Mira Naigus (ミーラナイグス, Mīra Naigusu; FUNimation "Mila Naigus"), is the demon weapon partner of Sid Barrett, a commander of the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency,[2] and serves as the interim school nurse after Doctor Medusa's revelation as a witch and betrayal of the academy.[2]


Mira is a loyal individual of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, holding it in high esteem both as an organization and those within in.[5] As a high-ranking member of the DWMA, Mira is a staunch believer in following the rules by the book, expressing that a squad falls apart If leaders don't follow their own orders.[6] As such, she's rather matter of fact, having once advised disallowing emotions clouding judgement to Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore,[7] hesitant in allowing NOT students to participate in crisis events,[8] and was quick to being one of the few people to remind Black☆Star of the limits of being a human being when the forceful usage of the Mode: Uncanny Sword began to wear on his soul.[9]

Mira, however, can appear to be rather cold and somewhat cynical. When she confronted Marie on her feelings for Stein, she told the other that not only that he doesn't have love, but that he will always be lonely.[10]

However, she is still rather passionate about students attending, having been one who wanted to hear Kim Diehl out on her purpose in being in the DWMA as a Witch and expressed her anger towards a bodyguard when the man such aggression and, in her words, treated Kim like a criminal. She was shown willing to even grab the man and shove him with ease for his action against Kim.[11]


Mira appears as a dark skinned black woman whose height surpasses that of Marie Mjolnir with a lean body, blue eyes, and dreadlocks. During her time at the DWMA, Mira has a variety of outfits in which she fits depending on the situations/occupation in which she has. As a nurse in the DWMA, she typically wears a nurse's outfit. However, she is also wrapped around in bandages like that of a mummy, befitting an undead theme with her fellow partner.[12] When on a mission, Mira still stays true to her mummy theme with a few changes; she wears green military pants and a white top. In her earlier appearances, the top is omitted and instead has several bandages covering her upper body. She is later seen with a military style jacket.[13] Prior to this, in Soul Eater Not!, before Sid's 'death', she did not wear the bandages and looked like a normal school teacher, and was only seen in a suit.


While Mira's capability in combat has never been witnessed, it can be inferred that she is at least formidable due to her status as a martial arts instructor within Death Weapon Meister Academy as well as a graduate. Unlike other Demon Weapons, she does at least has some skill in hand-to-hand combat[14]

Special Abilities

Episode 18 - Sid and Mira get ready for Soul Resonance

Mira in her weapon form.

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a Demon Weapon, Mira is capable of transforming herself into a weapon at will.[15]

  • Demon Knife (魔ナイフ, Manaifu): As a Demon Weapon, Mira possesses the ability to transform into a combat knife in which comes with a sheath. As a combat knife, Mira is sharp enough to easily pierce through human flesh and can also be used as a projectile and thrown towards the enemy. Souls of the deceased can be collected and absorbed into her via her sheath.[16]

Medical Expertise: After Medusa Gorgon's defection from Death Weapon Meister Academy, Mira's ability in the medical field enabled her to replace Medusa as the interim school nurse.[3]

Episode 35 - Mira's trap hits Mifune.

Mira's trap hitting Mifune.

Trap Setting: Mira's most renown skill is her ability to quickly create traps. During the battle on Lost Island, she was able to create a variety of traps to utilize against Mifune on her own at an impressive time rate and was impressive enough to trap Mifune.[17] This is considered her specialty.[18]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Although her actual level of proficiency is unknown, it can be concluded that Mira herself does possess some skills in martial arts. As a teacher of the DWMA, she is the one who teaches students unarmed combat skills and supervises over sparring matches, where she shows insight on combat such as criticizing Black☆Star for turning his back on his opponent, Patty Thompson.[14]

Bomb Technician Skills: Among her skills in which helps her with her is the ability to create bombs to use for her traps.[19]

Enhanced Agility : In the anime, Mira possess an exceptional amount of agility. She was quick enough to maneuver quickly in simple successions of jumps despite the environment.[20]


Traitors arc

Mira is introduced as an instructor of N.O.T. students. As a teacher, she takes an interest in guiding Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane, introducing the trio to Auntie for committee extracurricular work and showing concern when Meme forgets her homework for class. In the anime, she criticizes Tsugumi for not paying attention in class and she works with Sid Barett to observe the physical education exam.

