Master (マスター, Masutā) is the owner and cook of Death Backs Café in Death City.[1]


Although slightly frightening in appearance, the Master is a kindly gentleman who is fair and polite to all of his customers and his staff also, even if they are young DWMA students working there only for part-time. Nevertheless, he is always calm and serious, hard-working and always poker-faced to everyone in all situations. He rarely ever smiles in front of people, but deep down, can be shown to have a sensitive side. He is very patient and supportive of any new part-timers that come to work at the cafe, even going so far as to thanking them working even after they had only worked there for a week. He seems to have a soft spot for the students who work part-time, similar to how Mifune shows a kind side towards children.

He is a talented coffee blender and his coffee is well-known for its good taste, making his cafe very popular in Death City. However, the Master explains that many people come to his cafe to see the DWMA students that are often working in there, showing that he is quite modest. Being mature in his age, he is not affected by sights of cute girls, like with Tsugumi and Meme when they see Anya in her waitress uniform, although he admits that he would have been the same as them if he were twenty years younger.


TMaster is a tall, strongly-built man. He cuts a rather intimidating figure, with stern-looking eyes, short dark hair that is combed back into a spiky mohawk style and light stubble around his chin. He is dressed in the standard male uniform for the staff of his cafe: a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows beneath a black waistcoat with three pens tucked into the left pocket, a black tie, black trousers held with a belt and black shoes. He later get his hair style by Liz who then makes fun of him.

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Introduction arcEdit

fter Anya, Meme and Tsugumi run out of their money, they, upon Eternal Feather's recommendation, go to work part-time at Deathbucks Cafe. The Master greets them on their first day, and to the girls' surprise, Akane and Clay are there working there as well. The Master tells them to get changed into their uniforms. After remarking on how the uniforms suit Akane and Clay, he observes the girls, and sees Tsugumi and Meme get overwhelmed by Anya's cuteness in the uniform. As the two ask for a glass of water, the Master admits that he would have reacted in the same way if he was twenty years younger.

He then explains their job as waiters and waitresses in the cafe, and sends the students to work. The first customer the Master greets is none other than Medusa, who is still disguised as a nurse. After a while, when the customers lessen, he pours the students some tea and coffee and tells them to take a break. Whilst cleaning the glasses, he is approached by Tsugumi. Puzzled as break time has not ended, the Master listens to Tsugumi as she says that the real reason people come to his cafe is not to see the DWMA students, but to drink his coffee. She then runs off in embarrassment, but the Master smiles as he continues with his work. He is then met by Ox Ford, who had come to deliver coffee beans to his cafe by working in the Death Delivery Service. The Master thanks him.

After a week, the Master gives everyone their wages and thanks them for all their hard work.

Traitors arcEdit

The next time we see the Master, the Thompson Sisters are working in the Cafe, and driving away customers because of their rude attitude and their poor service. Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya ask about them, and he tells the girls the story of the Thompson sisters and why they have such a bad demeanor.

Liz and Patty continue to drive customers away from the cafe, but the Master continues to be expressionless towards it. After Death The Kid shows up to lecture them on their behavior, The sisters take a break and express how nobody understands them. The Master then tells them that they have to persist, and that nothing is impossible. That is when Tsugumi shows up, and tells Liz and Pattythat she is envious of their strength and that they are beautiful. Master then proceeds to tell Tsugumi that she doesn't have to be as courteous as she is in this city of delinquents, everybody is seeking "Soul", even saying that he himself isn't the courteous type.

The next time we see the Master, the cafe is over crowded, and a group of especially rowdy teenage boys are harassing Liz. The Master then glares over at them, expressing that if they touch any of his employees, they will pay dearly. This scares the group into leaving. The crowd intensifies, so Tsugumi, Anya, Meme, Jacqueline and Kim decide to help out. The Master tells them that the crowd is likely going to die down quickly, but they decide to help out anyway, but the crowd dies down before they can even get into their uniforms, just like the Master had warned.

Jot! arcEdit

Death Fest arcEdit

Tsugumi and two meisters visit Deathbucks before Halloween to ask Master whether they may hang a poster for the Academy's upcoming Battle Festival. They are greeted by the Thompsons before Master arrives on his vehicle—a tiny moped, which given Master's large size Anya finds an adorable sight, to Master's embarrassment. As Patty then scares Tsugumi with her ghost costume, Master admonishes her and corrects her that the goal is trick or treat, not trick and treat, so she will not be allowed to steal any candy.

After Shaula seized Meme and killed Sid Barett, Anya was in transit out of Death City to protect her, per an agreement between her royal parents and the Academy. But Tsugumi refused to give up on her friends, intending to reunite with Anya so they may rescue Meme. Tsugumi goes to Deathbucks to gain the assistance of the Thompsons, who then request Master's moped. Master cautions Liz to be careful with his vehicle, then is crestfallen as he sees her peel away, firing her demon pistol into the air.

After the Thompsons assisted Tsugumi to recover Anya and fight Shaula's traitors, they became Kid's weapons full time. At some point, they left Master's employment at Deathbucks. Whether they remained in contact with Master after this probation work is not yet clear.


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