"I might not be the same me that you guys know....but I won't forget the real me again!! The hard times, the fun times...the memories of my two favorite people...I won't forget the important things ever again!!"

— Meme Tatane in "Death Fest (Part 3)" (Yen Press)

Meme Tatane (多々音めめ, Tatane Meme) is a first-year meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy in the N.O.T Class curriculum.[3] While appearing to a ditzy airhead, she was revealed to be a subject to Shaula Gorgon's stronger forms of brainwashing methods; these gave her memory lapses and she served unknowingly as a possessed spy and traitor for both Shaula and the Witch Order.[4]

In addition, it's heavily implied from the anime and manga that she is also the mysterious individual known as Texas Mask (テキサス仮面, Tekisasu Came).[5] Meme later becomes the meister of Tsugumi Harudori along with her peers Anya Hepburn and Ao Hoshino.[6]

She is one of the protagonist in the Soul Eater spin-off, Soul Eater Not!.


Meme's most notable trait is that she is very forgetful and a little spacey at times. She often forgets things, even her own name at one point, and often cannot recognize the flow of time, mistaking a passing of a week for a passing of a month. She also mispronounces the names of the people around her, although she does not forget the names of people that she is very close to, such as Anya and Tsugumi. She can be slow on the uptake and can get confused rather easily. She is a heavy sleeper, and often ends up sleep-walking as well, and can even engage in hand-to-hand combat whilst sleeping. One time, when she manages to wake up, she tries to look for her glasses, despite the fact she does not actually wear any.

However, although she appears a little air-headed, Meme is anything but, and is actually rather understanding of others. She tells Tsugumi once to accept the money Ox has given her through part-time work, because if she does not, then Ox has worked for nothing. She cares deeply for her friends and never has any bad intentions in her actions. She is kind, polite and modest, similar to Tsugumi, and is very understanding and willing to make compromises for others, as she agrees to let Anya be Tsugumi's partner when Anya wants to, and is even willing to swap beds with Anya when she wants to be next to Tsugumi's bed. She is polite in terms of speech and is very friendly towards others. Comparisons can be made between her and Tsubaki in this part of her personality. She is also very cheerful and upbeat, always smiling and can also have a bit of a playful side as she and Tsugumi often joke about together. She shows that she is happily willing to work when she and Tsugumi and Anya work part-time at the Master's cafe. Her kind actions however, sometimes end up falling short to some due to her forgetfulness and lack of common sense. Like Tsugumi, Meme seems to admire other people's good looks to a great degree, being overwhelmed by Anya's cuteness in her waitress uniform. Of course, she seems to not recognize the fact that she is very well endowed herself.

Meme also takes pretty much anything in stride. As a result, she never gets frightened or upset and is always flexible and accepting to new situations, no matter how frightening they can be. She seems aware of her forgetfulness and tendency to space out at times, but she says that because of this, she is not afraid of anything. She manages to stand up to Traitors without even flinching. Although appearing to be slightly weak and vulnerable in a confrontation, if her friends are in danger, Meme is quickly serious and almost becomes a different person. She says she can never forgive anyone who dares lay a hand on her friends (people whom she refers to as '[her] Funes'). She does not seem to think much about things in the future or the past, often living in the present.

There has also been a few small hints that Meme may in fact enjoy fighting to some degree, as when Anya was attacked, she was the first to jump into battle mode and even seen to be looking forward to it. It can even be suggested that had the Thompson sister's not been hand gun weapons, Meme would have entered the fight in place of Anya.

As Texas Mask

As Texas Mask, not much is known about her difference in personality. However, she is more erratic and speaks as a typical teenager, saying "bro" and has been seen talking to herself about how she doesn't know how she is going of "feed" herself. In addition, she is also fond of her chainsaw as Texas Mask.[7]


Meme Tatane official anime art

Meme's anime design

Meme is a fourteen year old girl. She is busty for her age, which she does not seem to recognize, and she is shown to be slightly taller than Tsugumi. She has light, mahogany-brown hair, and bright, mahogany-brown eyes. She wears her hair in a short, side-ponytail; she often forgets which side she initially ties the ribbon, sometimes putting it on the right side of her head, or even right on top of her head.

She wears a white dress shirt buttoned right up to the collar with a red bow tie. Above that, she wears a beige sweater vests. The sleeves of her vests seem to be slightly longer than needed, and Meme has a habit of holding the edge of her sleeves with her hands. She wears a green/blue argyle printed pleated dress that goes just above her knees, as well as brown shoes with white ankle-length socks.

