The Moon (月, Tsuki) is a celestial body that orbits around Earth. It also serves as the headquarters for the Clown Army, being the hiding place for Asura.



A giant bright and yellow moon, the Moon appears as a crescent shape. It resembles a face looking to the side, with a long curved pointed nose and an ever-present large, toothy grin. A single large crater with a big googly eyeball seen in the darkness of the crater serves as its eye. In the anime, it is almost always snickering to itself. At some parts of the series, blood comes out from its mouth.


The Moon contains numerous caverns, which can be accessed through the satellite's nostrils. The caverns are almost like a maze, which makes it difficult to locate a person without being able to sense their soul wavelength. After his escape from Death City, Asura hid inside the caverns of the Moon. He was able to refashion the caverns until they resembled his shrine underneath Death City, with pillars marked with his three-eye Kishin symbol.[citation needed]


Asura in Hiding

After his escape from Death City, Kishin Asura hid on the moon and began creating what would be the Clown Army.[citation needed]

Battle on the Moon


The Moon is located within the Earth's atmosphere, usually behind a thick cloud/fog. Only those with flight capabilities, teleportation powers, or a Demon Airship is capable of transportation towards the location.[1]


B Ichi Chapter 1 - Dokeshi

The Moon as it appears in B. Ichi

  • The Moon's distinctive look previously appeared in B. Ichi, the manga that Atsushi Ōkubo created before Soul Eater.[2]
  • The Moon has also appeared in Fire Force, chapter 229. 
  • Atsushi Ōkubo desired to set the climax of Soul Eater on the Moon before starting the series, but he also thought it would be difficult for the plot to lead to the Moon. That is why, as early as Chapter 1, he drew the Moon amid clouds to show it was much closer than in real life and hence could be reached by the Soul Eater characters.[3]
  • The Moon is seemingly capable of speech, having said "Is everyone working hard?" and "Ah, youth..." in Chapter 12 of Soul Eater. (Yen Press Translation)


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