Mind Control (マインドコントロール, Maindo Kontorōru) is an element that allows an individual to be controlled by another's will.[2]


Recognized as an element[1], Mind Control allows an individual to override another's mind and control them. This is typically done in combination with some sort of drug and magical usage and the control mechanism varies depending on the method employed. However, the result leaves the victim under the control of the user that utilizes Mind and can leave a variety of effects during the Mind Control and even after.[2]

Resistance & Weaknesses

Mind Control is shown to be a powerful element on its own, requiring the usage of an antidote to get rid of the effect of being under Mind Control. These antidotes normally specialize in breaking down the cause of the Mind Control element to be used, though they may lead to unforeseen or unintended results and may not work.[3] Breaking Mind Control itself also takes some will power of the user.[4]


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