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The Monotone Princess arc is a video game exclusive arc following the anime's storyline. With a massive disappearance done by members of the Paraponera Clan, Death Weapon Meister Academy sends in Maka's team to investigate the force responsible and uncovers a conspiracy set in stone by Ponera and her teacher, Grimoire.

Timeline Placement

Following the anime's storyline, the arc (the game's main questline) takes place most likely after the Experiment Arc for various reasons:

  • Soul and Maka have already encountered Crona and Ragnarok, the former having received the scar as a result, making this take place after Demon Sword Arc. Additionally, Medusa as a witch is a known enemy of the academy though her secret identity as a nurse has not been outed.
  • Tsubaki is able to transform into the Uncanny Sword, making the placement after the Uncanny Sword Arc.
  • Eruka Frog is present as a minion, making Monotone Princess take around and/or after the Experiment Arc or after.
  • Kid and the Thompson Sisters have yet to have encountered Crona and Ragnarok, making it take place before Black Dragon Arc. This can also be determined due to Kid's understanding of the Kishin being limited, having not stumbled upon information suggesting the Kishin being under the DWMA.
  • The game was chronologically released on September 23, 2008, a day after Episode 25 originally debuted, making it impossible to have taken place during A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration Arc onward.


Notable Instances

  • Death Weapon Meister Academy comes against Paraponera Clan. After numerous failed attempts to learn of their enemy, Dr. Medusa reveals the enemies and their nature. This causes Stein to becomes suspicious of how she has such knowledge.
  • Grimoire and Ponera plan to use the kishin egg souls obtain after creating a soul cocoon, a specialty by true members of the Paraponera Clan, to siphon souls from others and harness the soul type's power to gain the power of a kishin and plot to destroy the world. While Grimoire wants power to become a "super sorcerer", Ponera plans to use this power to act in vengeance against the established rules of the world created by Death.
  • Select members of Maka's team (dependent on the player's choice) defeat Ponera and Grimoire, putting an end to their plans.


  • The arc only speaks of the main questline and not the missions due to the fact that previous established dead character such as Sonson-J, Rasputin, and Jack the Ripper appear as enemies.


  • Six days pass within the entirety of Soul Eater: Monotone Princes and it's main storyline.

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