Texas Mask

As Texas Mask, her appearance is similar to that of a cowboy. she wears a black cowboy hat, in which is decorated with a skull and crossbones. She also has a black tuxedo and wears a bow tie. He wears a white cape along with white gloves. Under his suit is a buttoned white shirt. Her face is also obscure with a mask and makes her appear as a male. She also conceals her arm, making it appear as If she only possesses one arm.[7]

Special Abilities

Meister (職人, Shokunin): Meme is a capable Meister that specializes in using an axe-related weapon, able to use Tsugumi's Halberd transformation with great skill with emphasis on strength unlike her partner, Anya.[citation needed]

Meme lands a hit on Shaula

Meme attacks Shaula with her martial art skills.

Martial Arts (武道, Budō): According to Sid Barrett, Meme's martial skills are impressive enough to have earned several junior titles in multiple fields.[8]

  • Sleepy Fist (睡拳, Suiken): A unorthodox variant of Drunken Fist, Meme is capable of performing this martial art style while asleep with her "drunk-like" movements being a result of her sleeping state instead.[9]
  • Judo (柔道, Jūdō): Meme is proficient in Judo, having received a junior title in this field.[8]
  • Karate (空手): Meme is proficient in Karate. having received a junior title in this field.[8]

Enhanced Strength: Out of the trio, Meme is physically the strongest out of the group. She was able to kick down a steel door and punch Sid Barrett a distance away from her.[10] being able to carry multiple trays laden with multiple cups, plates, glasses and bowls with great ease.

Enhanced Agility: Not only is Meme strong but her training and skill as a meister makes her agile and quick whether in combat or in escaping her opponents. Such abilities have allowed her to leap across rooftops with ease.[11]

Intellect: Despite her personality, Meme is actually very intelligent. Sid learns from Meme's record that, before being possessed by Shaula Gorgon, she had excellent grades prior to enrolling the DWMA. This high level of achievement continues in her classes at the DWMA, where Meme often earns high grades on her tests, much to the chagrin of Tsugumi who, despite studying herself, falls short of her potential meister's grades.[citation needed]

Sleep Reading: Perhaps due to her intelligence but primarily Shaula Gorgon's possession over her, Meme can study in her sleep.[citation needed]


Due to the brainwashing techniques by Shaula Gorgon, Meme suffers from memory lapses and losses from time to time.


Meme was formerly a student that had excellent grades and possessed junior titles in multiple fields of martial arts including Karate and Judo prior to being enrolled in the DWMA. While in Japan, Meme also sparred with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, although she would forget this meeting.[12]

However, she was sought out by witches.[10] Eventually, she would be subjected to Shaula's strongest brainwashing & put into DWMA's N.O.T curriculum to unknowingly serve as a spy.



Meme is seen inside DWMA in the room where all the newly enrolled students had gathered. After being pushed by another student, Tsugumi crashes into her, and the two exchange greetings. Meme briefly forgets her name before finally remembering after, causing Tsugumi to be worried for her.

After, Meme is confronted by two boys, who try to harass her into being partners with them. Tsugumi manages to pluck up the courage to intervene and help Meme, and with the help of Anya, manages to defeat the two boys in a duel. Inspired by her kindness, Meme asks if Tsugumi is willing to be her partner, despite the fact that she is a little forgetful and spacey. Tsugumi, after being rejected by Anya, agrees, until Anya then tugs on her sleeve, wanting to be her Meister in the end as well.

Dormitory Admission!

Both Anya and Meme end up being potential Meisters for Tsugumi. Led by Eternal Feather through Death City (Meme forgets where they are going), they reach their dormitory. Each of them had been given a weekly student allowance for $200. Eternal Feather then warns the three to watch out for the 'Witch of the Girl's Dormitory.'

Inside, they meet Kana Altair, a tarot-card reader. After meeting with Misery, the three girls reach their dormitory. Anya tries to pick the bed nearest to Tsugumi, and is disappointed when Meme picks it before she can. However, when Meme offers to switch, Anya coolly says that it does not matter, although she is shown to feel rather left out as Meme and Tsugumi chat to each other.

At night, Tsugumi is nearly assaulted by Misery, and Meme briefly manages to incapacitate her in using her Sleepy Fist attack whilst asleep, but ends up sleeping next to Tsugumi. Kim Diehl soon knocks the crazy superintendent out.

