Medusa's Magic (メデューサの魔法, Medeyūsa no Mahō)[2] is a Magic which involves the manipulation of "vectors" in which are referred to as "snakes".[3]


This Magic allows the user to control the number of "snakes" within the person. These "snakes" themselves commonly take on the characteristics and physics of angular, elastic arrows, being able to bend, ricochet, and pierce targets, while also taking on properties of sharp blades when slashing and cutting.[3][4]

Among the snakes lies in other esoteric capabilities. While implanted into an individual, the user is capable of telepathic-like communication with the individual through the snakes.[5]


This magic, much like Spatial Magic, has a weakness against those with exceptional Madness Wavelength and Madness and such factors can render the magic useless. According to Justin Law, Madness itself is "evolving" and this magic is considered from an "obsolete age".[6] If the user dies, all the snakes within others will also cease.



  • Despite being called vectors and resembling real-life vectors, Medusa has made a habit of calling her vectors "snakes".


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