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Master's moped is the personal vehicle of Master. It is somewhat small for someone of his size and a lot less intimdating than the man himself is. The moped is one of the few things Master can lose his composure through.[1]


While an odd choice of transport for someone like him, Master is attached to his moped. When he arrived at work on it one day, Anya Hepburn called it a "cute little" moped, leaving him flustered.[1] Some time later, it is with a heavy heart he lends Liz, Patty (in weapon form) and Tsugumi his moped so they can intercept Anya before she's put on a plane home. Master urges the girls to be careful with his property, but has to watch powerlessly and hope for the best when they speed away roughly.

Anya is reached in time, and Liz hands over the moped to Anya, who has never driven a moped before, so she and Tsugumi can get back to the city to save Meme Tatane.[2] In the anime, Anya's and Tsugumi's lack of driving skills prevents them from using the moped to get back, as it's too small to fit three people. Instead, they get back by flying while the Thompson Sisters drive the moped to the Girls' Dormitory on Tsugumi's request to help against the attacking Traitors.[3]


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