The next day, Tsugumi, after getting her allowance taken from Kim Diehl, returns to her dormitory, only to find that Anya had spent all of her money on getting strange bits and bobs and that Meme has lost her allowance (Anya says that it is nothing to worry about and Meme believes her). However, the three girls end up enjoying themselves to some taiyaki.

$$$ (Money Money Money!)

Putting their leftover money together, the three girls are only able to buy one helping of noodles between them, but Eternal Feather helps them out (Anya struggles in eating the noodles with chopsticks, causing Eternal Feather to give her a fork). The three find out that the Witch of the Girl's Dormitory is none other than Kim Diehl. They all listen as Kim, despite her cute appearance, is a downright bully. She forcefully gave Eternal Feather her name and asked for payment after. The two see Ox talking to Kim in the distance, and sees Kim punch him and walk off. Eternal Feather explains that although most boys avoid her now, Ox the honour student is the only one who always approaches her.

Because the three have no money, Eternal Feather offers them a place to work part-time: Deathbucks Cafe. After arriving at the cafe, the two meet Akane and Clay, who are also working part-time. Anya does not hesitate to mock them for being slack with their money. Changing into the cafe's uniforms, Tsugumi realizes how much more prominent Meme's chest looks (she herself does not notice). Anya is embarrassed as she thinks the skirt is too short, and her embarrassment causes Meme and Tsugumi to be overwhelmed with how cute she looks.

Although Meme struggles at first (she cannot remember the orders of her customers and has to ask them to repeat it numerous times), she proves to be a great worker, her strength proving useful in carrying large amounts of trays with great ease. After taking a break, the students see Ox delivering coffee beans to the cafe. Anya wonders if Ox spends a lot of his money for Kim, to which Tsugumi tells her to be quiet.

After finishing their jobs at the cafe, the three girls are stopped by Ox, who gives Tsugumi the money he had earned to pay her back for the money Kim took from her, saying that all he wants in return is for her to not hate Kim. After, Meme encourages Tsugumi to spend Ox's money, as if she does not, Ox worked for nothing. Tsugumi decides to hold a party for the three of them, and thank Ox for the money after. She tells Anya and Meme that they do not need to call her with the formal suffix '-san' any more. Although Meme is happy with this, Anya has trouble saying 'Tsugumi' and ends up calling her 'Tsugumin,' much to the surprise of Meme and Tsugumi.


The three girls attend a lesson held by Sid in the dance studio, where he teaches them on how to work as Weapon and Meister. He calls in Maka and Soul for a quick demonstration before letting the others work on their own. However, after being told to work in pairs, Tsugumi is at a dilemma as she has two Meisters. Anya decides that it is her (Meme's) turn to be Tsugumi's Meister as she was Tsugumi's Meister the previous lesson. Meme happily agrees, but before she can go any further, Anya is dragged away by Sid to work with another partner. Nervously, Tsugumi and Meme work together, and end up joking about with each other, much to Anya's chagrin. And after seeing Tsugumi and Meme acting friendly with each other, she ends up walking out of the lesson, something which troubles Tsugumi and Meme after the lesson.


Meme and Tsugumi finally arrive to help Anya from a Traitor, with Meme intercepting the Traitor just in time. Despite Anya's warnings, Meme prepares to fight, until Akane and Clay intervene, causing the Traitor to retreat. The three girls all thank the boys, who offer them to accompany them to their dormitory.

Tsugumi and Meme realize that Anya is hurt and is also feeling rather ill (the needle the Traitor is wearing is suspected to be poisoned). However, Kim suddenly arrives, and secretly heals Anya's wound with her Regeneration Magic.

Tsugumi tells Anya that she and Meme were worried about her, and Anya coldly tells her not to mind about her, as it is better if Tsugumi and Meme be always together. As Tsugumi apologizes, she and Meme write down Anya's name on their arms to remind them that it is her turn to be Tsugumi's partner next, and the three all make up. However, as the ink on their arms washes off, Meme soon forgets whose turn it is the next day, much to Anya's annoyance.

How To!

After getting up once again in a new day at Death City, Tsugumi asks Anya and Meme why they came to DWMA. Meme tells her that she forgot and Anya coldly refuses to answer her question.


Fighting Street

The day before hand Anya and Meme watch west side glory and Sukegan CSI which are both Delinquent movies and start acting like 'Delinquent' much to Tsugumi's dismay, when the waitress come and it's Liz Thompson she Tsugumi and Meme are shock to see the real thing, and though she and Meme think their better at being Delinquent's them her they learn from Master that they are on probation.

