The Mizune Family (ミズネ ファミリー, Mizune Famirī) is a mouse theme Witch family formerly allied with Medusa Gorgon and served as spies within Medusa's Faction.[1]


A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration ArcEdit

When Medusa puts her plan to revive the Kishin located below DWMA into effect, five younger members of the Mizune family arrive to help attend in the operation. It is revealed that to obtain their cooperation, Eruka had previously explained that their eldest family member was murdered at the hands of a DWMA student, when in fact it was Medusa who had committed the actual deed. The family immediately partook in the destruction of the city and so, were tasked by Medusa to decimate and disrupt the rest of the city.

Blair vs Mizune

The five younger Mizune (in their Combined Form) facing off Blair.

In the conduction of their role, the multiple Mizune employ their Beam Hige with significant effect, not only destroying large portions of buildings but severely injuring numerous people. Continuing along this path of destruction; they run into Blair, whose agility and speed within her cat form, are more than a match for the five Mizune. However, even she eventually admits that fighting five-on-one is too much.

The prolonged confrontation provokes the family into assembling their Combined Form (involving a total of five Mizune), transforming them into a single fully grown woman, before commenting "don't raise your head pussycat, you look like a poor kitty with no way out". Reacting to this, Blair assumes her human form and the two provocative woman face off by groping each other's chests.


Blair and Mizune fighting with one another.

The pair continue their perverted fondling contest, constantly trading insults between themselves while a group of men watch excitedly, until Asura emerges from beneath the ground. This sight alone brings a conclusion to their fight and Mizune retreats to the outskirts of the city.

The Reunion Express ArcEdit

After Medusa's recent revival, the five Mizune secretly induct themselves into Arachnophobia's ranks, but in doing so, notice that the youngest family member is missing. The youngest witch had been sent on a mission located deep within the Sahara Desert and it is here that, concealed under numerous wrappings, she meets with Death the Kid. Kid exchanges a pleasant greeting but when it isn't returned, Patty gets enraged and has to be subsequently restrained.

When the Runaway Express violently bursts forth from the ground; Mizune quickly releases Soul Protect and takes flight, but not before leaving a parting gift for Kid's group, one of Eruka's Tadpole Bombs. Mizune persistently hounds the train from above, dropping multiple bombs as she goes and using the fight between Kid and the Fisher King, to ensure the resulting explosions have maximum effect. As the fight continues below, Kid is able to maneuver himself onto the train's roof. However, some swift attacks launched by Mizune force him to seek cover inside the car. This circumstance provokes the Fisher King into releasing the linkage to the rear cars and, as he and Kid stand facing each other across the rapidly expanding gap, Mizune employs her Beam Hige to make the Fisher King leap onto one of the train cars that he had just separated moments before.

When both he and Kid quickly recover from the situation, Mizune manages to slice apart the large cannon that the Fisher King holds in his right hand, ultimately spelling his demise. However, the intervention of Sid Barrett and DWMA's Africa Branch's Recovery Squad, leaves Mizune with no other option than to make a hasty retreat.

"BREW" - The Tempest ArcEdit

During DWMA and Arachnophobia's fierce conflict over the demon tool Brew, the entire five members of the Mizune family are observed within the Lost Islands magnetic field, in their mouse forms.

By the conclusion of the confrontation; the family had already left the island and returned to Medusa's concealed location, where they handed over the real Brew, after previously replacing it with a fake version unbeknownst to the other involved organizations.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle ArcEdit

When Medusa and a group of DWMA students successfully infiltrate the tunnels below Arachnophobia's main base, the second oldest Mizune sister awaits their arrival, informing Medusa that there had been no problems and that Kim Diehl had been discovered inside the castle.

After Free's significant blunder, which sees him arriving at tower 8 rather than the tower 2 that he was aiming for, Eruka and three Mizune take up the task of destroying the magical lock present at tower 1 (where Free originally should have been). Using their respective transformations, they manage to invade the tower without incident and Eruka subsequently orders them to create a distraction, while she sets up her bombs. The Mizune proceed to assume their combined form (involving a total of 3 Mizune), stating to the people present "I'll be your playmate", before activating Beam Hige and slicing each of them into multiple pieces. This provides Eruka with the desired distraction, provoking a return to their animal forms, as they flee from the area. Shortly after, the bombs explode signifying the completion of their role within the operation.

The Experiment ArcEdit

The furious fight against Black☆Star continues without pause, until Eruka reminds the Mizune of their true intentions in this battle, which is to provide a means of escape for all involved. Eventually, the smoke from various Tadpole Bombs provides ample time in which to enact a retreat and all the Mizune family to leave the scene.

Dark Side of the Moon ArcEdit


Special AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As Witches, all of the Mizune sisters are capable of performing and manipulating Magic for a variety of use.[2]

Episode-18 -Beam Whiskers

Mizune Family using Beam Whiskers

  • Beam Whiskers (ビーム髭, Bīmu Hige): This Magic allows the Mizunes to a create a number of highly concentrated and linear beams of energy that can be formed almost instantaneously, emanating from the features on their faces that resembles whiskers. This allows them to cut through most things, such as the large candles on the DWMA,[3] or through steel trains and the Fisher King's Pole Launcher.[4]
  • Transformation Magic (変身魔法, Henshin Mahō): With Transformation Magic, the Mizune Family all have the power to transform themselves into mice. It is used to assist them in stealth and infiltration.[5]
Episode 21 - Merge animated

The Mizune Family performing Merge.

  • Merge (合体, Gattai): Merge allows the Mizune Family their infamous magical power to combine all of their bodies into one single entity to become more powerful. This is initiated by the family's synchronization and rhythmically speaking their chant out, snapping, and stacking themselves in a tower before merging all of them into one.[6]
  • Soul Protect (魂の保護, Tamashī no hogo): Members of the Mizune Family have shown the ability to perform an advance-level Magic in which disguises her soul as a good human being.[7]
  • Cancel (解除, Kaijo): Members of the Mizune Family can cancel the effects of Soul Protect.[7]

Espionage: All of the Mizune Family appear to excel in espionage. Serving Medusa, they infiltrated Baba Yaga Castle to spy on Arachnophobia[8] and had enough skill to find out the existence and location of "BREW" along with assistance from fellow comrade Eruka Frog.[9]

Synchronization: The Mizune Family seem to do many of their actions in sync with each other, making them formidable in fights. Their level of synchronization was once able to surprise even Black☆Star using the Demon Shadow Weapon (Tsubaki).[10]


Despite their level, the Mizune Family individually (despite being in sync with their movements) were no match for the likes of Blair, being utterly defeated by her while in her cat form.[11]


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