]

  • Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): In both her weapon and human form, Marie possess some skills in controlling her own wavelength and her meister's own.[20] As a death scythe, her level of control is considered to be advanced.[21]
  • Shapeshifting (形体変化(けい たいへん), Kei Taihen): At will, Marie is capable of changing her weapon form.[20]
  • Marie's Mjolnir form as a hammer.
  • Marie's Mjolnir form as a tonfa.
  • Marie transforms into her (tonfa) weapon form.
  • Marie's Mjolnir (tonfa) form in the anime.
  • Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a demon weapon and death scythe, Marie has the power to transform between her human form and into a powerful weapon.[5]
  • Demon Hammer Mjolnir (魔鎚•ミョルニル, Mattsui Myoruniru): Perhaps Marie's most acclaimed power is her Demon Weapon transformation into Mjolnir, in which she can take the form of either a hammer or that of a tonfa.[20][22] Marie in her weapon form has the ability to drive a wavelength into a opponent. This was powerful enough to cause Justin Law massive internal damage, despite him being merged with The Clown via Madness Fusion.

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Marie is extremely strong and renown for her raw, physical strength, witnessed when her own strength allows her to send Justin flying as well as uppercut Spirit Albarn high into the air unassisted with her weapon capabilities[23] and pulverizes a toilet with her strength.[5] In the anime, Marie Mjolnir can jump at incredibly heights, possess great speed and agility.[24]

Episode 45 - Marie curing Stein with Healing Wavelength animated

Marie curing Stein (within his Soul dimension) with her Healing Wavelength.

Healing Wavelength (ヒーリング波長, Hīringu hachō): Marie's Soul Wavelength has a calming effect on individuals who're able to achieve soul resonance with the said weapon,[25] which contrasts to the Anti-Demon Wavelength's ability to repel Madness. This allows the weapon the ability to keep the Madness within an individual at bay.[26] She can transfer her Healing Wavelength into her hand use it offensively against the likes of individuals who're infected with Madness or within her "mallets" in her partial transformation.[27]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Marie is a capable combatant on her own, having enough skill without using weapon transformations to push over Azusa[28] and Spirit.[29] on two separate occasions. In the anime, she employed her unarmed skills while fighting Stein alongside Crona as and Maka.[30]

Marie punches Justin

Marie punches Justin Law.

Art of Self Defense (護身術, goshin jutsu):Employing her weapon transformation powers, she can battle by turning her hand into the hilt of her weapon form , evident when she managed to send Justin Law a distance with a punch when the latter underestimated her capabilities.[31] In the anime, Marie has showcase enough skill go against both Medusa Gorgon and Franken Stein in battle and held her own. In addition, she can fully transform her hands and utilize them similar to mallets[24][32].

List of techniques

Standalone techniques
Soul Eater Chapter 70 - Marie perofrms Metsu Shoryuken on Spirit

Metsu Shoryuken.

  • Metsu Shoryuken (滅・昇龍拳, Metsu Shouryuuken): Marie delivers a powerful punch to her opponent in the midsection with incredible strength, lifting them off their feet and follows up with a Shoryuken, a jumping uppercut in which the user spins upwards with some horizontal movement as well, knocking the opponent to the ground and inflicting damage.
  • Internal Electricity (体内発電, Tainai Hatsuden): A special technique used by Marie, it allows her to generate a powerful, electrical current at a precise point within her own body, which incinerates any foreign body that is currently residing inside of them.[33]
Mjolnir techniques
  • Lightning Rope (雷綱, Izuna): A hyper-nerve induction technique that gives a massive boost to her meister's physical capabilities by sending electric pulses through the meister's motor system. However, it comes with the cost of putting too much strain on the Meister's body.[20]
Wavelength Control techniques
Episode 45 - Maka chain resonates with Marie Soul Crona and Ragnarok

Marie performs a Teamwise Soul Resonance.

  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): While in her weapon form, Marie can resonate with her given Meister and amplify their wavelength to perform powerful techniques.[20]
  • Teamwise Soul Resonance (チームでの魂の共鳴, Chīmu de no Tamashī no Kyōmei): Marie's control over her own Wavelength is great enough to establish a resonance with multiple people, having done so Maka Albarn, Crona, Ragnarok and Soul Eater with it being facilitated by the latter via Soul's Piano.[32] (Anime Only)



Death Fest arc

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration arc

Trial Enrollment arc

Reunion Express arc

"BREW" - The Tempest arc

Internal Investigation arc

After the death of B.J., she left the DWMA with Stein in order to find Joe's murderer and also because his last request was for her to keep an eye on Stein.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc

Grigori arc

Stein and Marie

Stein and Marie hunting Justin.