Next PattyThompson come to give them their meals but slaps it down on the table, Anya tries to tell her she was being rude be is quickly scary by her glare. Later Anya get into an argument with Liz leading to a fight between her, Tsugumi and Liz and Pattybut they are shock to learn that Pattycan turn into a gun. Meme can only watch as Tsugumi and Anya are easily beaten by Liz and Pattybut are not hurt as they are still on probation.

After this Meme and Anya do not go back to Master's Pub again for several day until they got tire of being scare and watching Tsugumi go by herself everyday. She and Anya return at last, saying they came in the end, Liz just told them to take a seat so she can bring them a menu.

Study Meeting


During a holiday, Meme, Tsugumi, and Anya had the day off and used it to explore DWMA. However, during their adventure, the three got lost in the maze-like school, causing Meme and Anya to get into a argument over which way to go. Anya wanted Tsugumi to pick the path, but she was unable to, so Anya gave in and followed the path Meme picked and got them lost.

As the three girls wandered aimlessly, Meme commented that, as they had not seen any windows, they must be in the basement, leading Anya to guess that, due to the gentle slope, they likely didn't notice their descent.

As they went from room to room the girls found themselves being scared over and over again. First by a torture room that had Justin Law waiting inside and calling them lost little lambs and ask them if he could set their souls free, meaning he was going to show them the way out, but due to how creepy he said it, they thought he was going to kill them and ran away.

The next thing to scare them was when they came to a stop for rest and began talking about DWMA's Eight Mysteries only to find a mirror next to them with Tezca Tlipoca in it. Due to the mask he was wearing and the creepy smile on it, they were quickly scared off.

After getting away, they managed to find their way outside. They stopped to catch their breath before talking about all the things they saw and began laughing at how much fun they had.

A Choice

Some time after Eternal Feather’s self-inflicted injury while under the possession of a then unknown power, Meme and Anya propose a choice for Tsugumi: as the weapon must choose a meister, they give her a deadline until Halloween.


One day after class, Meme is approached by Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, who recognizes her from their time training together in Japan. Tsugumi notices Meme seems a bit nervous as she continues speaking with Tsubaki until Black☆Star leads Tsubaki away. When Tsubaki departs, Tsugumi sees Meme put her hands over her face and explain she had to fake kindness to Tsubaki: she does not remember ever meeting her.[12]

The Traitor Revealed

As Death City prepares for Halloween, Meme returns to the dorm building with a Halloween outfit, but she refuses to reveal the outfit. But the holiday festivities are interrupted when Tsugumi receives news from her mother. Taking the letter herself, Meme reads the sad details: the family pet, Pochi, is injured and will die from these injuries.

Depressed, Tsugumi feels ill. As Anya tends to her suffering weapon, Meme returns from stepping out to pick up her Halloween outfit—again, forgetting she already picked up her outfit once. As she enters the room, she asks why Tsugumi is so sad, not remembering she herself read the letter notifying Tsugumi of her dog’s impending death. Frustrated, Tsugumi lashes out at Meme, driving the meister to tears as the weapon asks whether Meme will one day forget Tsugumi as well. Both Tsugumi and Meme immediately regret their words but remain distant the rest of the evening.

The night before Halloween, when Tsugumi must choose her weapon, Meme again sleepwalks, but this time she departs the girls’ dormitory. As Tsugumi and Anya follow the sleepwalking Meme to the DWMA, they find her breaking into Sid Barrett’s Anti-Witch Headquarters, taking papers with her. Interrupted by the recently arrived Akane and Clay, Meme attacks in her sleep.

As Akane alerts Sid to give chase after Meme, the three-star teacher follows her throughout Death City, stopping her at the Square of Liberty, beneath a replica of the Statue of Liberty. However, Shaula Gorgon has also been in pursuit: as Sid learns, Shaula has had Meme in her possession since the student’s enrollment at the DWMA, using Meme to gather the materials she needed to find NOT student to possess as her own soldiers to attack Death City. Distracted by this information, and attacked by his own possessed soldiers, Sid is infected by Shaula’s venom. As the witch recognizes Sid is too stubborn to be one of her obedient soldiers, she gives an order to Meme. The young meister rips the Statue of Liberty from the ground and uses it to impale Sid through his skull, killing the teacher.

The next day, her possession under Shaula now complete, Meme is kept by the witch’s side as she instructs her sleeper agents across Death City to begin their assault on the Annual Death Festival, the DWMA, and the girls’ dormitory. Unable to free herself from Shaula’s control, Meme can chant only one word: “Kill.”