As the weapon and partner of Sid Barett and an intelligence expert, Mira also works with the DWMA Central Intelligence to uncover the identity of the witch who was possessing DWMA students. This intelligence work led Mira to work with Sid and Joe Buttataki to interview Eternal Feather regarding any details that a student remembered during her possession and attack at the Death Bazaar.

Death Fest arc

Following the murder of Sid Barett, Mira took over his role as leader at DWMA Central Intelligence, including seeking the location of Shaula Gorgon and coordinating with Franken Stein to produce an anti-venom cure against Shaula's possession of Meme Tatane and other DWMA students. Her orders for Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore to escort Anya Hepburn to the Death City Airport and out of the city causes Mira to argue with both Tsugumi and Anya, urging the two N.O.T. students to stay out of this investigation for their own safety and the success of the mission. While focused on protecting Death City against Shaula, Mira also looks upon her meister's photograph, mourning his death.

Upon her arrival at Patchwork Laboratory to receive Stein's one vial of anti-venom treatment, Mira demands that Stein hands over the cure—only for the scientist to toss it to Tsugumi and Anya, encouraging the duo to escape while he prevents Mira from catching up with them. After Tsugumi and Anya escape, Mira criticizes Stein's actions—then is exasperated upon learning that Stein had numerous vials of treatment and, for his own amusement, was lying to Mira, Tsugumi, and Anya.

After coordinating operations during the attack by Shaula Gorgon's students upon the DWMA and Death City residents, which succeeds at defeating Shaula and freeing students of the witch's possession, Mira meets with Stein at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, convincing the less-than-enthused scientist to help her tend to injured students and bystanders.

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration arc

Based on Medusa Gorgon's behavior around Soul Eater and Maka Albarn, and based on his own questions of that doctor, Franken Stein determines Medusa is a witch. Stein asks Sid Barett and Mira Naigus to find evidence that Medusa is indeed a witch so as to convince Death to issue a death sentence to Medusa. Sid and Mira's investigation take the two to Libya, where they locate one of Medusa's secret labs. While Sid is hesitant to read a woman's journal, Mira urges Sid to do so, which includes evidence confirming Medusa is a witch—and shows that her plan is to attack the Death Weapon Meister Academy during its Eve Anniversary Celebration, access the Kishin shrine, and release Asura with Black Blood. Before Sid and Mira, in weapon form, can leave with this news, they are seemingly killed by the explosion of Tadpole Bombs planted in the laboratory by Eruka Frog.

However, Sid managed to bury himself in the ground before the explosions could kill him and Mira. With Mira still in weapon form, she accompanied Sid back to the DWMA, announcing to Stein and all attendees that Medusa is attempting to trap them inside the building. While Medusa escapes and orders Free to lock Death and his students within the DWMA, Sid and Mira perform Forced Burial to allow Stein and seven of their students to escape underground to reach the Kishin Shrine and defeat Medusa's army.

After allowing the escape of Stein and their students, Mira is seen only in weapon form, while Sid recovers from the explosion at Medusa's lab and listens to Death explain the origins of the Kishin. Once Free's Calculation Spell concludes, it is assumed Mira accompanies Sid to observe damage in Death City caused by the Mizune Family.

The Bodyguard arc

Soul Eater Episode 28 - Nurse Naigus

Mira tends to an injured Maka in the dispensary

Following the revelation that Medusa is a witch and her supposed death, Mira takes on her role as interim nurse in the DWMA dispensary. After the witch Arachne immobilizes Maka Albarn, Mira tends to the student's recovery—and contends with the problems of her visitors, such as Black☆Star attacking Maka with a marker and Death the Kid re-arranging dispensary items.

