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You bore me. As long as I can protect Angela, I don't much care what I have to do.

—Mifune to Mosquito, Chapter 26 (NOT!)

Mifune (ミフネ, Mifune), known by the epithet "God of the Sword (剣神, Kenjin)",[2] was an incredible master swordsman who serves as the bodyguard of witch Angela Leon as well as being an individual on Shinigami's list.[6] Later, he was blackmailed by Arachne's network into Arachnophobia to act as Mosquito's bodyguard and a fighter among the Arachnophobia's ranks.[2]


Often stoic in nature and staunch in attitude, Mifune tends be somewhat quiet in situations that do not directly involve him[7] and remains mostly serious as well as being straight-forward, especially toward those he would consider a threat.[8] In addition, he admits even after his employment of Arachnophobia that he often swung his sword in defense of other children, possessing a great level of compassion and care for those he consider young.[9] In battle, he is analytical, seeing slight movements and small details and immediately noting them, whether it be out loud or within the confines of his thoughts.[10][11] He's also not above calling out other individuals on negative traits. He pointed out Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's worth to Black☆Star on more then one occasion in an attempt to blow away his young opponent's vanity, and even advise his adversary on how to be a better warrior.[12] Being a strong follower of the Path of the Warrior, he is willing to give respect to his opponents no matter the age, if they are also capable of fighting with their all, as fellow followers of the Path of the Warrior.[13]

Despite his honorable and strong belief in the Path of the Warrior, Mifune himself is also not infallible. Mifune seems to previously possess little regard of ordinary human life, having history of being a part of various criminal organizations and crime families. Early on, the reasons for his alliance towards them was unknown and is implied to have led him to being placed on Shinigami's List.[14] After becoming Angela's guardian and bodyguard, however, he abandoned his previous mindset, and seems to have more regard for human life, particularly that of children. He only allows himself to be employed by an organization like Arachnophobia when they leverage their ability to protect Angela. His belief that there was no chance of co-existence between Witches and ordinary Human interests, caused him to be a firm believer in Arachnohpobia's power to protect Angela, stating that there was "no other way around it", despite Tsubaki's protesting.[15]

Mifune has a strong love for children, such a trait noted to the point even Tsubaki recommended him being a teacher at DWMA, with him rejecting such idea and claiming it to the "stupidest thing I've ever heard", though was flustered at the idea.[16] This love has led him to carry around seaweed flavored candy, despite himself admitting he doesn't eat any sweets, for other children.[17] In the anime, he does act on the suggestion, eventually becoming a teacher at Death Weapon Meister Academy.[18]


Mifune possesses long, straight, blond hair, blue eyes and a rather muscular build.[19] Early on, he wore a overcoat draped over his shoulders as if it were a cape, fluttering behind him while he is in combat. This cape has visible cuts on its end. He then wears a high collar, Japanese-style, button-down shirt dress pants. These pairs of pants contain cuts in their fabric at their hems, Finally, he wears a pair of twine sandals, in addition to being commonly seen with a piece of straw in his mouth which he spits out when he's fighting seriously.[20] The color scheme in the anime is that of a white shirt and olive green dress pants as well as his eyes being brown, sandy blond hair, a large brown overcoat.[21]

Later, the overcoat is a white, with long sleeved white over shirt with with "Osamurai" written on it and a Japanese kanji on the sleeve, with a black undershirt beneath, blue jeans, white belt, and the "Keep out" police line tape running across his shirt.[19] He wears the same outfit in the anime. He also dresses to fit the weather, wearing appropiate clothing. In his winter outfit, Mifune wears a winter jacket that looks almost exactly like his new white jacket, but zipped up, and with a pair of cream colored gloves. He also wears a pair of thin ski pants with it, which are blue down to the knees, where they change to pale gray in a diagonal stripe. His sandals are obviously replaced with a pair of snow boots.

In all his attire, he normally carries a case of katana with him.


Mifune is an extremely powerful human, with Death having mentioned him to be an incredible swordsman who possess a strong soul with power equivalent to that of 99 human souls.[22]

Arachne also held his power in high regard, stating that his prowess was so incredible that he's been called "God of the Sword" by some and is known to be a living legend.[3] During his fight with Black☆Star, Azusa Yumi comments the difference in power between Black☆Star and Mifune during that point in time was as clear as "night and day" as well as his power being overwhelming.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Kenjutsu (剣術): Mifune is a master swordsman, so renowned that he is known by the title "God of the Swords", a title significant enough to warrant interest from Arachne Gorgon.[2] With his renown style, he had defeated Black☆Star, causing the young man to lose his self confidence, and held his own using it against another immensely skilled DWMA meister and assassin, Sid Barrett.[23]