Using one of Meme’s messenger bats, however, Tsugumi and Anya are able to follow the animal bat to its owner, finding Meme and also Shaula. Tsugumi and Anya order Shaula to unhand their friend but to no avail.

Now having to fight their friend Meme, Tsugumi and Anya struggle to determine how to administer the venom antidote given to them by Franken Stein to free Meme of her possession. Needing to keep her hands free so she may fight off Meme as well, Tsugumi holds the antidote in her mouth and, finding the moment to strike, passes the antidote through a kiss to Meme. Although momentarily friend, Shaula’s hold is too strong over Meme to completely free the student, which allows Meme to stab Tsugumi in her shoulder. With a final appeal, however, Tsugumi’s words manage to remove Shaula’s lingering hold.


Although both are in need of recovery from their respective injuries, Tsugumi and Meme, along with Anya, face down Shaula. Despite the witch’s appeal to Meme to return to her, as Shaula considers the meister to be so close to her and cannot stand to see her abandon the witch, Meme refuses: she will work with her friends to defeat Shaula. Thanks to the arrival of Akane and Clay, Meme joins with Anya and Tsugumi to take down the witch. Tsugumi announces she has made her decision about her future meister: she chooses not only Anya but also Meme, stressing that the three have such a powerful soul resonance that, as a trio, they will be more effective. Alternating their use of Tsugumi in combat, Meme and Anya fight against Shaula. As Meme fights barehanded against Shaula, the witch again urges Meme to return to her, but her words fail to appeal to Meme. Holding Tsugumi’s weapon form along with Anya, Meme strikes at Shaula. The witch, distracted by the arrival of Lord Death and his Death Scythes, is killed by Meme and Anya, the witch’s soul taken in possession by the recently arrived Death the Kid. Akane and Clay congratulate Meme and her friends for their victory, as well as having finally found her weapon partner.

In the subsequent months, Meme is removed from DWMA classes in order to be evaluated by Stein for any additional medical problems related to Shaula’s mind control—as well as to keep an eye on the potentially traitorous meister to make sure she indeed is no longer under mind control.

New member of the NOT! Trio

Meme is upset to discover Tsugumi has found a third meister.

In the spring, Meme as well as Anya return to the DWMA, reuniting with Tsugumi and expressing their joy at being able to continue their partnership together with their weapon. However, Tsugumi has a surprise: in the months while Meme was under evaluation, and while Anya was abroad with her royal family, Tsugumi trained with a new meister, Ao Hoshino. Upset that their weapon again cannot commit to just one meister, Meme and Anya chastise Tsugumi for being a “player.”


  • (To Shaula Gorgon) "Our friendship isn't about who drags whom!"[6]
  • (To Shaula Gorgon) "I was taught martial arts for the purpose of "being better"...but you manipulated me with your own ideas of who's "better" or "worse"...all I hope is that my fists will help those I love to be happy...."[6]
  • (As Texas Mask) "I seriously dunno how I'm going to feed myself this month, bro."[7]
  • (As Texas Mask) "I'm feelin' rich and famous like a celebrity!! And I'm swingin' my chainsaw with brutality. Now all I need is a sacrificial fatality — YEAH!!"[7]


Soul Eater NOT Chapter 37 - Clay Texas Mask

Clay inspects Meme's Halloween costume.

  • Meme's surname, Tatane, literally means, 'lots of sound.'
  • 'Funes' is a reference to the story of Funes the Memorious. It tells of a boy named Ireneo Funes who has fallen off of a horse, received a great head injury and so received a perfect memory. In this sense, to refer to her friends as 'her Funes', Meme could be referring to them as the safeguards of her memory.
  • The manga later reveals that Meme may have another identity: Clay discovers her Halloween outfit is that of Texas Mask, a serial killer on the DWMA wanted list. How Meme came in possession of the outfit, and whether she is the one who—or the only one who—wore that outfit is not yet clear. However, the anime reinforces that she may be Texas Mask, as when possessed by Shaula she uses Texas Mask's signature weapon, a chainsaw, to combat Tsugumi and Anya.
  • Meme's alter ego, Texas Mask, is based on a character from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even the character's name borrows the sound of the title, "Mask" sounding like the first syllable of "Massacre." Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be alluded in GAIDEN 16, as part of Usher's Black Magic incantation, invoking the name of the film's director, Tobi Hooper.


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