"I was raised with more care then anyone else.....because I'm a worthless piece of trash...DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!! DONT PITY ME!! You held back your own feelings and were careful not to hurt mine. I can't stand that! This is the only path I had...Tsubaki....I will kill you.....become a kishin......and then....master the martial way!"

— Masamune to Tsubaki (Yen Press Translation)[1]

Masamune Nakatsukasa (中務正宗, Nakatsukasa Masamune) was a member of the Nakatsukasa Clan, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's elder brother, and a candidate for becoming a Kishin.[2]


Initially, Masamune was a well mannered and caring individual and older brother who desired for Tsubaki, his younger sister, to express her actual feelings due to the fact he felt inferior and also felt that she held pity for him due to the fact he did not inherit the Multi-Form Ability and only went along with what he wanted in an attempt to make him feel great.[3] As he got older, such feelings "forced" him to take the "Path of the Uncanny Sword" in an attempt to become a Kishin and become superior to Tsubaki, whom he grew to have an inferiority complex over as well as having a deep-seated jealousy of her "power".[1]

He later grew the desired to become a Kishin and to "Master the Martial Way" in an attempt to becoming superior,[1] a notion in which caused him to kill various human beings by exploiting their fears and allow them to wield him in his Uncanny Sword transformation, later devouring their souls.[4] He also became a follower of the "survival of the fittest" philosophy, justifying his need to eat souls.[4] Growing a darker personality, he would even for the most part have no sympathy or guilt in attack and even attempted to kill his sister.[1] He also constantly berated her about her name, in which means "Camellia Blossom" and claimed that it was a petty flower with "no fragrance" that "quietly blooms without any point, and the way the petals falls off is miserable and hideous."[1]

However, after Tsubaki showcased her feelings and pushed aside her care to take him down, Masamune realized that Tsubaki did indeed have a "wonderful fragrance" and accepted his sister prior to death, which was evident when he allowed Tsubaki to gain his transformation.[1]

Oddly enough, Masamune seems to enjoy writing poetry, specifically haikus.[4]


In his first appearance, Masamune's outfit consisted of a long, ankle-length, white cloak and a large straw hat, similar in appearance to a Sandogasa. Unlike most Evil Humans, Masamune is mostly human in appearance minus the sickly, chalky skin tone that resembles that of other Evil Humans. In the world of his weapon form, his eyes become red with black pupils and sclera, and he develops long scratches and strikes all along his skin, giving it an manga-stylized appearance, even in the anime.

Masamune has a rather unhappy-looking soul that is shown to be a magenta colour in the anime. It bears a long ponytail that acts as a method of latching onto and possessing a soul.


Masamune was considered a dangerous opponent by Franken Stein, even doubting If Tsubaki had the ability to face him and was willing to actively disobey Death to fight him in place of her.[5] According to Death, he was on his way to becoming a Kishin himself.[6]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin buki): As a Demon Weapon, Masamune can assume the form of a weapon. Particularly, a special katana.[2]

Ryōku - (25)

Masamune using Soul Possession on Ryoku while transformed.

  • Uncanny Sword (妖刀, Yōtō): As a member of the Nakatsukasa Clan, Masamune inherited the weapon transformation of the Uncanny Sword, a powerful katana in its own right which houses various powers. According to Tsubaki, the blade was once beautiful but now is drab due to Masamune's activities.[7] Among it's abilities includes the ability to manipulate Shadows and Soul Possession. According to Franken Stein and Tsubaki, the Uncanny Sword exploits the fear within someone's heart to possess the body and soul of it's victims. After an amount of time, the victim's souls are eaten.[2][2]
  • Puppet Shadow (傀儡影, Kugutsu Kage): Masamune controls the shadow of the person he has possessed for pincer attacks. The puppet can only say "shadow".
  • Puppet Thrust (傀儡突き, Kugutsuzuki): By folding the Shadow Puppet around the blade, Masamune can increase the range of a lunge thrust.
  • Split Branches (枝分かれ, Edawakare): After the Puppet Strike, large spikes come out from the shadow's body to skewer the enemy at close range.
  • Puppet's Rain (傀儡雨, Kugutsudare): By using multiple Shadow Puppets to restrain his enemy, Masamune stabs his enemy.
Masamune Nakatsukasa - (17)

Masamune showcasing his skill with a sword.

