Despite her forgetfulness, Meme is very hard to dislike due to her kind and cheerful nature, although she can sometimes worry or annoy some people with her tendency to forget things. People also respect her for her combat abilities.


Tsugumi Harudori

After Tsugumi, along with Anya help her from a pair of boys harassing her, Meme, drawn to Tsugumi because of her kindness, asks her to be her partner, although warning her that she can be a little spacey and forgetful. The two end up becoming very close friends, and the two often chat together and joke about with each other, up to the point that they unintentionally leave Anya out. When making decisions, Meme always asks for Tsugumi's opinion first. She also calls Tsugumi with the affectionate term, 'Tsugumi-chan,' whilst she still calls Anya, 'Anya-san.' Meme also seems to have a strong attachment to Tsugumi as she often sleep-walks into Tsugumi's bed at night, leading Tsugumi to say that she is a little perverted.

DWMA AlliesEdit

Anya HepburnEdit

Meme does not seem to mind Anya's snooty nature at all, and respectfully calls her 'Anya-san.' She is very kind towards the Meister, even willing to give certain things up on her behalf. She once offers her bed next to Tsugumi's in their dormitory, and tries to make sure that Anya manages to get her turn being Tsugumi's partner. Meme also respects Anya's decisions almost all the time, showing that she looks up to her, even when Anya's judgement is not as good as they seem.

Akane☆Hoshi and Clay SizemoreEdit

Although Meme does not interact with them much, Meme is shown to have the same respect towards Akane and Clay as Tsugumi does.

Eternal FeatherEdit

Along with Tsugumi, Meme looks to the senior Eternal Feather and treats her with great respect. She is also, unlike Anya, very polite, and says that Eternal Feather's name is rather nice, whilst Anya suggests bluntly otherwise.

Kim DiehlEdit

Meme does not seem to be afraid of the rather harsh and aggressive Kim Diehl, and even seems to respect her as a senior, calling her by the suffix, '-senpai,' although she gets her name wrong the first time she says it.

Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré Edit


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Ox FordEdit

Meme seems to understand Ox's intentions the most, as she tells Tsugumi, when he gives her all the money he earned at his part-time job to pay Tsugumi back for the money Kim took from her, to spend the money as if she does not, then Ox worked for nothing.

Liz and Patty ThompsonEdit


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Franken SteinEdit


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Sid BarettEdit


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Shaula GorgonEdit

Shaula Gorgon - (23)

Shaula, possessing Meme

Meme was one of the earliest NOT students whom Shaula possessed through her mind-controlling venom, using her speed, strength, and stealth to infiltrate the DWMA before other Traitors made themselves more obvious in Death City. At an unknown point in time, Shaula possessed Meme's mind to make her into a sleeper agent within the DWMA to gather information about additional students to possess. During this time, according to Meme, Shaula tried to indoctrinate the NOT student to seek to become stronger.[1] Shaula usually commanded Meme at nighttime, where Meme could gain this information in her sleep and, thanks to Shaula's particular possession, without remembering what she had done the night before.

When Meme is under her possession, Shaula treats Meme as one of her "soldiers."[2] Compared to someone like Sid Barett, Shaula acknowledges that Meme is not "the most talented," but is "obedient."[2] Meme's obedience under mind control, as well as her speed and strength, also made her a helpful tool to use in the assassination of Sid.[2] The information she learned about Tsugumi Harudori through Meme's partnership with her also let Shaula use this knowledge to attempt to manipulate Tsugumi and Anya Hepburn, holding Meme hostage, mocking Tsugumi's inability to choose Meme or Anya as a meister and threatening to kill her should Tsugumi interfere.[3]

Shaula presents herself as having a close relationship to Meme. She seems to do so in part to toy with Tsugumi, Meme's friend and weapon partner, as when Shaula licks the possessed Meme's face in front of Tsugumi.[3] However, some of her remarks to Meme suggest she desired to replace Tsugumi and Anya as the person closest to Meme.[4] While Meme is under her possession, and even after she is freed from her possession, Shaula tries to remove all other persons from Meme, claiming that without her, Meme will be ostracized for killing Sid[3] and that her peers are weak.[5]

When Meme overcomes Shaula's possession and refuses to follow the witch any longer, the two show fury towards each other. Meme strikes at Shaula with her own poison-tipped blade and assists Tsugumi and Anya in killing the witch, Meme seeing Shaula's defeat as her responsibility for what the witch made her do.[3][6] Likewise, Shaula is willing to kill her formerly possessed soldier, referring to Meme as a "wretch" and a "brat".[6]


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