Moonlight (月光, Gekkō) was one of the leading figures of the Clown Army.[1]


Contrary to the depiction of most other clowns, Moonlight's form bears no resemblance whatsoever to that of a human. Instead, only a plain waning crescent moon exists where a head would typically reside, which levitates eerily above the remainder of his body and features a small spherical object at its center. While the rest of his form appears to be obscured behind an ankle-length pleated cloak, in actuality he has no body, with only a single bone-like structure and the interior lining seen when the garment is opened. This pitch-black lining is embellished with numerous stars and crescent moons.[3]


Not much is observed of Moonlight's personality. Like many other clowns within the Clown Army, his ultimate interests lies in spreading Madness and fear from their master Asura. He also presented as a calm and collective individual, shown when Soul and Maka as well as Black☆Star countered some of his Bits. His presentation contrasts to Kaguya, who often seemingly likes to joke and comment about her appearance, making him appear the far more serious individual in comparison.[4]




Chapter 91 - Bit attacks Demon Airship

A Bit attacking the Demon Airship.

Bit (ビット, Bitto): Created from within his cloak, Moonlight has the power to create crescent-shaped projectiles in which has a variety of capabilities. Moonlight's Bits are often use as anti-air attacks, able to shoot powerful lasers capable of damaging the Demon Airship. The sheer amount seems to vast, enough to cause difficulty for Dengu Dinga and Alexandre to counter them all with Light Refraction.[7] In addition to firing lasers, he can also set the Bits to self destruct at his own will.[8] According to Moonlight's own admission, he can create as many Bits as he desires.[9]

Flight (フライト, Furaito): Moonlight also possess the power to achieve flight into the air.[5]

Regeneration: Like all Clowns, Moonlight can regenerate with the usage of the Madness from Asura, effectively making him unable to be killed off permanently conventionally.[10]


Alexandre protecting the demon airship

Alexandre using Rainbow Axe (Dengu Dinga) to deflect Moonight's laser.

Due to his Bit's laser beams being light-based, the lasers can be manipulated by an individual capable of bending light, such as Dengu Dinga when used by Alexandre in his Rainbow Axe form.[11] He also possess little to no close range ability nor substantial durability.[12] Out of all the three leading Clowns (Moonlight, Kaguya, White Rabbit), he is perhaps the weakest of them. He can also be killed by rebuffing his Madness, in which was done when the Witches unleashed Soul Protect bullets while Maba and Free utilizing Forwarding Protection onto the clowns.[13]


Joined with Kaguya
  • Beauty Bamboo Cannon: A powerful attack in which Kaguya uses Moonlight's body to fire an extremely powerful beam potent enough to send to take down the Demon Airship.


War on the Moon ArcEdit

Chapter 91 - Moonlight begins launching his assault on the Demon Airship

Moonlight prepares his assault on the Demon Airship.

When the DWMA closes in on the Moon, Moonlight himself states that he will deal with the Demon Airship approaching.[1] Using his Bits, he attacks the Demon Airship relentlessly with his lasers. With the use of the Rainbow Axe's Light Refraction, some of the lasers are deflected. However, he would confidently state that his lasers aren't coming from the front, attacking the ship on it's side as well.[14] He also confronts the Airborne Division, preventing them from safely landing.[15]

He would also assist fellow ally Kaguya with her opponent, Death the Kid with the Demon Twin Guns, self destructing one of his Bits when his neck is caught into it.[16] He'd witnessed Kid surviving and being held by Kaguya, though continued his airborne assault of the Demon Airship and was noted by Kid to be responsible for shooting lasers at the ship.[17] Noting having missed shooting down some of the Airborne Division, he is reassured by Justin Law to personally handle them and for him to keep his focus on the airship.[18]

When protected by Kaguya's Heavenly Raiment Wall and Auntie enters through a hole created from Kid's Death Cannon shots, she seemingly kills Moonlight by blowing him and herself with her backpack full of bombs. This earned a exclaimation of his name from Kaguya.[19]

Witches' Trial ArcEdit

Chapter 100 - Moonlight is surprised.

Moonlight is surprised as Black Star deflects his lasers.

Having been reborn at some point, he is ordered by Kaguya to shoot down the Demon Airship, though his efforts are foiled by the intervention of Alexandre and Dengu Dinga.[20] He along with Kaguya is chopped and bisected by Franken Stein and Death Scythe.[21] Later, he notice Maka Albarn, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Soul Eater, and Black☆Star's appearance and attempts to shoot them down, only for the assassin to deflect his lasers with his bare hands much to his surprised.[22] When focused on Soul and Maka, his Bits are promptly commandeered, much to the Clown's surprise once again.[23] Despite this, however, he remains confident and claims he can make as many as he wants, citing they will taste the Clown's spreading fear and Madness without end.[9]

War on the Moon II ArcEdit

Chapter 101 - Kaguya and Moonlight charge their Beauty Bamboo Blaster

Kaguya using Moonlight to charge their Beauty Bamboo Blaster.

Spotting the Demon Airship once again, he attacks it with his Bits. When he realizes they're not evading, he joins his ability with Kaguya as they fire their Beauty Bamboo Blaster, sending the airship down from it's massive damage.[24] When Maba and the Witches emerge to enact their plan to rebuff their Madness, Moonlight is among the Clowns hit by the Witches' Protect bullets.[25] Noting that they cannot defeat the foes If they divide the efforts, he insinuates that they join together. The Clown joins with Kaguya and White Rabbit, merging into a more powerful foe with Kaguya as the leading personality. They're all killed from Black☆Star's powerful attacks and Maka's Demon-Hunt.[26]


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