Swordsmanship: Masamune is incredibly skilled with a sword even when possessing his targets, being skilled enough to hold his own with Black☆Star using the Demon Shadow Weapon in the Ninja Sword mode when in Ryoku's body.[2] When facing his sister within the Uncanny Sword's world, he was the far more competent and superior opponent, easily blocking and countered her attacks and stated had they been in the real world, such attacks would have killed her.[3]

Strength: Masamune possessed enough strength capable of lifting Tsubkaki with only one arm.[3]

Enhanced Reflexes: Masmaune was capable of dodging attacks from the likes of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and Black☆Star.[2][3]


According to Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, even the Uncanny Sword is unable to control two Soul Wavelengths at the same time. Attacks such as Soul Menace, in which shoots the Wavelength, is highly efficient and will repel and detach the Soul Possession away from the victim.[2]


Episode 11 - Masamune and Tsubaki as kids

Masamune trying to bond with Tsubaki by offering to play a game.

Born as the first son to Sanjuro Nakatsukasa and his wife, Masamune would find that the his younger sister Tsubaki, for unknown reasons, inherited the Nakatsukasa Clan's Multi-Form Ability while he inherited the Uncanny Sword transformation, a fact which caused him to form immense jealousy for his younger sister.[8] Despite this, he attempted to bond with Tsubaki throughout their childhood, finding that Tsubaki would follow his lead no matter her personal feelings. He took much of these acts as pity.[9]

Chapter 49 - Tsubaki and Masamune flashback

Masamune declares he wishes to master the Path of the Warrior.

At one point as both the siblings played ball, Masamune felt that although she said she wanted to play ball just like he did, he questioned if she really wanted to do so.[10] One day, he would even reveal his intentions on mastering the martial way to Tsubaki personally.[11] Mistaking her considerate nature for pity on his end for not inheriting the Multi-Form Ability, his envious nature remained even in his later years and soon influenced him to take the Path of the Uncanny Sword and work to evolve into a Kishin.[12]

Due to his hunt on Human souls, he soon found himself on the Shinigami's List. His activites has caused him to be recognized as a Kishin candidate and even had changed the Uncanny Sword form, having darken the blade compared to it's former look.[2]


Uncanny Sword arcEdit

Masamune Nakatsukasa - (50)

Masamune preys on Ryoku with intention to possess him.

Arriving at Needle Village, Masamune enters the town while making a haiku about the need to eat to become a Kishin but as he finishes writing his haiku, he finds the rain drenching the paper. He then later comes upon Ryoku and, sensing the fear within him, offers him power. He would then use his powers as the Uncanny Sword to take control of the boy.[13]

Masamune then encounters Tsubaki and Black☆Star moments after taking control of his body after the duo heard Ryoku's scream and engages both of them into battle, with Tsubaki the assassin Meister on how to deal with him as well as noting the changes in him. However, despite this, he proves to be a formidable opponent for Black☆Star as he unveils his Shadow powers. However, finding his attacks missing, he would grow impatient and would then fall into their Trap☆Star technique, with Tsubaki noting his impatience getting the better of him. He is then it with Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave, resulting in him being seperated from Ryoku and Tsubaki taking hold of the Uncanny Sword herself, much to his amusement.[14]

Masamune Nakatsukasa - (5)

Masamune takes the advantage during their fight within the Uncanny Sword's world.

Meeting her inside the Uncanny Sword, he corrects Tsubaki and states his true intentions: eating her soul. He claims the idea of brothers and sisters fighting to claim one another's soul gives him the chills.[15] Both of them then engage in battle, with Masamune taking the advantage and using it to spit insults at Tsubaki about the meaning of her name and the relation between her and flower itself. However, when met with eyes of sympathy, he claims he had no choice but to walk the Path of the Uncanny Sword.[16] He also questions her usage of only a Chain Scythe, concluding that she is going easy on him based on pity before expressing how the Multi-Form Ability was passed to her and resulted in him, "a worthless piece of trash", being raised with "more care" before telling her he was going to kill her and master the Martial Way.[17]

Masamune Nakatsukasa - (46)

Masamune coming to terms with Tsubaki moments before dying.

Masamune goes for the killing blow but is surprised to find Tsubaki reinvigorated with spirit and intentions to stop him as well as no longer putting up with his insults and with him comparing her to an actual camellia blossom. She stabs him in the back with a ninja sword.[18] Dealt a fatal blow, he smiles as Tsubaki finally expressed true feelings to him, coming to terms with the fact that the "fragrance" of a tsubaki flower (camellia blossom) is a wonderful fragrance before fading away.[19] His soul is then absorbed by Tsubaki, who also gains her brother's power as a result.[20]



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