Marie only reappears after discovering the truth behind Joe's death, revealing that it was in fact Justin Law, a fellow Death Scythe, who had committed the murder. It is then explained that her and Stein's long absence was due largely to the difficulty in discovering Justin's location. She firstly questions him about his reason for killing B.J., only receiving simply the reply that his "Soul Perception ability was too dangerous...the Kishin-sama was unable to rest easily". After hearing this and deducing that his next target was Maka, she charges towards him and hits him in the chest. It appears her attack has little effect but after extending part of her weapon from her fist, Justin is sent flying yet he still manages to recover in mid-air to land safely. Observing this ineffective result, Marie assumes her weapon form and both her and Stein go on the offensive. The resulting speed, caused by Marie's abilities, easily overwhelms Justin and forces him to retreat using an artifact. This leaves Marie and Stein in the desert outskirts of Death City, with nothing but the coffin Justin left behind.

Business Lunch arc

Salvage arc

After her group's infiltration of Noah's hideout, she, along with others, are quickly and violently beaten down by a combination of Noah's abilities in controlling the Book of Eibon and the power provided to him by Brew. Downed Justin Law casually walks over to her preaching some type of insane babble that could be a type of madness pray. Asking him to stop this Madness and how much can sin he can possibly live with she is quickly silenced by Justin as he strikes her face with his bladed arm. Her condition is unknown but she was seen to be alive after Spartoi escape from the book. However, after Stein and the others break free from Noah’s creatures, she seems to be unconscious as Stein holds her, possibly monitoring her condition.

Hunt arc

After the assault against Noah's group and the damage done to her by Justin Law's vicious attack, Marie made a full recovery from the battle. However, she also arrives to inform Maka and Black☆Star that, due to Crona attacking the Eastern European Branch of the the DWMA, killing the branches Death Scythe - the Demon Cannon Ball Tsar Prushka and his partner - along with destroying a city in the Ukraine, Crona has been added to Shinigami's target list and Spartoi have been issued orders to find and execute them.

War on the Moon arc

Dark Side of the Moon arc

Soul Eater Chapter 111 - Marie attacks Asura

Marie bashes Asura

Although Free inadvertently removes Marie and her peers to the Earth, missing their return to the Moon by a significant distance, Eruka Frog is able to use her Calculation Magic to locate Asura's position in the sky to put into Stein's mind. Stein then is able to aim and throw Marie in Lightning Rope form to within striking distance of Asura. While Stein's throw fails to connect, Marie retains enough autonomy to circle back around Asura three more times to hit him directly. However, Asura knocks Marie back into the atmosphere, and it is the combined work of Sid Barett and Akane☆Hoshi, wielding Spirit Albarn and Clay Sizemore respectively, to keep her from flying away.[34]

With her peers on the Moon's surface, Marie watches her students fight Asura. Thanks to the work of Maka and, from within Asura, Crona, Asura's Black Blood is expelled to form a barrier around the Moon to protect his exit. As Marie is still on the Moon with her peers, there is no time for Maka and her classmates to rescue Marie in time. With no hope of escape, Marie holds onto her fellow teachers and soldiers, waiting for the Black Blood to engulf her.[35]

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Marie is pregnant

Marie confirms her pregnancy

However, thanks to the arrival of Maba and the Witch Judge, Marie is teleported off the Moon and back to the Death Weapon Meister Academy. She is shortly reunited with Maka and her students, with Maka running up to her (and past her own father) for a hug. While Marie comments how bruised Maka is from this battle against Asura, Maka (after noticing Marie's breasts due to Crona's Madness from the Moon) can sense a second soul wavelength from Marie's body, confirming her pregnancy.[36]

At the coronation celebrating Kid's ascension as the new Shinigami, Marie and Stein receive thanks from Kid for her work as his teacher and in hope that she will continue to be his mentor. Marie says she is confident students like Kid and Black☆Star are sufficiently powerful to face all future threats, which will be necessary for the next generation. At that moment, Kid senses Marie's pregnancy. Stein then explains that he learned Marie was pregnant with their child before Death sent them to the Moon. While Stein opposed her presence on the mission due to her pregnancy, he could not convince her otherwise. Stein has to give up cigarettes during this pregnancy, but he is pleased to have a new "guinea pig," prompting Marie's annoyance.


  • Marie's name and abilities allude to frequently to Norse mythology. Her last name, "Mjolnir," alludes to Thor's hammer from Norse mythology. The hammer was one of the most powerful weapons in the world, capable of crushing almost anything.[37] Her Triquetra Attack alludes to the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin, Thor's father.


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