  • Infinite One-Sword Style (無限一刀流, Mugen Ittōryū): A style that Mifune created, it's specialty allows him to adapt to both long distance and short distance combat. This style doesn't follow pre-established schemes and his katannas seemingly act by free will.[24] Using this style only when fighting a serious opponents, he can use the swords as projectiles, paths to walk on, pins to hinder his opponent's movements, and also for making multiple simultaneous attacks on an enemy.[2][4]
  • Hassō-no-kamae (八相(八双)の構): An offensive stance, named for one's ability to respond to a situation in any direction. Mifune displayed skill in utilizing this form while fighting Black☆Star.[25]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): As a strong soul possessor, Mifune possess physical traits above the average human.[6]

  • Enhanced Reflexes: Mifune also has incredible reflexes. He is able to see and block the rapid attacks from Shadow☆Star, as well as block a shot from Azusa's Gunbow using Sid's wavelength...a feat noted earlier to have been interpreted as a "miss/dodge" when in actuality he blocked the attack so quickly[26] that it seemed a miss. Sid commented on it, when he was surprised by Mifune's capability in deflecting shots made from Azusa's gunbow while using his wavelength[27] and his speed in blocking some of the traps from Naigus's Trap Zone.[28] His eyes were also able to keep up with Shadow☆Star: Third Form - Severed Shadow despite the speed.[29]
  • Enhanced Speed: Mifune possess inhuman speed, able to easily block all of the rapid attacks from Shadow☆Star[30] as well as earn praise from Sid Barett, who cited the samurai as being quicker than he originally gauged.[31]
  • Enhanced Senses: Mifune was capable of smelling igniting gun powder moments before it exploded during his placement within Mira's Trap Area.[32]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Mifune has been seen able to utilize unarmed combat to during battle, such as a knee attack to Black☆Star during his third battle with him[33] as well pushing his hand into an open wound on Sid.[34]

Strong Soul (強靭な魂, Kyōjin'na Tamashī): Mifune possess an incredibly powerful soul according to Death. Because of this, his own soul is actually worth 99 (evil) human souls.[6]

List of special movesEdit

Infinite One-Sword Style techniques
  • Sword Fang (刀牙, Tōga): After previously positioning three swords so that they stand parallel to one other in the ground, Mifune strikes all of their blades simultaneously with a powerful swing directed near their sunken tips, causing the entirety to slash upwards in a single violent movement that is reminiscent of a fang.[35]
  • Vertical Line (垂直の並, Suichoku no Narabi): Commonly performed as a branch of Sword Fang, Mifune has three Infinite Swords float in front of him vertically. He then hits the end of each sword's grip one by one.[35]
  • Three-Shot Path (三道射, Sandōuchi): Grabbing three swords, Mifune jumps into the air and throws them simultaneously with tremendous force, using both of his each stands perpendicular to the ground along a single line, they can then be used as an improvised path that he can traverse to approach the enemy, whilst retrieving another sword in the process or throw another blade so that it collided with the others, sending the entirety hurtling towards the opponent.[36]
  • Addition Mode (加法, Kahō): This technique allows Mifune to attack his opponent with his swords, each strike in which hits the target sticks to the opponent. This process is then repeated a further eleven times in quick succession, from various angles and positions around the victim, ultimately leaving a total of twelve swords attached to their body. The extent of the injuries caused as a result of this technique, vary from minor to fatal, dependent entirely on how much the user desires to exact upon the target.[4]
  • Multiplication Mode (乗法, Jōhō): A follow up for Addition after all twelve swords are on the victim, Mifune proceeds to strike the entirety of the surrounding blades again in quick succession, with the final devastating blow dislodging the weapons so that they land in a circular formation around the target. This results in doubling the damage that was already previously inflicted on the victim, as each of the twelve swords slices into their flesh once again. As the total twenty-four strikes are received within such an incredibly short period, little to no opportunity exists for the enemy to mount a counter attack.[4]
Disorderly Line - Sword Fang

Sword Fang while in Jumbled Lineup.

  • Jumbled Lineup (乱立の並, Ranritsu no Narabi): Revolving his body around a single point, Mifune swings his currently held sword in a circular motion, causing all of the blades in the immediate vicinity to be propelled upwards. all of the blades in the immediate vicinity to be propelled upwards. By then utilizing the collisions between the swords to keep them aloft, he is able to ensure that he is continually surrounded by a large quantity of blades regardless of his subsequent movements, whilst integrating even more into the technique as and when necessary. Due to the close proximity and number of the involved swords, Mifune can unleash the full potential of his expert swordsmanship to then bombard the enemy with an unrelenting stream of attacks from all directions.[35]


  • Mifune's Case of Katanas: Mifune holds many katana with him in a some sort of storage unit on the back of his hips. Every katana within his storage unit is tied to Mifune in some way.[4] He can use this power offensively, launching a large number of swords to one opponent with a swing of his case, or to throw individual blades from it, using his connection to them as a means for them to home in on their opponent.[37]


