Mira Naigus (ミーラナイグス, Mīra Naigusu; FUNimation "Mila Naigus"), known by the alias Demon Knife (魔ナイフ, Ma Naifu), is the Demon Weapon partner of Sid Barrett and replaces Medusa as the Interim School Nurse after her defection from the DWMA.[1] She also has involvement with the DWMA Intelligence Agency and took command after Sid's death and before his revival as a zombie and acts as one of the teachers within the DWMA.[2]


Mira is a loyal individual of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, holding it in high esteem both as an organization and those within in.[5] As a high-ranking member of the DWMA, Mira is a staunch believer in following the rules by the book, expressing that a squad falls apart If leaders don't follow their own orders.[6] As such, she's rather matter of fact, having once advised disallowing emotions clouding judgement to Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore,[7] hesitant in allowing NOT students to participate in crisis events,[8] and was quick to being one of the few people to remind Black☆Star of the limits of being a human being when the forceful usage of the Mode: Uncanny Sword began to wear on his soul.[9]

Mira, however, can appear to be rather cold and somewhat cynical. When she confronted Marie on her feelings for Stein, she told the other that not only that he doesn't have love, but that he will always be lonely.[10]

However, she is still rather passionate about students attending, having been one who wanted to hear Kim Diehl out on her purpose in being in the DWMA as a Witch and expressed her anger towards a bodyguard when the man such aggression and, in her words, treated Kim like a criminal. She was shown willing to even grab the man and shove him with ease for his action against Kim.[11]


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Mira appears as a dark skin woman whose height surpasses that of Marie Mjolnir with a lean body, blue eyes, and dreadlocks. During her time at the DWMA, Mira has a variety of outfits in which she fits depending on the situations/occupation in which she has. As a nurse in the DWMA, she typically wears a nurse's outfit. However, she is also wrapped around in bandages like that of a mummy, befitting an undead theme with her fellow partner.[12] When on a mission, Mira still stays true to her mummy theme with a few changes; she wears green military pants and a white top. In her earlier appearances, the top is omitted and instead has several bandages covering her upper body. She is later seen with a military style jacket.[13] Prior to this, in Soul Eater Not!, before Sid's 'death', she did not wear the bandages and looked like a normal school teacher, and was only seen in a suit.


While Mira's capability in combat has never been witnessed, it can be inferred that she is at least formidable due to her status as a martial arts instructor within Death Weapon Meister Academy as well as a graduate. Unlike other Demon Weapons, she does at least has some skill in hand-to-hand combat[14]


  • "Stop all that absurd posturing and listen to will die. You're a human being, not a god." (Mira to Black☆Star)[15]


  • Mira Naigus's name is a pun on various objects. Her first name, Mira (ミーラ), comes from the Japanese word for mummy (木乃伊 (ミイラ), Mīra). Her last name, Naigus (ナイグス), is also a pun on the katakana of the English word knives (ナイブズ, Naibuzu).[16]


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