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Meisters (職人(しよくにん), Shokunin), also known as weapon meisters (武器職人, buki shokunin) are warriors who fight and battle using the weapon forms of demon weapons, people who are able to transform into traditional weapons.[1]


Meisters are individuals with exceptional wavelengths who are paired up with Weapons should both the Meister and Weapon have a compatible wavelength.[2] This is based on the personalities of the potential Meister and Weapon. Should they be compatible, the individual would be able to utilize their chosen partner with ease. However, if one's wavelength isn't compatible, dangerous effects from the rejection can result in injury and possibly death in extreme cases.[3]

Meisters can vary in race, even to animals such as the likes of Apes.[4] Only Demon Weapons, most likely due to their role already as a weapon, cannot undertake the capability of becoming Meisters. The only exceptions are those who wield their family members' weapon forms due to a a special bond[5] and the usage of Excalibur.

It seems to be a prerequisite that a Meister be physically fit. In fact, nearly all Meisters revealed appear to be physically fit. The need to be fit is given credence when Nygus noted that it's a shame that Patty is a Weapon after witnessing her take down numerous opponents without a loss in form.[6] This is further evidenced by the fact that many of the Meisters seem to be able to run the 100m dash in under 9 seconds, with Black☆Star coming in at under 6 seconds.[7] The real world world-record for the 100m dash is 9.58 seconds.

Types of Meisters[]

  • Utility Meister (万能職人, Bannō Shokunin): A meister that is capable of hooking their wavelength up with different weapons and synchronize them simultaneously in battle. Kilik Rung is the only expressed utility meister.[8]
  • Genius Meister (天才職人, Tensai Shokunin): According to Spirit Albarn, meister who're labelled this are able to easily master any weapon to an extent.[9]
  • Scythe-Meister (鎌職人, Kama Shokunin): Scythe-meisters are meisters who employ the usage of demon scythes.[10]
  • Pot Meister (壺職人, Tsubo Shokunin): A meister whose skill is in the usage of a Demon Weapon that transforms into a "pot"; gauntlet-like gloves.[11]
  • Shadow Weapon Meister (暗器職人, Anki Shokunin; FUNimation "Assassin Meister"): Meisters skilled in using weapons for assassination.[12]
  • Knife Meister (ナイフ職人, Naifu Shokunin): A meister whom is skilled with the employment and use usage of a knife as a Demon Weapon.[13] [[
  • Gun-Type Meister (銃型職人, Jū-gata Shokunin): As the name implies, Gun-Type Meisters are Meisters who wield and skilled in the usage of gun-type demon weapons.[14]
  • Great Sword Meister (大剣職人, Daiken Shokunin): A meister skilled in the usage of a demon weapon in which can transform into a great sword.[15]
  • Lamp Meister (ランプ職人, Ranpu Shokunin): Meister who are skilled in employing weapons classified as lamps.[16]
  • Demon Sword Master (魔剣士, Makenshi): Demon sword masters are meister who are skilled in the employment and usage of sword-type weaponry.[17]

Special Abilities[]

Although meisters vary in skill and power, many (though not all) share a common set of abilities and techniques such as:

  • Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī Kanchi): A technique that grants a meister the ability to perceive souls of others. This technique was originally developed among Humans as a method of tracking down evil witches though was later countered by a special spell created among the witches.[18]
  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): A technique that allows for the execution of special attacks from a Demon Weapon when the Meister's Soul Wavelength is sent into their Weapon, which then amplifies it and sends it back to the Meister. This process is done repeatedly. In turn, performing this generates a strong Wavelength which enables a powerful attack to be performed.[19]
  • Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): All meisters possess this ability of controlling their own wavelength to some degree, allowing them to be able to hold a demon weapon compatible to them.[20]

Advanced Techniques[]

There's known advanced techniques utilized by only extremely skilled meisters:

  • Soul Menace (魂威, Kon'i): A wavelength control technique that allows a meister to act on the offensive with his own wavelength without a demon weapon, the resulting attack appearing similar to that of electricity and performing internal damage.[21]
  • Adjust (相殺, Sōsai): An advanced technique of wavelength control that allows a meisterto adjust to another's Wavelength. This allows them to potentially cancel out techniques originating from wavelength control(such as Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave).[22] However, this requires a meister to be stronger than that of the target.[23]
  • Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister (鎌職人伝統の大技, Kamashokunin dentō no ōwaza): Special technique exist among scythe meisters that allows for soul resonance. Witch-Hunt Slash is the only known example of these special techniques.[24]

Rare Techniques[]

Some techniques utilized by meisters can only be used by certain, special individuals:

Fighting Styles[]

Certain fighting styles exist for the usage of a Meister such as:

  • Art of Assassination (暗殺術, Ansatsu Jutsu): A fighting style use by assassin-related Meisters. Users of the Art of Assassination follow a specifc set of principles and apply them in battle.[27]

Instantaneous Maximum Firepower

  • Instantaneous Maximum Firepower (瞬間最大火力, Shunkan Saidai Karyoku): A devastating fighting style in which involves a Meister to attack with the max firepower of their capability in an "instant" as the name implies. So far, this practice is only seen used by a pot meisters.[8]
  • Stein's Fighting Style (シュタインの格闘スタイル, Shutain no Kakutō Sutairu): A simplistic scythe meister style in which a meister uses a weapon to defend from attacks and attacks exclusively with soul menace with their free-hand.[28]

List of meisters[]

Name Main Type Status
Akane☆Hoshi Great Sword Meister Active
Alexandre Unknown Active
Anastasia Yngling Spear Meister Active
Ao Hoshino Scythe Meister Active
Black☆Star Shadow Weapon Meister Active
Elizabeth Thompson Gun-Type Meister Active
Enrique Unknown Active
Feodor Unknown Deceased
Hao Demon Sword Master Active
Heming Unknown Active
Joe Buttataki Unknown Deceased
Kana Altair Unknown Active
Kilik Rung Pot Meister Active
Kim Diehl Lamp Meister Active
Maka Albarn Scythe Meister Active
Ox Ford Spear Meister Active
Ryoku Shadow Weapon Meister Active
Sid Barrett Knife Meister Active
Tom Demon Sword Master Active
Zubaidah Lamp Meister Active

Well known meisters[]

Name Epithet Main Type Status
Arthur King Arthur Demon Sword Master Deceased
Asura The Kishin Unknown Inactive
Crona Demon Sword Demon Sword Master Active
Death The Grim Reaper Scythe Meister Deceased
Death the Kid The Grim Repaer Gun-Type Meister Active
Franken Stein DWMA's Strongest Graduate Genius Meister Active
Hero Worst Meister Ever Demon Sword Master Active


  • Hero is considered the worst meister ever.[29]


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