Angela Leon stated that because of his love and passion for kids, he holds back for the sake of their safety and doesn't fight to his full potential. However, he has stated himself that he doesn't allow himself to lose to the same opponent twice, even If they're a kid, and can overlook his love for kids and holding back in a fight against them, If it means protecting Angela.[38]


During the course of his life, the man who would become Mifune was a fan of both samurais and ninjas, greatly admiring them to the point of becoming a samurai himself and called himself "Mifune".[39] He became a master of the infinite one-sword style,being regarded a living legend regarded as the "God of the Sword" by some.[3]

Two years prior, Mifune worked as a bodyguard for Marlon, boss of the De Niro Crime Family. He would be approached by a young boy who wanted to touch his sword. However, agreeing with his nanny, he told him it was to dangerous and gave him a piece of candy instead, while the boy himself learned he kept candy for other children and not himself. He's later sent on a job for Marlon, wanting him to kidnap and/or kill a Witch so his enemies cannot harness her power. He's surprised to find the Witch, Angela Leon, was only a child. He betrayed the crime family and took in Angela, vowing to look after her as a guardian.[40]


Prologues ArcEdit

After taking up residence at the abandoned Demon Cinder Castle to protect Angela, he is approached by Don Al Capone and his Chicago Mafia, who demand the reason the King of the Underworld made his appearance, and threatening to kill him depending on his answer. Al Capone then orders his men to kill Mifune but the entire Mafia and Capone end up killed by Mifune instead.[41]

Later, Mifune attacks Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa under the assumption that they were after Angela's soul, and learns they intend to take both Angela's, and his in addition. As they fight, Mifune holds back and urges Black☆Star to leave to avoid killing him. He further chastises and criticizes the young assassin on his treatment of his weapon, saying that he's the actual small fry despite his protests to the contrary. He then finds the situation changing quickly to his disavantage, with Tsubaki and Black☆Star tricking him, and is hit with a powerful sneak attack that injures him.[42]

As he's about to be finished off by the assassin, Angela arrives to protect him and urges both the Weapon and Meister to spare him, with Mifune saying that they can have his soul but taking Angela would mean a fight to the death. The duo decides to let them go, with Mifune pleased at their decision.[43]

The Bodyguard ArcEdit

Eventually, he is forced to work for Arachnophobia by Arachne Gorgon herself. He is pressed into service as Mosquito's bodyguard during the near completion of the Morality Manipulation Machine.[44] He's present as Mosquito gloats about the Morality Manipulation Machine and is questioned by the vampire on the conditions of working for Arachnophobia in exchange for Angela's protection. He replies that Mosquito bores him and that he doesn't care about what he does as long as Angela is safe.[45] He later approaches Black☆Star and Tsubaki as they attack the Arachnophobia facility and as they question his reason for being with Arachnophobia, he informs them to protect Angela. He then prepares to battle them once again.[46]

Soul Eater Chapter 28 - Mifune completes Multiple Slash

Mifune defeats Black☆Star.

Mifune then uses his Infinite One-Sword Style and fights the assassin with Mosquito and Angela spectating in the background. Shortly into the fight, he points out Black☆Star's improvement and maturing, but in response to Black☆Star's usual posturing, Angela tells the assassin that Mifune held back the last time they fought. Mosquito then tells him not to hold back, after which Mifune assures he won't lose to the same opponent twice.[47] As the fight rages on, Mifune takes notice of the appearance of the Uncanny Sword and uses his Addition Mode and Multiplication Mode to put down the assassin. As he questions their reason for being in the facility Tsubaki questions his reason for aligning with Arachne and urges him to be a teacher at the DWMA instead, with the samurai declining the offer and showing more interest in protecting Angela.[48]

Mifune is then ordered to kill the pair but Mosquito is shot and blocks a shot meant for him.[49] He then compliments Black☆Star and advises him to keep doing what he does to understand the presence inside Tsubaki and master the Uncanny Sword. He also tells Black☆Star that he has a "beautiful sword" and parts ways, but not before giving him a piece of candy to deliver to the DWMA student hurt by Arachne's spell.[50] Both Mifune and Angela later find themselves in one of the rooms in Baba Yaga Castle.[51]

The Reunion Express ArcEdit

Mifune was present along with Giriko and Mosquito as they appeared at Arachne's side during her meeting with her sister, Medusa Gorgon. However, he along with the rest of them let Medusa go as Arachne was unconcerned with her plans.[52]

"BREW" - The Tempest ArcEdit

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle ArcEdit


  • Mifune is a non-Japanese samurai.[53]
  • According to Ohkubo's commentary, Mifune is not his real name. In actuality, he is a foreigner whom is a admirer of both samurais and ninjas.[39]


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