Mira's work at the dispensary is interrupted by Sid Barett, who takes her aside to inform her that they have located an Arachnophobia demon tool facility.

Mira accompanies Sid and Azusa Yumi to this facility, unaware that they are followed by Black☆Star, who overheard Mira’s discussion, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. While Azusa waits at a mobile station, Sid and Mira locate, document, and destroy the Moral Manipulation Machine. But Sid and Mira are distracted by Black☆Star’s frontal attack on the facility. After disabling Arachnophobia agents, Sid and Mira use Black☆Star’s distraction to arrive at Azusa’s location, where Sid uses Azusa to fire shots on Arachnophobia members and to allow Black☆Star and Tsubaki to escape.

Upon their return to Death City, Mira and Sid present to Death the blueprints excerpted from the Book of Eibon that they gathered at the Moral Manipulation Machine. When Death orders the two to retain those blueprints to keep in the Secret Vault, Mira objects, fearing allowing such dangerous technology to exist. But Sid intervenes, following orders and reminding Mira to follow Death’s orders.

Reunion Express arc

Sid and Mira follow Death the Kid and the Thompsons during their mission in the Sahara to retrieve the Eternal Spring from the Runaway Express. Before the Fisher King can inform Kid about Death’s relationship with the fabled sorcerer Eibon, Sid and Mira assassinate the Fisher King.

"BREW" - The Tempest arc

The DWMA organizes a team of teachers, students, and Death Scythes to Lost Island to retrieve Eibon’s demon tool Brew before Arachnophobia can possess it. While Justin Law fights Giriko and his Enchanters, and Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir lead students to retrieve Brew, Sid and Mira join Azusa Yumi to lead DWMA commandos against Arachnophobia agents. When ambushed by those agents and the samurai Mifune, Mira and Sid fight off agents, before Sid turns over operations to Mira while he and Azusa pursue Mifune.

While Sid fights Mifune, Mira sets traps along Lost Island, allowing her to ambush Mifune and give Sid a better chance of fighting the samurai. Once Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupré light the retreat alert, Mira watches as Sid allows Mifune to escape, reasoning that their battle has concluded.

Mira joins the DWMA members to learn that they were unable to recover Brew, which they expect is now in the possession of Arachnophobia.

Internal Investigation arc

After the Lost Island soldiers return, Franken Stein experiences increased madness despite his proximity to Marie Mjolnir’s anti-madness wavelength. Suspecting a mole within the DWMA, Death orders Joe Buttataki to investigate. During Joe’s interrogation, Mira confirms that Sid allowed Mifune to escape but that neither of them are traitors.

Soul Eater Episode 38 - Sid and Naigus

Mira and Sid witness Black Star's duel with Kid

Also after the Lost Island battle, Mira performs medical examinations on all students and teachers who occupied the magnetic field. While she confirms all students and teachers did not suffer from the magnetic field, Mira realizes that Black☆Star’s use of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa’s Uncanny Sword Mode is lethal. Despite Black☆Star’s protest, she orders him not to use Tsubaki’s form. This upsets Black☆Star, who is determined to become a god, hence challenges a literal god, Death the Kid to a duel. As Mira and Sid observe the duel, they are shocked to see Black Star’s ambition and madness resemble that of his father, White Star, fearing the ninja may pursue the Path of a Demon like other members of the Star Clan. The battle concludes with Kid disabling Black Star.

After the report that Joe Buttataki had been killed, suspicion fell onto Franken Stein, prompting Death to order the scientist’s arrest. Mira joins with Sid, Spirit Albarn, and Marie Mjolnir in Hook Cemetery to confirm that they do not believe Stein’s guilt, allowing him to escape to find Joe’s actual killer. Although Mira attempts to dissuade Marie from accompany Stein, arguing that the man cannot love, Marie joins Stein on this mission, for Stein’s sake as well as to avenge Joe’s death. Mira maintains to Death the story that Stein escaped, kidnapping Marie as his hostage, although Sid later admits his lie to Death.

Anime deviation version

Mira leads a DWMA task force to confront Medusa upon her arrival at the DWMA to surrender herself.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc

Soul Eater Chapter 44 - Kim leaves the DWMA

Mira urges Kim not to run away from the DWMA

Mira leads DWMA security, awaiting the return of Kim Diehl to ask her questions regarding accusations that she is a witch. At this time, Mira speaks with Ox Ford and Kilik Rung, asking the students to inform her as soon as Kim returns—and warning the two to stay warm, as they are now shirtless following their naked campfire dance with the Wrath Giant. When Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre notices the increased amount of security, then seeing Kim assaulted by security despite Mira's orders not to harm these students, Jacqueline attacks security and aids Kim in an airborne escape. Mira calls out to Kim, urging her not to run away, but Kim cannot hear her teacher's shouts as she escapes. Infuriated at the attack on her students, Mira lashes out at the security agent who harmed Kim.[21] As Mira attempts to explain to Ox and Kim's other friends what has transpired, Death the Kid intervenes to explain that Medusa surrendered herself to the DWMA, providing information that accused Kim of being a witch.[22]

After Crona leaves the DWMA to rejoin Medusa, Mira leads the students’ physical education course, including track running.

For Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle, Mira joins Sid and DWMA members in the Amazon to track Medusa’s path to Baba Yaga Castle, to make sure that she does not violate their partnership and that she does not injure their students. Battling Arachnophobia agents, Mira is then joined by Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, who returned from training in Japan to properly use the Uncanny Sword. After Black☆Star and Tsubaki kill Mifune, Mira and others fall to the madness released by Arachne, until Black Star uses his wavelength as an example to urge everyone to retain their sanity against this madness.

Anime deviation version

Salvage arc

During the attack on Baba Yaga Castle, Death the Kid was kidnapped by Arachne’s sorcerer, Noah. Mira is present in the Death Room to discuss how to rescue Kid—but the meeting is derailed by Spirit Albarn, who invites the Chupa♡Cabra's magic users to host a reception. Mira and others eventually persuade Death the focus the meeting back on the mission, as Death explains to the Chupa♡Cabra's employees that they will provide magical support to use a manuscript of the Book of Eibon to enter the actual book in Noah’s possession.

While Spartoi members enter the manuscript to locate Kid, Mira joins Sid, Franken Stein, Marie Mjolnir, Tezca Tlipoca, and Enrique to attack Noah’s base directly. Unfortunately, the team is ambushed by Noah, whose Magic Worm seems to kill Tezca, then restrains Mira and her peers. However, Noah’s Book of Eibon opens, releasing Kid and the members of Spartoi, who proceed to kill Noah. Before Mira and the DWMA members can capture the Book of Eibon, the tome is seized by Gopher, who escapes.

War on the Moon arc

When Maka Albarn and Tezca Tlipoca realize that Asura is on the Moon, Mira accompanies Sid and other DWMA members on the new Demon Airship.

War on the Moon II arc

Dark Side of the Moon arc

Mira participates in the attack against the Kishin and his forces, allowing Maka time to enter into Asura and, with the help of Crona and Brew, trap him within a Mad Blood barrier around the Moon. However, this attack also encompasses Mira and her peers, seeming to trap them within the Black Blood barrier for eternity. Mira and the others are saved, however, by the teleportation spell of the newly arrived Maba and the Witch Judge, transporting all individuals to the DWMA.

Mira joins Sid and her fellow DWMA staff at the ceremony for Kid’s ascension as the next shinigami.


  • "Stop all that absurd posturing and listen to will die. You're a human being, not a god." (Mira to Black☆Star)[23]


  • Mira Naigus's name is a pun on various objects. Her first name, Mira (ミーラ), comes from the Japanese word for mummy (木乃伊 (ミイラ), Mīra). Her last name, Naigus (ナイグス), is also a pun on the katakana of the English word knives (ナイブズ, Naibuzu).[24]


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